Hey everyone, Oathy here. Well, we've got some news on the Square-Enix front...company president Yoichi Wada has made statements regarding multi-platform gaming. I quote:

In each territory, there are platforms that are more or less popular than in other territories. To truly make an impact on the gaming scene, you have to supply titles for all of these platforms. That way, you can embrace all gamers no matter where they are.

Could this be a hint toward Squenix's next big project, Kingdom Hearts Zero? We'll have to see whether the next few games in the compilation will be released for several platforms, to give more people and different kinds of users the chance to play.

Also, could this philosophy carry over to the as-of-yet-unannounced Kingdom Hearts 3, which has been alluded to several times by Nomura himself? Having the next game in the main, numbered Kingdom Hearts series on the Wii, Playstation 3, AND/OR Xbox360 seems very likely if Square-Enix is serious about this statement!

Remember, this is all speculation and interpretation of the article, which may be found here. Thanks to Go Nintendo for the statement!

Starting the countdown, we have exactly THREE DAYS TO GO until the Tokyo Game Show will be underway in Japan! We'll be the first to let you know about the announcement of the next installment(s) of Kingdom Hearts...GET EXCITED! ^_^

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