Hey everyone! First up, we are glad in general, people are really enjoying the new design! We are aware of some of the issues some people are having (reading is a big one). As I said before, comments are greatly appreciated. We cater to you guys, and really do take in your feedback. We'll be changing up the layout little by little from time to time and let you guys decide what to keep and what not too, so if you still have something to say on the new design, feel free too! One note though, some people are talking about humgonous text and scrolling issues, this is not how the layout should look. The first thing I would recommend is clearing your cache.

So today we're going to concentrate on something really interesting. How much has the original Kingdom Hearts evolved since Square first announced it? From what I recall, the audience during the game's first revalation was filled with gasps and some laughs, no one really believed Disney and Square could successfully create a masterpiece. Below is the first beta trailer for Kingdom Hearts, and it includes some scenes never in the game. You can see how the characters changed up too, in the actual game they don't look exactly like the one's in the trailer. Take a look! (Read more!)