We've gotten some more information on the new Kingdom Hearts games, and there's lots of good stuff! KH2: FM ~ -It'll have extra cutscenes, added features, and it will use the North American game so, it'll have English voice acting! -The game is set for a Spring 2007 release -There's a plus sign on the title, so it's more than a special edition! [Source: KHU] -There's some goods at TGS for the game. [That, or just KH in general] [Source: KHU] -More story on Roxas [Source: KHU] -Square isn't mentioning if the game is coming out in North America and Europe or not. [Source: KHU] Trailer Tidbits -A WHOLE lot of Roxas scenes. The trailer basically has just Roxas scenes -Axel and Roxas talk about hearts -Naminé is at the Twilight Town Train Station -Roxas and Axel shown eating a sea-salt ice cream [It's a very sober scene, from what Yuuki said] -Riku changes to finally beat Roxas -An Organization member tells Roxas or Sora that they're too young to have the keyblade -Roxas gains his name from Xemnas -The new cutscenes are both in English and in Japanese [This leaves an INSANE hint of a possible English KH2:FM] [Trailer info from yuukihikari's LJ and KHU] KH Re: CoM ~ -The game is called "Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories" -There's a huge poster of the game, which may be the box art -The game will feature Japanse voiceovers [So, better voices for your favorite CoM Organization characters!] -It is going to be bundled with KH2:FM -There's a demo at TGS -There will be new scenes in the game! -You can win some sort of prize when you play the demo [Source: KHU] -The reaction command is added to the battle system [Source: KHU] -Reverse/Rebirth is still in the game! [Source: KHU] Demo Info -The levels are Traverse Town and Olympus Coliseum -The only difference between the GBA CoM and the PS2 CoM is that you can control the camera -The start menu is, of course, in KH style with a picture of Sora, the logo, a white background, and the menu on the bottom Trailer Tidbits -Zexion talks in the trailer about sensing something [Much like he does in R/R] [Trailer and demo info from KHU] Xaldin is there at TGS now, and we'll keep you posted with pictures and information as it gets along! There's also a trailer preview from IGN: "The last trailer from Square-Enix's was Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, which is a remixed version of Kingdom Hearts II (a.k.a the US version) as well as a title called Kingdom Hearts: Re:chain of Memories. As the title suggests, this is a remake of the GBA game of a similar name, but it's been completely redone in 3D. Not only that, but the game will include areas that weren't found in Chain of Memories before. Using an engine based on Kingdom Hearts II, the same card-based combat still applies, but it also includes the button-based combat found in Kingdom Hearts II. Interestingly enough, all of the cutscenes shown during the trailer featured only short appearances from the Disney characters." You can read all the previews on the other games, along with the KH Re: CoM, over HERE! There's another preview from 1UP, which you can find over HERE. [Thanks to Roxas12 on the forums for the find!] Also, yuukihikari from Livejournal has taken pictures of the KH pages from the TGS booklet. There's nothing new, except for the two new screenshots!