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Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Okay in order for my craptacular wireless connection to let me do this, I had to make a new post =.=

It's ****ing winter break higher forces....come on now.....

DISCLAIMER: Scary images that have been toned down. It is also advised for you to not eat while reading this.....I am dead serious....Hahahahahahaha.....

Oooooh…..here we go………..please don’t get mad at me at the end ;-;



His footsteps echoed long and deep, letting his thoughts wander ahead of him.

The pressure on his chest dissolved, shifting to a push from behind.

You who’ve walked this edge before, where were you led?

Her footsteps echoed long and deep, resounding a bit out of rhythm, entering a small biologic room. She stopped in front of a large cylinder tank of water containing two bulging collections of tissue jiggling slightly around. The veins that held them in place, swayed gently in the internal tide.

Bloop~ Bloop~

Isabella looked past her reflection to the growth.

A surge of electricity, one bolt light blue, the other red, pulsed into the tissues while conducting a sliver of green ethereal liquid into them both – growing them instantly into the embryonic state.

All throughout the rest of the room were other bio-containers, some with grotesque forms trying to make a limb, one had a face growing out of a mesh of tissue (eyes closed), another had a fully formed hand that opened and closed, opened and closed from the shocks it received from its connected veins to the upper part of the container.

“Hey you two,” said Isabella pressing herself up against the container, there was a drunken slur to her speech, “Wanna, (*hic*) zear somet’ing funny? My, brother stumbled into a world, that, oh what was he said, he said, he said, he said it gives form to the un-sheen. Ain’t that some’un? You two would be born by now (*hic*) if y’all went theeeere~ OH!” She slid down with her back against the tank. “Oh how far my brother has taken me on his little space ship! Apar, apra, hee hee, apprantly, he wen’ a wittle toooooo far~, me, I’ve been over that (*hic*) horizon, I mean, look where I am! I am, I am, I zam, a Sovereign level scientist, who specimalizes in, (*wobble*) woah, let me says it (*clears throat*) Bioluminescence Theory and Applied Methodology there how’s that for a ****in’ title eh? Gotta make sure your auraas are gonna work. But my brother can do anything! My brother can do anything, my brother can do anything, my brother can do anything, and I~, can get royally ****ed over from a few Long Island Ice TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’S!” Isabella gave a high pitched drunken laugh. “You know when I get afraid about what’s to come, I, I sing that stupid little twinkle twinkle little star song, it just reminded me ya know?” Isabella giggled some more, leaning all the way over onto her side. “If I’d, have known just how, ****ed over those twinkle twinkle little stars were, I’d have never, never, EVER…..Ooh, sang that twinkle twinkle little song. ‘Traveler in the dark?’ What, what the hell? The Traveler, almost killed my brother.” Isabella’s breathing became labored, “Oh brother~! Brother~! You got your space ship ready? Brother, brother….Macevoy…..(*sniff*)…..” Isabella held her stomach as sickness and sadness welled up all through her body; she rolled onto her back with her hands over her eyes, dripping tears off the side of her face and pooling them in the grooves of her features.

The growing face opened its eyes for just a sliver, the irises blood red, seeing and not seeing the pathetic form before it.

“(*sniff*)…Twinkle, twinkle little star.…I can’t see…..Brother…..where do we go from here?.....(*sniff*)….”

My big brother can do anything!

“No, no, not that, your name will be…..Isetzue.”

My big brother can do anything!

“Look Isabella, I’ve mapped out my first star cluster, and this star here, is all yours!”

My big brother can do anything!

“You think I would choose someone over my own flesh and blood?”

My big brother can do anything!

“They’re after me Izzy, you’ve got to get away – leave me here!”

My big brother can do anything!


My big brother can do anything!


“Big brother?”

Sephiroth looked up into her eyes.

Song: Forest

“Let’s do this Big brother, all together.”

Isetzue wore a thick black cloak, likewise did Sephiroth, leaving the little step brother with the Dark Cloak; Avera walked up besides her with a very restricted smile. He naturally held the shortest straw for the Cloak with his heart movements, should a Wickens thread seep through a crack in his heart – that wasn’t a chance to be taken.

Ragiel held Lorenia, both standing next to Reaper, and further behind them, lay Sephiroth’s Masamune, Isetzue’s twin swords, and Avera’s keychains.


Avera pulled the scruff of the cloak up to cover his nose and mouth; they all pulled over their hoods in one swift flick. Sephiroth and Isetuze unfolded their Wickens scarves from a pale protective covering and wrapped them around their necks and mouth and nose; a small stinging, burning sound making the two Ghosts flinch.

