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  • (sweeping away dust and webs from my page)

    "Hello? Is thing on?"

    I'm not sure who I'm even talking to at this point or who all is left, but I hope your lives are going splendidly and you're in great health.(As some of us are now over 30.)
    Cheers, everyone!
    Here's to 2020 bringing us the lux we've yearned for.

    "No buts. There's work to be done. Get yourself ready."
    — Xigbar, preparing Roxas for his next mission.
    Hiya people!
    I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday/Merry Christmas/however you celebrate, may this year end with every loose thread tied and silent tears dried.

    May 2020 bring you those smiles you've been after;
    that one moment of clarity to finally hit home,
    the goals you've been chasing come to be,
    And the burdens and weight of everything that has ever held you down be lifted and the pains of the past heal.
    Sincerely, may your best life begin.

    Hugs and high fives and fistbumps to you all.
    -this dude.

    P.s. "..as for me, I've got my own plans.."
    I know it's been like a year but, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, kingofthekey. I hope you're doing well. :)
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    Hope you're doing well, though it's now 3 years later... Anywho, here's to a fantastic 2020!
    Hello fam. Seriously the chances of me logging in here after god knows how long were slim, but only a few days after you message were literally zero. Just thought I'd check back in here and KH13 after a long while, nice to see this post. I actually might stick around here for a bit. How are you?
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    Are you still active on here? I know it's been a couple of years but I really want to dive back into this site again.
    Hiya buddy! Yeah, you too! I hope you have a fun time on New Years Eve and stay safe! I'll be back more fully after the weekend. XD Got a lot of people to reply to in 2016. @.@ Should be fun. lol.

    Sorry for your loss. </3 Glad you're doing alright though. I hope going back to college went well, and if you get Hyrule Warriors, it'll be fun! Some of the obstacles are hard, cause of the time limit, or the enemies over taking your base. But yeah, it's good not going into it blind. xD Whoa, a family dinner sounds awesome for the Holidays. Aw, sorry you couldn't go to see SW cause of your plans. Be safe and have a Merry Christmas too!
    Whoa, I just now noticed the Majora's Mask in your avatar! Are you a graphic artist? Well, it's great to have you back overall. It's good you're doing a lot better? Ready for the holidays? Anything new with you? Going to see Star Wars? What do you think about Linkle? And if I don't see you during the holidays, I wish you a Merry Christmas ​and Happy New Year! =)
    Yo, I haven't seen you around in ages! You were one of the few people I used to talk to on the forum back when I was KingdomKey! Nice to see you! How've you been? :)
    Wow, it's sorta amazing people even remember me here. I haven't posted anything in some time. Meh i'm alright, just got my final exam results and i'm pretty happy but now I have to leave home and go to college. :I I really don't wanna go yet.
    Other than kicking my ass...hmm....I guess school is alright. Halloween weekend was a blast! Parties everywhere. It was pretty awesome. Then reality set back in. Yeah weekends for me don't exist it seems. They just vanish into the rest of the week.
    Oh. Ah that's no fun if you don't have Internet where you live. That's not lame, it's understandable.
    Hi!! it's been a quite long while since I've heard back from you! Lol I'm doing fine. How have you been doing? ttys! (talk to you soon).
    Ha... I am transferring schools so it will set me back a little. Some of the classes won't transfer. So I will be around longer.
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