Hello again, everyone. Some information from the special in-package book, Another Report, has emerged with some pretty revealing info about the future of the KH series and some information regarding some of FM+'s new features. Again, thanks to KH-Vids.net for being so helpful with information while we, at KHI, wait for our site's exclusive copy of the game.

Here is a tidbit from a new Nomura interview contained in Another Report:

Can you tell us anything about the Keyblade War we've heard about?
Nomura: It is really hard to explain about the high specs and capacity of the war, and also about the Keyblades. However, it is all right to talk about the episode between those two.

Will Sora's story, as well as his friends', end here? I hope for more of the KH series!
Nomura: I believe Sora may be needed when there is a KH3. In fact, I think Sora definitely will still be needed by the end of the Kingdom Hearts Series. It should be noted that the keyword in this is "Development". Please think of this as a new section, because at this point it is not announced as the main line of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Source: Another Report

This is certainly promising. I know for a fact that a major concern among Kingdom Hearts fans was the fear that Sora and the gang may phase out as the main characters--well, folks, you heard it from the man himself! Sounds like Sora's sticking around for a little while! ^_^

In addition, some information pertaining to the new features in KH:FM+ has emerged.

How to Obtain the Secret Ending
-Beginner Mode - Impossible
-Standard Mode - Beat all Organization Battles. Complete All Worlds. Complete Jiminy's Memo. Defeat the Enigmatic Soldier.
-Proud Mode - Beat all Organization Battles, Complete All Worlds, Defeat the Enigmatic Soldier.
-Critical Mode - Complete All the Worlds.(Oathy's Note: Wow, sounds like this is going to be one tough mode if all you have to do is complete the game.)

Limit Form
-Limit Form is apparently obtained when you are visiting Twilight Town the second time (when Sora heads there looking for Kairi)
-The abilities include Dodge Roll, Ragnarok, and Strike Raid. You also earn the ability "Auto Limit" at the same time.

Organization XIII Heartless
-The Organization XIII Heartless apparently only appear in two areas, Hollow Bastion, and Twilight Town. A new keyblade is earned after defeating them all.

Critical Mode
-You earn a few extra abilities such as "Experience 0", "Reaction Improvement", and an extra "Finish Plus".
-MP Haste is attached in the beginning.
-Even normal enemy attacks can be fatal. The person playing fears how difficult the extra Organization XIII battles will be at this rate.

Well, that's all for right now, folks. We will update just as soon as news comes in. Enjoy the new info! In addition, here is a small artwork I did as a present to all of you at KHI: Click here to view

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