According to Macevoy’s notes, they should be heavily suspicious of Hollow Castle’s air. To keep check and keep in contact with one another, they reduced their Memory Link* to mere “Heart Taps”, an emotional “blip” if you will identifying life from someone you know; this being communication similar to how Emotionless communicate, seriously. Sending three quick blips meant they found the bodies, signifying the time to release their magic to escape. The rest they would communicate using the blips as Morse code for according to Macevoy, the Castle can tangle biological and mental frequencies, so even the Heart Taps would have to be used sparingly to not make themselves suspicious.

The elder siblings easily settled and filtered their auras simultaneously, both feeling an annoying temperamental strain on their endurance with the little Step-Brother quickly following suite with his more tame filter, the most prominent change from his filter being Avera’s wings darkening from their glittering white, to ebony black.

Avera suddenly turned to face the Ghosts and Reaper (and Enma), giving a warm grin, “We’ll be back,” he piped (his hair had also turned black; his long bangs a dirty silver; his eyes altered to a vibrant red and purple), and turned back around; his wings betraying his demeanor by trembling slightly.

Hmp. "*Hollow Castle’s inviting nature is like a smile that hides sharp teeth.*"

Shonen Bat would know. When he stole notes from the Lady concerning the Death Generals, it nearly cost his sanity, and life.

That was his most terrifying experience; one he wishes to never bring up again. To think he made eye contact with the baby growing in its own womb. Her eyes cut through the darkness and pierced his heart – had he not fallen back through his special Shadow Portal that would’ve been his end. Needless to say Hollow Castle was trained to look for him as well after that.

Anyone the Lady has a clear memory of, Hollow Castle can identify and keep out, or welcome, welcome in; that much anyone could guess.

The winged group is entering Hollow Castle on intent, so in order to do so, the Castle has its ways for those that know, and poor saps who fall into it. The three focused on several objects placed to make a subtle face, simple as it was it was just two of Avera’s pillows, and the bed sheet to make a simple mouth that could’ve had Mona Lisa’s smile for all they cared.

They let their eyes out of focus, concentrating upon the abstracted face’s features, the broken focus creating black testy eyes with an unsure wirey smile. Your brain is trained to notice the composition of a face since birth, like those “faces” you see in wood lines, maybe sink pieces, the backlights of a car, ect.; basically, if you can make a face out it, it’s a face.

It is from these outlets of identification that you give it the chance to watch you.

"*The invitation of acknowledgement is all it asks.*"

Not once did they blink, not for a whole minuet and longer, and then the “face”, finally began to change. The lights of its eyes were no longer a reflection, there was sight from them now, and its mouth, grew, split, opened wide, and encompassed them, under eager, large ravenous eyes, swallowing them into a black depth that gently tugged on the air in their lungs.

From the Ghosts and Reaper’s point of view, they merely faded away; the Ghosts left in awe; Reaper making a sacred symbol to his chest.

He held his scythe up, Enma’s eyes keeping their carmine –

"Protero". He tapped the edge of his scythe to the ground making a clear bell sound – dong, and the white landscape turned a light bluish-purple. They now had a direct line to Hollow Castle, and certainly no feedback was welcome; Reaper on standby to put his great magic as only meager means to escape.

Lorenia took a quick glance at the face, from her angle, it looked tilted out of childish curiosity trading the glance back at her.


There wasn’t a sound to be made from the darkness save for a common ringing of their ears, and their own pounding hearts (mainly Avera’s). Under the cover of darkness he took Isetzue’s hand (thankfully it was Isetzue’s hand).

Solid ground never left their feet, just retranslated to a strange sensation that each foot was now propped up by a hand.

They could smell it now – nothing that would curl your nose, but confuse it. They knew what they smelled was something organic in nature…an odd sweet metallic smell.

Then like the rising dawn, the dwelling around them faded into view. First the windows came, then the walls, trimmings of furnishings; they were all in a long hallway, dimly lit by candles. The architecture was a subtle gothic trim with black the dominant color among fixtures of deep red; the glow of candles taking away much of the vibrant red. The walls were smooth, the pillars of the hallway like glass marble.

They were in it. This is the place, the Lady has trusted to keep herself safe, and alive. And for as many enemies she has had; Keyblade Master, Steward, Deity, Spirit, it has yet to fail.

The hallway was very tall, it must’ve been two and a half stories at least; the light didn’t carry all the way up, so it was difficult to measure. In fact the height made it feel like there was no roof at all.

The floor was so polished it resembled still black water, such cleanliness went for the windows although you could clearly see the desolate nighttime landscape outside. Barren grey land with a few dead trees and a moon so high up, it was out of sight.

The lamp fixtures were thoroughly covered in decorated metal; how that metal could be twisted so elegantly resembled the craft of a Keyblade.

Avera caught a sharp inhale, ah, the odor was almost out of reach thanks to their cover.

