Hey everybody, Oathy here. We have a bit of news that, while a bit late, still is some very good news for us KH fans.

In the stats for top-selling video games released in 2006 in the United States, Kingdom Hearts II took a spot in the top ten! Not only that, but it's the only true RPG and the only Square-Enix contender on the list--not even Final Fantasy XII made the cut!

Madden NFL 07 - $11.8MM
Kingdom Hearts 2 - $2.9MM
NEW Super Mario Bros - $5.5MM
Ghost Recon - $5MM
GTA:LSC PS2 - $3.3MM
NCAA Football 07 - $4MM
Brain Age DS: $13.7MM
Oblivion - $5MM
Fight Night R3 - $2.9MM

Square-Enix certainly can't deny these stats. This could mean good things for Kingdom Hearts' future in the States! Thanks to John Harker of NeoGaf.com for this info.

Sorry news has been slow lately--remember, we only have a couple of months until Jump Festa 2007, which is notorious for springing pleasant surprises on the fanbase in terms of game releases! Could we possibly see a trailer this holiday season? Keep an eye on KHI for the latest news!Comment below.