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Jul 21, 2008
Try continued swinging her keyblade at anything that moved, the horrible sounds her weapon left in it's wake accompanying the death of too many Heartless to count at this point. She reached for the neck of a new-shadow, only for it to be drawn away from her. The same happened to all the Heartless until they were drawn together. It looked like someone's magic had backfired spectacularly. This battle was starting to look hopeless.

"Ha...haha..." A chuckle came from underneath her helmet, whether it was a nervous tick or genuine happiness wasn't clear. What was clear however, is that Try was not sprinting straight towards the massive tower of Heartless.

"Kill it! KILL IT!" She screamed manically as she swung her keyblade, rending space at the base of the tower.


Jul 15, 2018
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"Silent treatment? Thats fair." Sae slid his Alabaster from his shoulder and let his arm drift to neutral beside him.

Quieting his heart to a crawl, his ears perked. Initiating a scan trigged by a scar just above his right brow, a faint glow. There was a warmth he exudes that washed over in a radial, reaching upward and below as it expanded horizontally. The names were starting to come back to him, these...were also resolutes? Shiki he knew by name, his support if you could call it that, served his memory tried and true. The desolation wrought by the constant fighting was nothing short of a war being waged for their very lives, one in which the scarred needn't worry. Trust.

One of them was hooded, clad in black, holding an all too familiar set of keyblades. The master's and the other, only in recent memory, belonged to Eth. Suspicion that dissipated with a possible thought that Eth didn't require it? He'd delivered on sending him to Shiki, perhaps this too was his will at work. Sae gave a short sigh, they were starting to tighten up into a circle, a woman using multiple orbs, another woman with what appeared to be summoned creatures, a derranged in appearance gentleman baring a masking and a malevolent glow and avatar behind him. Lets not forget Helmet...what was her name, she seemed to be edging beyond normal here.

'Good to know' Sae thought, he completed his scan and the names were still so far away, but the faces he definitely remembered from that time.

The hooded one made a comment about there being seven resolutes all in the same setting, that screamed confirmation, there was no longer any more room to doubt his possession of Eth and the master's keyblades, he was an ally. His actions gave them another problem, but perhaps it was the heartless own resourcefulness that proved to be their undoing. As they quickly formed in a massive spiraling demon tower, Sae broke from the circle and swiped once on the horizontal.


He's stopped Helmet's rampage, feeling the tattering and ripping being imposed against his physical body, crossing him with several lacerations across his cape and hood he'd been wearing.

"I appreciate your brute force, but you can't fell this one strength alone." He said with a smile releasing her keyblade from the hilt of his. "Let me and Shiki deal with it. Theres bigger ones on their way, see them heading for the building?"

Sae redirected the red-suit helmet woman towards the building, his eyes made quick work of multiple Dark Hides running towards the dorms from the west. In his attempt to be a mediator, he was swallowed up into the vortex of heartless and carried along into the upper atmosphere. Saebyeolbe cut once across to free his legs and he entered free fall again from high up. Sae sighed and clutched a scar on the inside of his palm and began to glide on a descending angle.

The heartless began to siphon the shadows and neoshadows off the field and they fluctuated hopelessly towards the moving demon tower creating a mass much much greater than what you'd find on even a harrowed end. As Saebyeolbe fell, what felt like in slow motion, he looked at his closed fist, and saw the vortex swirl into a massive moving ball and he was a mere atom in comparison.

"Ready...Shiki?" He uttered as he released a breath and crushed his fist sparking what appeared to be a multi-layered barrier floating in the air, and suddenly he touched a surface. A giant ellipse, closed, trapping the hurricane of moving heartless, inside with a single resolute peering into the heart of the predators eyes. There was a bit of a loose grip on his Alabaster, the field didn't have anymore shadows dune-marching about, they were condense here.

"Time to release the light..." Sae smiled and raised his Alabaster to the sky and took an aggressive stance. The movement of the extremely powerful Demon Tower came faster than anticipated. He spun the blade, side stepped and swung with a force the rend the air into a thundering boom and cracking sound that exploded like a mini combustion. The hole quickly repaired itself on the vortex and Sae's brow trembled.

"Well...thats comforting to know, it regenerates...a challenge is always fine I suppose."

Stepping on the back foot, he released light from behind him and exhaling softly. He transfered a scar to the keyblade and it blazed with a powerful light of a spell. "Crawling fire. Triple Firaga." A swipe of the keyblade throwing the first, and his hand threw the second spell. The heartless punched through bleeding with shadows and swarmed on the top of Sae as he lept to the side and the heartless stampeded towards him as he retreated to the far side of the barrier, eyeballing the exposed core.

"There!" he jumped high, but was snatched with the flailing kick of a neoshadow acting like a boomerang to to knock him back from the core. "Ok...didn't expect that."

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Sep 14, 2006
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~- Are These Allies? -~

"Ooook, that didn't go as planned! Any other ideas??

"Kill it! KILL IT!"

This truly is hell, isn’t it?
Jay mused to himself. He wondered if vaguely they’d always had this dynamic. A dismissive glance at the heartless, he called his keyblade back before he tossed it again in a vague boomerang maneuver.

The wolves had moved away to attack the Heartless. He appreciated it, although the look of the spiny vortex thing was something new but meh, same stick same freaking day.