It was quiet, save for a few distant mechanical hummings; sounds only needed to be investigated if a threat was felt to be connected with them. Quite the paradox in said location. Anywho their silence needed to be kept, the Castle could also identify voice wavelengths.

All in all this hallway of the Castle would be the template for the rest of its design, containing such fine details of décor and furniture molded with such minutiae that cathedrals would look upon their own insides with shame.

Sephiroth took a test step forward. They no longer felt hands supporting their feet, the floor was solid, the structure was solid, for as long as Hollow Castle was rumored to be erect, this castle was as solid since the day it came; a gloriously kept structure. He turned around and signaled to be followed. The plan was to stay on the outer edges till they found a door with sun-like trimmings. This tall hallway supposedly wrapped around the entire Castle, and was supposedly to be quite empty of any wandering residents; a very unpleasant detail discovered in Macevoy’s notes.

As to “what” those residents are, Macevoy didn’t make too clear, he only clearly stated that one of them knitted a crew mate into a yarn ball.

*Okay, so far so good.*

Their walking speed could’ve been a jog; Avera holding tight to Istezue’s hand giving a quick glance or two to the outside, a smoky reflection looking back at him – Isetzue sent him a sharp Heart Tap to not lose his pace.

Rounding the corner, a close noise popped up, something snapping and cracking like the spit of fire, nothing smelling like it was burning.

Cssssckksksks – cccrrrssskksssskkkkksss.

Their brisk walk came to a sudden end with the hallway turn leading to an abrupt wall with a single word splattered in glowing red:


Avera let out a sharp gasp – both elder siblings whipped around to see what looked to be an enormous hand the size of a full grown man zipping under a sheet (except it was the wall and furnishings) straight towards them – TOOF

From behind another concealed hand slammed Sephiroth down into the ground, his own strength keeping himself from having his body compressed to paper – his view flattened to an extreme panoramic view of the feet and ankles of Isetzue and Avera reacting –

Isetzue was yanked out from under herself, out of Avera’s grip – Avera was shoved to the side, out of Sephiroth’s view, leaving him to watch helplessly as Isetzue was dragged with ridiculously speed around the hallway bend and out of sight; incredibly all not uttering a single sound throughout the chaos (they wouldn’t die due their own mistake…again, quite the paradox).

The pressure from Sephiroth was released, he instantly gathered himself up – looked to his right, the wall was solid, but Izzy’s trail was clear – and as much as his chest panged to dash after her, this was no doubt the castle prying to see their intent……With agonizingly casual steps, he followed where she was dragged.

She was long gone.

The shine on the floor made it easy to see that parts of her black clothes had been ripped off, dripped in a bloody trail along with strands of her hair.





Despite that stirring he felt inside of his own agenda to get his siblings out, Sephiroth’s composure remained cool. Perhaps this could work to their advantage, if Isetzue and Avera had been taken to the more intimate reaches of the Castle, they would have a better success chance in finding the bodies.

Secret enough to say Sephiroth has his own method to ensure his sibling’s escape.

Regardless of such, they were going to get the **** beat out of them, that couldn’t be helped.


Avera picked himself up, *Ow, ow.* The rim of his Dark Cloak and personal cloak was in tatters, enough to show his black shoes of which allowed a searing, painful chill to just reach his ankles. Half of his face was covered in blood and his hair looked like a rake had been taken to it. Avera sighed taking stock of his wings, *My poor wings.* They looked like that had been shoved through a meat grinder, again.

Thinking that his sucks very much for receiving this many injuries already, he was happy to note there was a bit of luck on his side, one of the doors of interest they were looking for had a great big hyper stylized symbol of two hands trying to touch one another, one hand looking to make a much greater effort of trying to touch the other (the other hand looking quite lazy); said door being straight ahead in a regular sized hallway Avera found himself in. Mh, turns out it was a double door, okay, one hand design for each door, cute.

Avera hobbled over and opened it –


And then he closed it.

*Well that room certainly couldn’t house a body…..* His hand trembled on the door handle. There were new specks of red on his face.

Lo, according to Macveoy’s notes: “*Inside Hollow Castle, a carcass will never rot, a body could be brought in and bleed all its blood out and it wouldn’t die*”

Avera certainly hoped that wasn’t the case for that poor fellow, whatever it was. He didn’t get too good a look at the action, but the result was clear.

There was a sting in the air as if a wound was left exposed, a sudden, piercing stagnant wind within the Castle.

Avera may have been done with that room, but it wasn’t with him~

“*D-d-i-d y-y-o-u s-s-e t-h-th-a-t b-b-o-y out-si-de –t-he r-o-o-m?*”

The voice sounded like it was chopped, like it was being said through a fan.

