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Trust is [NOT] Resolute


Just Dari

All's End
Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
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Hard choices.

Resolve. Duty. Betrayal. Despair. A situation beyond hopeless. The warmth that occupied number zero's eyes vaporized as he collapsed to collect the body of his child as it was beginning to disintegrate in his arms. He was sobbing unlike anything he'd ever experienced previously. Kambria was right there alongside and Eth was so in shock and consumed with this along with a constant string of firsts that the happenings all felt like they melded together. He was violently shaking, he had no control, his reactions were starting to envelop everything.

As Lucrecia walked away, before antagonizing the rest of the lot, she mentioned the masters wish for death. It struck a nerve with him at this critical moment. So this request the master left behind was only possible inside the box, or by the extermination of the resolutes then? Was death really the end that awaited them all? He'd never even considered this was something that the master wished for, unless he was in a situation that barred him from sharing the...

And in that moment it was almost as if his cries had been answered. Eth was too indisposed of between Kambria and Freya's complete disintegration to notice two things. The first was Saebyeolbe's ascension to the berserker face of his resolve. The second...was Reforge moving to intercept the unleashed #1 before he'd release everything and then some against Lucrecia before they could uncover everything.

Freya was now gone and he move into a panic shuffling over Kambria, there was a feint sign of life and that was fine by him. She'd been stripped of her resolve entirely, but not of her life and manifested a small cone of time in a capsule around her. Rewinding the motions, and the wound itself reversed, and she'd revitalized. Such a thing wasn't possible for Freya...she'd already returned to him, his flesh was simply a construct of his power over memory after all.

"Sae, stop! I'll just open the box, you don't have to end it like this!" Eth shouted, fumbling over.

There was a sensation he could feel, as if he'd been moving faster, but shrinking and being drawn in. He couldn't explain it, his body of time split the effect and he regained control over his mass. A light show was going on, Lucrecia had then proceeded to released Anima in the form of debilitating red mortars, dropping from the sky like bombs. Eth sighed, Kambria was unconscious but alive, moving in his arms as he lifted her from the ground and a flicker from "0" appeared in his left eye.

"Stopza." everything came to a crawling halt and he weaved through the field, passing Sae who was about to jump, and efficiently sat on the box, and placing Kambria behind it. "I wish everyone wasn't such a pain...Undo."

The cogs of time had resumed and he watched everything unfold a ways a way. It didn't make sense to deny them the chance to trade blows in order to reconnect. The dangers of the heart tied to resolve, was that anything was justifiable so long as you don't break that resolve you're bound to. And in this case, neither of them feels they're wrong...but there had to be a common ground somewhere.