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Trust is [NOT] Resolute



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Dec 1, 2013
2nd Earth.
Chapter 7 [Final]
Trust is [NOT] Resolute

My head felt like it had been placed through a blender. That dream I was in... I felt like complete shit if I'm being honest. Finally coming to my senses, I could feel a hand stroking my head. It was already hard enough you know, dealing with this adjustment...the distance I created with how I went off the rails last week. Kambria stroked my head, which seemed to grow back, though not quite as long as my previous ponytail, I wore my hair long. My Silver locks seemed to have a tint of red, as influenced by Lady Finis presence.

"I figured I would give you some agency to rest peacefully." Kambria said as she sighed looking down at me.

I nervously jerked my body upright until i was sitting with my back to her, "S-sorry about that. I was so exhausted, I just saw everyone keeled over each other under the tree I-"

"I'm only teasing you Recia, it's fine." she said it with a softness in her voice and no malice to be found. "It was painful you know...but maybe thats what you felt...here." I could feel her press on my scar that Luxu left from that really old training wound. Come to think of it...I must've done the very same thing to her without even realizing it, the level of intensity she must've felt had to of been very similar to what I felt towards Luxu that day.

"No more shenanigans this time...I promise you that much." I brushed her hand and sighed, finally picking myself up and beginning to stretch.

Finis was quiet, eerily quiet, that was somewhat worrisome. She must've been taking in the events from this group of misfits, how all these actions and decisions we were making were quite literally breaking the fabric of reality. If I could lay it out any plainer, we couldn't be without the darkness, it will well up inside us all at some point or another and if the dark-wielders...once the same as us could be tempted to go down that road all the while despairing...then it's a battle that's ongoing. Still...based on everything I even remember learning from our year with the master, I was kind of stuck on one thing he said.

Guys...something's been bothering me." I opened up and turn to them as Eth was holding Try's shoulder. "You remember what the master said to us back then? As he was reaching the end of his life? He said that we'd meet again, almost as if he knew we'd reach him even so early as at that time which was...I don't even remember how long ago now, but we're at that point."

I could feel the gaze of the group shift in my direction, there were some alarming stares almost on a defensive reflex. I know, who was I to say anything in this situation, but I just had a really bad feeling and couldn't rest it from my mind.

"R-r-right...well...you know how I kinda...went berserk when I awoke to Finis' power Anima? She's been....surprisingly quiet, I don't know if its about any sort of pre-set rule or an agreement, but I'm worried something is going to-"

"You needn't worry about that, at least don't bare the burden of that sentiment alone. Recia." Eth turned on a heel and spoke, "Listen. Nerves are probably as high as they'll get right now, this really is the last stretch of our journey. No sense in lamenting on seeing it through to the end."

I looked at him head on, Eth's eyes seemed to be somber and re-invigorated with a new lease on life almost, and in my hesitation I could only feel apprehension. It wasn't that long, where I lusted for his destruction as this projection of Finis' rage consumed my heart at that time, but was that really what she desired..? My eyes feel to the floor briefly before i clasped my left hand into a fist. "Fair enough...but I just want to absolutely make sure caution is exercised. I'm sure our world...is a shell of itself right now..."

"So we'll rebuild it. We'll do whatever it takes to make it right?? Come ooooon Reesh." Reforge spat and stuck out his tongue. "All this amnesia must've made you forget about the times we got it right huh??"

"Oh i've read ALL of your briefings Reffy..!" I gave him this sweat dripping look of anxiety, my hand gesture was padding the inner side of my palm.

Iontis gripped his side and looked at me, "You seem awfully worried, are we not in alignment with Finis?" always asking the questions, I counted on him for this.

Her...personal troubles with the master won't really be fully drawn out until she sees him to give him an earful herself, I'm just worried what that future looks like..." I had to express my sentiment of being wary once more, thats as best I could explain it. Yet another unknown I'm not sure that I fully understand. "Let's go everyone."

Eth nodded, and propped up the Master's Wayfinder that served as a map that enabled them to navigate in between worldlines. The keyhole that we'd traveled through was still visible in the sky and required nothing but us to use the same method when we first crossed over. Eth held Qi in his X-blade state, and formed a crown beneath his feet, the master's wayfinder generated what looked to be "?????????" destination from the previous point we traveled. I could only imagine what this anomaly would even look like upon our return, but I prepared myself for it as best I could.

Red wings sprang from my back beating in a burst as I became the red essence and beamed through the keyhole with the remainder of the team on my heels.

—World-line [5] : The End of Time//Quadratum
The light looked as though it were absolutely dying to break through. I could see nothing but clouds as I landed on top of what seemed to be a rooftop of some sort. Turning around behind me, the keyhole seemed to be in the same place as when we left...and yet this wasn't the Keyblade Graveyard where we'd originally crossed over. My anxiety took a bit of a hit as I clutched my chest, it tightened up some as I could feel Finis excitement and sense of urgency beginning to rouse and build from within me.

'Where is he?? WHERE IS HE!'

I clutched my chest placing the gazing eye to my chest to neutralize her hold with a minor threat, 'We're almost done, I ask that you wait just a little while longer until we can find him. Then you two can have your little pow wow.' the flicker of pain subsided almost immediately.

Taking everything in, this wasn't what I expected The End of Time to look like, some kind of weird city? There was an abundance of people here as well, but when I looked further...I saw some people that I'd saved, I'd also recognized a few here and there that had been lost to a harrowed end. These were things that admittedly made me really nervous, but simultaneously the atmosphere here was already extremely different from quite literally every other world we'd visited up until now. I planted my foot over to edge of the roof and I began to scan all over for anyone that wasn't luxu, clad in a black coat.

"Master!!" I shouted into the ether as loud as I could, "Master are you here! Please answer!"

No response, my nerves were starting to climb some, and I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned slowly. It was Shiki. She gave me a concerned look, likely able to see that I was really battling with my anxiety and offered me some peace of mind. I released a sigh and as the other began to shuffle, the conversation amongst our group began as normal.

"So this is where that old coot croaked and faded to huh? End of Time..?" Yamato was concerned looking at all the surrounding buildings, but still no Master of Masters anywhere.

"According to his map, this anomaly is...some kind of Unreality? It's called Quadratum." Eth was looking at the wayfinder. "The map...is showing only this place. No Dorms...No Graveyard...No Radiant Garden...did the anomaly really just wipe every other world off this worldline via some kind of domino effect..?"

"As if! No way, how's that even possible??"

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but that feeling of I told you so was coming on pretty strong here. Finis decided to interject, "Your worldline was a bi-product granted by the events of every other previous worldline that was split. If you changed the events of a box being opened to create this worldline, essentially those previous conditions that lead up to your previous events and endeavors never came to be. Everyone here...is a living paradox."

"Couldn't have said it better myself old friend." a voice traveled from high up on the 104 building rooftop. "It's been ages my Resolutes, it's great that you finally managed to make it to me. I can now exercise a liberty and explain everything to you, but first I know i know, you've all got questions so ask'em now." there was a could of darkness lingering beside the master, it already raised concerns.