“*S-s-o-u-n-d th-e s-i-gg-nal, l-e-t th-e –o-the-r-s k-n-ow M-o-mma h-a-s b-r-oug-h-t i-n –s-o-me-on-e n-ew.*”

The long drown out sound of a kazoo filled the hallways of Hollow Castle, repeating its long disturbing note; sending a spike of ice down Avera’s gut with each cycle.

That “alarm” bubbled up a memory in him that had been long buried.

Isetzue hauled her torn herself up, adjusting her Wickens Scarf, listening to the resounding kazoo “alarm”, *What the hell…?*

Sephiroth kept his walking pace steady; he sent a Heart Tap to Avera.

And Avera grasped it with all his might. *Come on, Avera move,* he said to himself, his trembling hand wouldn’t let go of the door, *Big brother is counting on us, sissy is counting on us. I can’t let family down. I’ve conquered this fear before – don’t you want to see Sora again?!*

“God ******, really? Again? Keep who ever it is away from my quarters,” the Lady moaned in her sleep.

I wi ll .

The kazoo alarm stopped, the pressure-fear lifted off of Avera’s chest, himself being unaware that he had been compromised of air – breathing heavily to stabilize his lungs.

*It’s not here. That monster is not in here, not the one that took me away from him, Big Brother killed it. He killed it. That alarm can’t be a part of it, it’s dead, it’s dead, it’s dead –*

“*H-h-e-l-l-o th-er-e,*” came that voice through the door. Avera felt the presence, it was standing just on the other side of the door, the door knob he held trying to twist itself open. “*D-d-o-o-n-t y-o-u wa-n-t t-o c-o-m-e i-n? C-o-m-e o-n i-n.*”

Avera knew very well he couldn’t speak - that door knob was getting more agitated to be twisted fully - Avera’s grip solidified.

“*F-i-ne a-wa-y w-i-t-h yo-u t-he-n.*” The presence retreated back within the depth of the room, Avera now close enough to hear more splattering, and breaking, and crunching. He forced his hand to let go, leaving that door as far behind him as he could – moving all but five steps before his legs locked up with fear again, he coming face to face with something looking at him wide eyed from the deep darkness of the hallway. The eyes were a brownish green, wide and studying Avera from their hidden perch.

Tiny as they were from their distance, they froze Avera still as a statue. Why? Why was his fear so amplified here? He knew those green-brownish eyes, they were her eyes, that lady from when he was a child – but that memory was sealed and done with, there was no need to fear them.

– Avera’s hands quickly went to his neck – feeling the drooping Dark Cloak piece over his own personal Cloak – he scrambled to put it back over his mouth, but the damage was done.

You're an interesting visi tor.

That lady was dead. Burned all the way through in a terrible fire. Avera remembered seeing her eyes wide and open from the horror of being burned alive, remembering their stricken fear before the fire burnt them out.

Avera’s concentration was so set on the hovering eyes, he didn’t hear the left double door open behind him, leaving a hand, extended long, long and reaching for him –

No, no, no, Avera had to get away, he had nothing to defend himself, not then, not now, he was a child again, AH! – The cold that had grasped his ankles buckeled them– he fell to his knees, the hand elongated from the room just above him – he could see its shadow – it grabbed the back of his neck – the freezing fear completely paralyzing him now, now dragging him to the double doors.

*They're taking me back inside, no, no - I don't want to go back inside! Not there! NOT TO THE BED!*

He felt his shoulders grabbed and yanked out of the icy grip – his senses unlocking – he knew that gentle grip!


No – it was the burnt lady!

Avera choked himself with his Cloaks so he wouldn’t scream and dashed away down the hallway ignoring the pain from his ankles ( and also at least keeping in mind to look for the other doors of interest – hell!) Anywhere but back there!


Isetzue had found herself in a seemingly normal hallway to say the least. Ah ha, easy goings, she found a door with a cradle on it, a door of interest.

She opened it, and beheld a nursery, *Gee what else could've been behind here?*

Hm, for the most part, the nursery looked rather normal, until Isetzue’s eyes adjusted to the light of the room. There were globs of it splattered all over the crib, *Nice,* she huffed.

There were life-sized dolls of children laid off to the side, mh, she knew the Lady had a pretty sick sense of humor, soooooooo she rummaging through them. Nope, nope, nope, pfft, they weren’t here…..Ah, hopefully they were all in the same place, yeah, oh that would suck so much if they –

A music box began to play – Isetzue covered her mouth to not let a yelp of pain out – she fell to her knees grasping her stomach and abdomen with her other hand – pain, excruciating pain as the music box played its sweet melodic tune stringing Isetzue’s torture to the song of “London Bridge is Falling Down.”

