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KINGDOM HEARTS MOBILE offers a total of 8 spectacular minigames for the player to experience in exchange for 100 Points each to play alone or with friends! Pay money, receive Points. Use Points, purchase minigames. Play minigames, receive Munny. Spend Munny, obtain goodies. Simple, no? 

Magical Canvas - A single letter of the English alphabet is hidden somewhere under these tiles. Using the numeric guidelines along the edges, direct Sora across the field to fill in the squares and reveal the letter!

Reversi - Two different sets of pieces are aligned across a grid. Flip over as many of your opponents pieces as possible to claim victory! 

Card Struggle: Spider Solitaire - Line up the cards in descending order according to the suit. The number of suits increase with difficulty.
Card Struggle - A face-off against 3 competitors. Players are given a hand of 10 cards and are required to contribute groups of the same numbers with each passing turn. The cards' value must be greater than that of the previous player's. The Moogle card is treated as a Wild card to be grouped up with anything.
Pair Card Battle - Pair up Heartless cards as quickly as possible before time runs out! More cards will appear gradually regardless of the progress. HP will decrease if cards are paired up incorrectly. Combos are made by creating a pair adjacent to another. With each pair and combo, the Drive meter will fill up, allowing you to receive items.
Balloon Glider - With balloons in hand, carry Pooh up the side of the tree to collect as much honey as possible! Watch out for bees and obstacles. Owl may pass by with extra honey as a reward, and Piglet could overcome his cowardice to deliver more balloons! Tigger though, may unintentionally do some harm with his bouncing, so be on the lookout!
Gummi Ship Studio - Select groups of Gummi blocks that are of the same color in order to remove them from the screen. Blocks higher up will fall when those below are removed, and more will descend beyond the margins should the stage permit it. Clear out all the blocks before proceeding!
Rhythm Parade - March across the screen to familiar music! Tap at precise moments when commands pass through the threshold until the song concludes.


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