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  • ;D Well, I don't think you'll find much in the fanclub at the moment. We don't have enough members to really get some HONEST discussion going. XD Wish we did though. Anyway. I would love to explain my reasons for Xigxas in the Orgy board after supper. We need some good discussion...that is not related to pervertedness. << >> *ahem*

    And what shall I call you? :D
    "I quite like the sound of Xigxas though, as a fatherly thing. :3"

    SQUEEEEEEE. <3 I'm glad you do, yay for another supporter. And please, call me Ponnie. Everyone does. :D
    sry Cado/Tanto didnt notice your character..i tried before but i think Flower overlooked that
    Umh currently working on a post but I was thinking about gears sending Cardiaxa to Ivalice to check on the scent of Taces to see if he still alive or its just imagination.
    lol yea we could plan it... and im pretty sure i'll be sending Vagner toward World of Light very soon... it seems that place is very interesting lately...and yea you should ask cause i don't wanna interrupt any surprises of KKL. as for background, well Vagner is a phaser, she can go through solid objects, and has a surprising ability as well. She is friendly, but timid most of the time. Only weapon right now she was seen with is a scythe and she has a good speed to match up with her phasing abilities.

    As for the Brotherhood [lol nice name other people gave it, though their real name is 14 Brothers which then is ironic seeing as Vagner is in it xD], they're warriors of Light and Darkness, actual manifestations of Light and dark. They're only mission is to control the balance between the powers, though made into humans, they have their flaws [letting sleif and traces live] Now the members are out to locate Castex and eliminate him, Brol is the only one with sleif as his target.
    actually i haven't made a profile for any of the brothers but Brol... i COULD xD but the way i am using them it's just a temporary thing... i can easily explain to you Vagner, starting with she's a chic xD
    Come on amata Cadarxia vs Vagner >:D

    i'll get the Brotherhood to disperse and wander around again... so we can have that fight
    My post was fine to begin with. :v

    The point is, if Axel hadn't been there and told Repliku to off him, Zexion wouldn't have died. Plain and simple. Repliku wouldn't have gone after Zexion without Axel's provocation, so I don't see how that only makes Axel partly responsible.
    Actually change of plans attack Taces we will have are fight now it works out better. So in your next post do as you will attack or not.
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