The pain induced spastic motions, leaft Isetzue to crawl her way to the door, but that wasn't all that impeded her motion, she could feel tiny hands inside her pushing out from her belly – this thing inside clawing, twisting about, moving, wanting out, it was grabbing her insides, pulling on them, biting them – she crawled with all she had, she couldn’t scream if she wanted to, the pain was so intense – a spaz sometimes propelling her forward, the music box just playing away so happily and apathetic.

As soon as she pulled every inch of her body out of the threshold of the room, the music box stopped, and no more pain was felt, nothing in her stirred except for the throbbing pain her insides felt; she stood up, slammed the door shut, and her peace of insides changed~

*Ugth, I’m gonna be sick!* -

Isetzue heaved once, twice, but nothing was coming out – until her guts crumpled and moved this, blockage, to roof of her throat – her stomach heaved again and out came that of, of – she grabbed it, and it grabbed back, still attached to the main blockage now suffocating her – she could feel it all now – she grabbed it and pulled – the lump sliding free, empty of bones with yuck following it on out, and dropped the mess on the floor.

Not that Isetzue would’ve screamed, but this really warranted her consideration for it.

It twitched.

And it twitched again.

And now it was moving towards her using only its legs and the lazy push of an arm, “Momma. Momma. Momma. Momma.”

She then heard scratching coming from inside the nursery door.

Welp Isetzue can take herself away from this, she can defiantly walk faster than this thing’s ****ed up crawl, so she did, hobbling away~.


(*Pant, pant, pant, pant*) The further Avera ran, the less his fear sparked, the air in him from Hollow Castle was expended and he finally brought himself to stopping on a sloppy steppy stop simultaneously making sure his mouth was thoroughly covered. His heavy breathing left him time to observe where his childish fright had sent him, to a very slim hallway with the blackest floor he’d ever seen. Okay. He took a step, and the sensation of walking upon hands returned. He walked a little further, their pressure against his feet matched his pace perfectly, touching in time with his step, ah….and suddenly making him feel those hands were the only source of ground on this dark, dark floor.

Never fear, he’s done tightrope walking before once upon a time. Avera extended his wings to help him keep balance and walked carefully on the hands all the way across the hallway, and just as his foot was about to touch the other side – he was yanked down into the darkness – feeling himself land butt first on a slide sending him careening down, down, down, until he shot out – *ACK!* - saving himself with a flap of his wings to land on the very tippy, tippy side of a wall, just thick enough for his feet to find footing on (his wings behind him not helping too much with balance….)….glad he landed there instead of, some kind of pit containing….some kind of liquid.

It looked like a slimy, goopy liquid, yet brothy and ephemeral…. Weighted smoke? Smoke churned up into thick soup? Upon a tad bit closer inspection, or as much more focusing squatting would allow, he found sleeping faces in the crevices of the ripples and shadows of the liquid.

Bloop~ bloop~ - a bubble floated up and popped a face. Then another, and another, the faces were waking up, getting popped – a rapid boil was starting now, the screams of the faces meshed with the sound of churning hot liquid, boiling Ghosts.

“*The Castle powers its means with two pieces of life, hearts and souls. I saw them, I saw it boiling those poor souls!*”

Avera wanted to vomit, although he was sure those Ghosts down there were already in enough grief already, and he really didn’t want to breath anymore Castle air (although getting splattered on by the freezing boil wasn't helping >_<). He scooted along the edge of the thin pathway until he came across a small vent hole just big enough to where he could fit – something was opening up overhead – he quickly scuttled inside and didn’t look back as he crawled away (and vomited….inside his Cloak).

[I know, some serious EWWWW there…..]


[By now you must be wondering what’s going on in Sephiroth’s neck of the woods, neh, he only thing he has encountered was a sighing dresser drawer. He kinda has it easy.]


Rounding another hall, Isetzue found a door with the web symbol on it, *Okay, let’s see if this door of interest is as fun as the last one.* She opened it, and went inside.

She squinted her eyes for the poor light of this room, making sure to keep the slippery knit of her Wickens Scarf over her mouth. She walked over to…some thick, draped material that caught her curiosity. Maybe....the bodies were hidden?

Maceovy did say in one of his notes that there were several bodies in here....but......Isetzue couldn't take her eyes off the strange materal.

If carpet was shaved bare....no......some of the thick materiel was quite black, some white, some looked, rather rotten...other's gray...

Isetzue extended out her finger to touch - and just as quickly retracted it, it was skin. This room was filled with different types of, that, hanging on poles.

Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ the sound of high air, as if getting injected into a balloon - Isetzue turned to the exit and in her immediate path, stretched, inflated skin from a head, looking and not looking straight at her- the eyes, mouth, nose - all holes stitched shut into a tight face - the head attached to an unsually long neck bobbled about like it's product counterpat, so like a balloon, the rest of the skin it was attached a bit more slow to inflate - pheeeeeeeeeee - pheeeee - pheeeeeeeeeee- pheeeeeeee- pheeeeeeeee~! All the tapestry of flesh was coming alive through inflation, twisting and contorting into that of carnival balloon animals!