Lost Paradise remateralized in his hand. Taking a couple of steps forward, Jay snarked, “We could abandon this world to die, although I don’t think that’s what the Master would’ve wanted. Or we can kill these things. Either way I don’t feel like dying here.”

The vortex of heartless lashed out, Jay rolled out of the way. His keyblade struck, sending wisps of darkness into the air. When he stepped back, Try went at it again only to be stopped by another Resolve. He backed up again, eyeing them cautiously as he listened to the comments. Okay, fine. Let's see how this goes. Jay thought, and he was a little impressed with what the newest Resolute was doing.

Until they got thrown.

Smacking his forehead, Jay muttered under his breath, "Idiots. We're all idiots, what was the Master thinking choosing us?" He shook his head, before focusing on the writhing mass before him. Analyzing it, he saw the core within it and the way it grew larger with each new heartless added. It also grew more and more aggressive.....

Wait, could we use the aggression to our advantage? Jay wondered silently, glancing to the new Resolute he asked, "Hey, can you try that again? You," he pointed to Luxu and continued, "Use some gravity magic or something on it. Or a stop spell preferably. Recia, do you have any tricks up your sleeve that'd work for a good combo?" Even as Jay asked, the wolves attacked the mass of heartless.

If they could work together, than maybe they'd survive. Right?


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Dec 15, 2005
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Eth dwindled his thumbs and he smiled. Those are definitely cat ears. The thought crossed him like traversal of water, it was flexible and uninterrupted. "Kambria..." he said with a sudden show of emotion that lasted a split second.

"I didn't see anything." he shrugged "It is Eth, my mother named me after a special character which is pronounced Eth and to answer your query I am the number zero."

He motioned from the bench and threw his hands overhead to stretch, Dusklanzer in hand. "Look. I'll be brief Kambria. We're resolutes, that we know definitively. I appreciate your help in liberating me from the realm of darkness, but as of this moment I must continue alone."

He dismissed his dusklanzer ands tarted to walk forward towards the edge of the meridian and looked towards the sun. A small light hovered around him, the form of a ball, releasing a "Pahh" sound. Freya in the form of pure light, fitting his own flesh and blood could read his thoughts, Eth didn't want Kambria to know...of their real relationship. Reyzel did a good job with their daughter in both of their absences and now was the time to move on.

There was a break of power that rippled through the sky. Eth's surge of emotion shifted his disposition slightly as a portal was forming in front of them giving them a clear depiction of what looked (to Eth's returned memory) to be The Dorms. What the hell...Luxu...! What are you planning??

"Your choice Kambria. Hang out here with the locals or wherever this strange portal leads. I have other more pressing matters to take care of."

There was a flicker of light in his eye and within an instant the horizon became filled with blades of lights, countless in number. "Resolutes. My parting gift for your struggle." He plugged the portal with a thunderstorm of light-based blades. His body slowly started to defragment into light and vanished from the world leaving with his small ball of light, and the blades to storm through the portal til the very last particle of Eth had vanished from the world.


"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Komaeda released a loud howl.

"Oh how the darkness, wretched filth isn't fit to tread on lands in the realm of light. Disgusting."

He'd bet it all and use Loki to amplify is luck to it's paramount limits. Raising a hand to a sky, "SCATTER THEIR BONES INTO THE SPACE! RIFT!"

Komaeda screamed at the top of his lungs and Loki ejected from him and flew towards the sky doing a self-destruct. It transposed into a portal of sorts and as luck would have it it, the opposite side overlooked a world. Blades of light came flooding out of the portal as if his timing were dead on. "LUCKY ME!"

As the portal expanded the blades poured onto the battlefield like a complete scourge eviscerating the heartless that approached the dormitories and proceeding to absorb into the barrier containing one of the two new arrivals and they passed through, rather were absorbed into the barrier, and splintered into much sharper and stronger fragments of blades bouncing off the surfaces slicing through the demon tower. Unfortunately his luck wasn't enough to completely snuff out every enemy on the battlefield, as the atmosphere above possessed world sized dark sides (similar to traverse town) that still looked down.

The rift from Loki's suicide still lingered a while longer but Komaeda had effectively exhausted the use of his resolve and no sooner did the blades stop did he unwittingly pass forward unconscious being consumed in a small ball of light no different than the first time Iontis knocked him unconscious. The only difference here is that his bad luck would also become inactive as all remaining strength went into this defensive position of his resolve. He floated in place asleep, exhausted, and with a menacing smile of sorts.


The game board had gotten massively reduced on one side of aggression. The master sat there just reveling in the cunning two resolutes completely unaware that they were helping each other. Betting it all on his luck, Komaeda pooled a rift that extended a bridge to the world that Eth, Iontis, and Midna were inhabiting. With no guarantee that any of them would respond in kind, his chance made that into reality. The board was shaking rigorously as the formless competitor here at the end of time was not pleased.

"Upset? Should be, for underestimating my hand picked team. You like that combination attack don't ya eh?"

Laugh it up young Master, we'll see to it that your traitor is never revealed and all your worlds will be crushed by darkness.

The master sighed. "I won't fault you for your lack of imagination, but I trust those kids. They'll succeed this time."

For his next move he'd advanced yet another piece, one that had gone quiet and reserved this entire time. The liar among them naturally something had to be done about withholding the truth from the team. Luxu would be there to badger the truth while giving them some manner of direction.
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