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3/17 - Unchained χ JP Update: Premium Draw, Damage Contest

We've got just a simple Premium Draw and Damage Contest for updates today in KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained X Japan!

Premium Draw from 3/17~3/22 features Ansem SP Ver! This medal is guaranteed in 5 draws, comes with 3 ability slots filled, and is capable of 80~150% Guilt. When discharged with a Status Bonus, Ansem SP Ver receives both an Attack and Defense boost by 1000 points.

Ansem SP Ver's ability affects all targets and costs 3 SP. He increases Attack by 1 for 3 turns and decreases Enemy Defense by 1 for 3 turns, and inflicts 7 hits that deal more damage when set further in the deck.

And don't forget! Axel Art Ver [EX] is also available in this draw and will continue to be discharged in Premium Draws throughout March. However, he no longer comes with any ability slots filled.

Axel Art Ver [EX]'s ability costs 2 SP to increase Speed Attack by 3 and decrease enemy Speed Defense by 3 for 1 turn, and inflicts more damage the more HP you have.

Each 10 medal Premium Draw guarantees 1 of the following returning Premiums, and comes with 10 VIP coins and a bonus Cid5.

Key Art #3 [All targets | 2 SP cost] Decreases Enemy Defense by 1 for 1 turn, inflicts 5 hits that deal more damage the more HP you have
Key Art #1 [All targets | 2 SP cost] Decreases enemy Magic Defense by 2 for 1 turn, inflicts 4 powerful hits
Roxas Plain Clothes Ver [All targets | 2 SP cost] Decreases Enemy Defense by 2 for 1 turn, 13 hits
Xion Illustration Ver [All targets | 2 SP cost] Decreases enemy defense by 1 for 1 turn, 3 hits that deal more damage if the player has collected more Lux in the stage
King Mickey Black Coat Illustration Ver [All targets | 1 SP cost] Increases All Attributes attack by 1 for 2 turns, 4 hits that deal more damage if the player has more HP
Kairi Illustration Ver [1 target | 3 SP cost] Increases Attack by 3 for 1 turn, recovers large amount of HP, 1 hit

A new Damage Contest will be held from 3/17~3/22! The more damage you inflict upon the enemy, the higher score you will receive. This enemy is finicky though, and will escape when a certain number of attacks have been inflicted, so plan your assault wisely! If you manage to rank high enough, you will receive the Chernabog medal!

Chernabog's ability affects 1 target and costs 6 SP. He decreases an enemy's Defense by 3 for 1 attack and inflicts 4 powerful hits.


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March 16, 2017 @ 05:56 pmOffline

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So Ansem SP is a 3 Turn Buff/Debuff medal that deals more damage the farther down the deck he is, and Chernabog is a single target nuke. Seriously, I want to know Chernabog's multiplier because him decreasing the foe's General defense by the maximum means he's dealing damage period, not even factoring in stuff like Ill Kairi/Sebastian/Ill Belle and Beast for the max Strength boost and any number of PSM buffs/debuff in between. On Treasure Trove he could deal some insane damage with good setups and a nice SP Cost+AB Skill. That's insane possibilities, but his damage multiplier and Guilt Tier are the real keys, and since we don't know either it's up in the air at this point.

Also, I like the sound of this Damage Contest thing. I'm guessing the foes are Gold Trichlomas or something similar. Kinda want this to pop up in NA, as it could be a great test of my medals and deck setups without worrying about having to how down waves of higher level foes. Sounds more appealing than a HSC on paper at least, the nitty-gritty details will tell the full story.


March 17, 2017 @ 01:41 amOffline

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"Simple Premium Draw."

Spoiler Spoiler Show

The damage contest is kind of silly but hell if I'm not going for Chernabog. Just having that medal would be an accomplishment in its own right.

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