Lifting off their poles, they bobbed around at different heights, a soft wind then blowing them through an opened up passageway; she followed, if there was a way to get deeper into the Castle, this surely wouldn't disapoint.

The full bodies branched off going down one way, while some deformed ones were blown in another direction – Izzy chose to follow the “whole” ones.” Perhaps the failed ones were off to get discarded…..

The hallway was getting smaller and smaller as they traveled until Izzy was forced to crawl “jungle style” like a monkey, half up, half down, following the steady flow of the “balloons” now compressed to a single file line.

*I am so glad I’m not Claustrophobic.*

After a few more feet, the entry then opened up to a large, large room – Isetzue backed away to the wall, leaving the “balloons” to float to the center of the room


A huge black bolt with a red core came down and struck all the “balloons” (Izzy jumped a little).

The “balloons” began to expand, inflating beyond their capacity to retain shape – P-P-P-P-P-O-P!

Out dropped functioning……Emotionless?

But these bared the symbol of the Chrost-Weik......And some of them looked partially melted....

And they all just stood there. Isetzue could tell, these things were organisms with no rhyme or reason, not even instinct, these were just hollow shells…..

Then an enormous red bolt struck them, and a red glow came to their eyes, now they had purpose, now they had reason, be it only one – one Emotionless shaped like a werewolf reared up and howled with an usually long mouth – its head twisted this way and that – it swung its arm high over itself and smashed it right through the face of an oblivious Emotionless, one who’s eyes failed to glow – several other of these abominations went “online” and looked distorted and confused – but not the werewolf-type; the oblivious Emotionless sat still with its head smashed in while the werewold type went on a rampage – starting with the placid Emotionless beating the poor thing into a pulp – it reared and roared again, inhaling the scraps of its victim in its fury, a primeval, unearthly roar.

Isetzue has seen enough, she located an exit and and –

<Muuher, muuher, muuher!>

*Oh crap!*

This anorexic Emotionless broke away from the hullaballoo of its pack, tip toeing to Izzy – <Muuher! Muuher!>


Izzy’s stomach pained again – she beelined for that square door she spotted leaving the tip toeing Emotionless in the dust – pushed it open and promptly shut it – immediately hearing a high pitched moan and devastating electrical charges through the shut entrance – the conducting door shocked her hand – a red, red light coming out from under the crease.

Very rarely has Isetzue heard Emotinonless speak, much less scream in agony.


Avera made it quickly through the vents (thankfully it was just a straight shot), he kicked open the vent shutter and fell out – *OOF.*

He picked himself up, dusted himself off, and turned around to…….the most evil looking doors he had never seen.

There weren’t any carvings or decoration on them, no…..

Those doors were so black…blacker than any of its surroundings, making them almost look a tint of grey…..These doors looked to be the kind you’d see for a furnace, but these were too big for baking meals; these burned something bigger….That room wouldn’t hold those bodies, something else was in there…..No…..Avera wouldn’t let his fear get him this time. His siblings were counting on him.

Avera put his hand on the door and pushed it open.
Song: Room of Angels
Oh god this was it…..Not the room the held the bodies, but the one that made them.

This was that room where life is straddled and dissected thread by thread as it squirms and screams. The operating beds were splotched with thick blobs of red, still fresh, never drying, the distinct smell of blood intoxication, a hallucinogen – Avera caught himself on the door frame, his legs giving out once again from his fear and the cutting cold his ankles suffered; he slid slowly down the door frame….

He began to cry, desperately trying to keep his vocalization down while huge sobs that moved his whole chest up and down escaped him – they really were here in this room, he could see it, just barely, some of Lorenia’s yellow hair was caught on one of the operating beds – had this room not been used since then? Does she want to savor the remnants of such a grab?

Dimly, so dimly lit, yet lit perfectly so he could see….the instruments of dissection showed subtly but were received as one collective creature of large sharp, bent, dripping hands frozen before the grasp of another poor victim, up they were, above, to choke, to cease all movement, to –

And now his own torment bubbled up, his own time on an operating bed, those exact same claws, only attached to humans –

A flash of light snapped Avera out his past, immediately making him cover his eyes.

This room was not empty. It flashed again – he peeked and saw it in a split second. It looked up from the darkness, now hobbling to him.

How anything could walk with limbs so twisted, its neck was long and bent like a pipeline – how could it even see – it’s eyes were gone!

Avera used everything he had and pulled the iron door shut, the closing reverberating all throughout the castle – the door then bent out towards Avera with an organic metallic moan making him jump his body length back.


The door shook.


