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  • ... hmm.. how shall i put this...?

    *thinks hard about it*

    .... *sigh* so much... so much.

    i'm sorry i just really didn't like it... :|

    yeah I know, I was going to put one of dethklok but
    butthead and the other guy are more known xD
    metaaaaal \m/
    Does your name come from Amata from Fallout 3?
    I have a beta template up now (though it could use more fixing....)

    I think we might have to make a new thread with this idea. The one we're in isn't getting anywhere :/
    Well I was thinking of an Arrancar attack on soul society with one of the captains giving the orders. I was thinking of being a captain and one of the bad guys in it.
    What role ru playing in the bleach RP thread? Because I have some ideas for it and would love to hear what you have to say.
    :3 i love posting alot :D and still waiting on flower to post...but regardless :) i posted again for Vagner but it's late so im going to sleep :3 nite nite
    ;D I figured. And yes, you do that! And yay! :D Yay for being an fan.

    And I know the feeling, after I started noticing everything. I had to replay Days again JUST to unlock everything in there with those two. <3 It was worth it though.
    ;) Well, it's pretty to me. :D And I posted the little hell spawn of a reply already. XD Prepare to DIE. DIE OF AWESOME.

    <3 ANd thank you!
    Amy it is then. :D Such a pretty name! <3

    And okay. Let me go eat my supper and I'll post a huge reply in the Org board. ;) Be prepared for it. I hope it will hook you to the realationship then. XD Or, you'll just think I am crazy.
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