The furnace doors swung open –


Then closed –

BAM – swung open –

BAM – closed –

BAM – swung open and stayed open – every fever pitch in Avera telling him to run! Those instruments were reaching for him! Avera made it to his feet and took off like a bolt again.

The messed up creature took a bewildered glance at Avera's trail, then pulled the “furnace” doors shut.

Avera ran and ran till the searing, freezing pain on his ankles cracked them, making him fall face forward, hard into the ground…The daze rolled him over on his back as he held his head, his mouth and nose cover slipping, and he breathed, and breathed, and breathed…….

His vision was all blurry now. He felt light headed….and happy…….this tingle all through his body felt good, it felt warm…….The feedback of his Cloak was seeping into him like a gas with no odor....He only thought he was supposed to breathe....but.....

Avera curled up. *I understand this home. I’m just a little cell inside it. A little teeny tiny cell……I’m back in that tank….back with my brother……With her watching over us….And we’re…..all okay……We know nothing of the outside world…..we have our own…..all together…..all together……all to…ge….ther……*

As Avera's eyes closed, he heard someone lay down next to him, and stroke his hair. He opened his eyes halfway......*Annelle...?* He gave the happiest smile, *Annelle.....you came back....* Avera remembered this protection, oh how he missed it so.......This was real, it had to be, he gripped "Annelle's" shirt.....*Brother....*

The black underhand rose from beneath, curled its fingers inward around Avera, and took him away.
*AH HA!* Isetzue’s heart leaped at seeing the door with the bird and nest symbol on it! Yes! This was the only room that was labeled as “storage” in Macevoy’s notes! She ran to it, opened it wide, and –

And there were their bodies.

Right there in front of the, rest of the stuff the room held…..

You’d think they were just sleeping among a pile of strange and curious objects; their bodies so, so well preserved. Lorenia’s body was even slouched on Ragiel.

Ah, true their bodies were preserved, but, there was still.....extensive damage to them, neh, but that could easily be fixed with their magic! In Hollow Castle, these things were still technically “alive!” Without their heart and soul they were an organism without meaning, sculptures of flesh, blood, and bone.

In fact they were still breathing! Their chests under thier red splats where moving ever so gently up and down, up and down…..It’s true! Nothing decays, nothing dies!

And then Isetzue noticed the addition of Avera, a little off to the side, red seeping through his mouth and nose cover, a tag around his neck that read, “Exam 402”

Why didn’t she sound the alarm to leave then....Do you really count yourself so highly?

She rushed to Avera’s side, tore off the tag and tried to wake him.

*Drip, drip, drip, drip....*

And when she looked up to see what, what shadows were standing over her….She looked up to all three Anime Masters, their eyes white and cloudy……..dripping freely……

Isetzue’s abdomen pains returned with avengeance, sending such powerful convulsions through her body she was rendered incapacitated, and that Wicken’s scarf she held up so well because she was a cut above the rest, bombarded her being with feedback into her helpless state.


Sephiroth felt that pressure on his chest……

A-v-e-r-a? I-s-e-t-z-u-e?
Sephiroth felt the three Heart Taps......and his own heart sank.

H-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a…………… C-o-m-e-a-n-d-g-e-t-t-h-e-m-w-a-n-d-e-r-e-r-f-r-o-m-t-h-e-d-a-r-k-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a-h-a

CoME O n.

A door slowly opened to his left showing him the remains of the room with the bird and nest symbol.

Your big brother can do anything, can't he?

Tune in for the Conclusion tomorrow~!


Just think what the Castle would do if it knew who these guys were......

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Thankies ^_^

Watch anime! 8D And get some pockey (best japanese candy EVAR!), ah, it's good night tonight.

Provided you don't get assimilated by Hollow Castle of course.

Hollow Caste -> :O NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM - MMMMMMmmmmmmm~ That's finger lickin' good bodies you've got there!

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Hmm, I'm not really sure now that I think about it >>; My friends always brought it to the anime club >_< But if you come across it, try it :)


Well aside from Hollow Castle's other defenses, not these puny ones the winged group is experiencing, it's just screwing with them, there are two BIG peeps in the story that won't allow Hollow Castle to be destroyed, even if someone did figure out how to kill it. That'll be a nasty surprise, because of an importance with Hollow Castle.

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Yay, but so packed with sugar >_< Thou will get a sugar high from it, beware~!

Yes....Hollow Castle is ****ed up. And the Lady LIVES there......I don't know who to be scared of more XD


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And you also have manic super speed! 8D

The Lady is giving the Castle what it wants. It's a symbiotic relationship~

Squee~ But now I have to finish up the last little bit of the Halloween chappie~ I'll be back soon! ^_^


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Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^


So... freaking... horrible...

I'm already quite sensitive to horror, but with my medication (a stimulant) increasing my heartbeat rate, I literally CANNOT BREATHE FROM FEAR. GAH!

*grabs Kamina, Viral and Zack and hides under a blanket*

Seriously, it's MORNING, and yet I now feel like I don't want to sleep tonight!

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D: Dang Cef.....I'm sorry.....Well, it's just a little further to go, here's the conlusion!

I hope y'all like the end ^^;

There is a single nod in here to the Hamburger Lady song....I'm not gonna post a link to the song, it's just waaaaaaay too disturbing, and we've been through enough XD


My big brother can do anything.

He keeps me safe, he keeps me fed, and warm, and with a bed.

I can take care of him if he’d let me.

But he ends up taking care of me.

I am a burden to him, yet he…..
This would require planning, this would require caution, this would require cunning, this would require strength.

And all in an instant I’d risk it past the fickle flip of a coin.

It has to be done, and for who? The risk is great. I most likely won’t come home.

And that is okay with you?

You who has risen so much to keep from being, just a memory?

“You have a plan in mind I bet, and a good one even though of such short notice.” Reaper tilted his head like a child, “How do you all intend to escape?”

“I have a way.”

Enma walked right up to Sephiroth’s face in a slow threatening stride, her muzzle almost touching his nose, with Reaper bending down close over her muscular neck towards him, his hidden outline almost prominent in a trick of the eye and shadow……. “I know you. Even if we’ve only been company for a short period, I know you. So willing to give your life for them, for this, and I can only wonder, why? For someone with such refinement as yourself, you can only come up with bartering your life to that ghastly place to save them? You think you can cheat it? A heart as avaricious as the Castle’s should not be considered an opening. It’s given itself to the Lady and the Lady alone. No reason can help you there – you must not be aware that Hollow Castle never kills, only keeps. It keeps everything and anything it wants, and everything and anything it doesn’t want…….Have I come across some uncertainty in you? Spirit Child?”

Sephiroth let a smile slowly creep across his face, “No Reaper. None whatsoever.”

Isabella looked on to the dark haired twin comforting the light haired twin, “Avera let me see! What did they do to you?!”

Sephiroth looked deep within the room with the bird and nest symbol.

I know what is going to happen.

If I don’t do it now, I never will.

Oh how siblings are such, trouble……

If I’d have given it more thought, I’d have talked myself out of it; I am of such refinement, am I not?

Isabella adjusted her title pin on her lab coat jacket.

All angels are Fabrications.

“*This is my chance, all those years of hard work, rising from a Telescope cleaner to a Viscus Geologist! If my team and I succeed in mapping and spectral graphing this Anomaly Star – this may very well be the research that qualifies me as a Sovereign Geologist! Our team was the first to find it! Oh sissy I can’t wait to show you this. You’re gonna love it, you’re gonna love it! Thank-you for encouraging me all this way!*”

“Fly away on your spaceship Macevoy, there’s no going back now.”

Isabella opened the door the where the twins stayed.

How can we accept the physical plain for what it really is? How can you protect yourself and the ones you love from Out There?

The Lady snorted in her sleep. She doesn’t accept it, because she understands it, she is cursed to realize that the stars are only plastered over the dark dark abyss. “How amazing this place is, the joining of Yahena, the Chrost-Weik, and the Lifestream; the physical plain. The moment one’s existence is conceived, their souls are intertwined in a chainmail of cells, blood, and…” The Lady sleepishly looked at her hands, studying the wrinkles of her palms.

*That hand that opened and closed, opened and closed, he’s using it to stroke his brother’s hair; he’s comforting him.*

Tooch tooch, tink tink, tooch-tooch tink tink, tooch tooch tooch tink-tink – Sephiroth looked to his left and saw a creature of a mixture of flesh and machine, its real heads were staked on pikes, snarling ferociously, drooling, snapped their jaws – all but one head that looked relatively calm, and bored at Sephiroth. The mechanical creature moved like it was part spider, but with 5 very misplaced metallic legs that made it wobble horribly, shoving one of it heads-on-a-pike close and away, close and away –

The bored middle head spoke, “I-If y-y-you wa-ant to s-s-t-tay h-here y-y-you mm-m-ust g-give up y-y-o-our g-g-iven f-form. B-b-become l-l-ike us w-w-who d-do-on’t har-r-rbor t-t-to a t-t-t-e-emplatt-t-e of t-the ph-ph-ph-ysical p-p-p-lain. R-r-right n-now, m-m-o-om w-w-ants t-t-o t-t-talk t-t-to y-y-ou a-ab-out t-t-he –o-the-rs t-t-t-that c-c-came w-w-wi-th y-y-ou.”


“Come on Avera, Annelle, we need to go.”

I won’t be forgotten.

Even if I’m just a tiny blip in the end; something so miniscule, that I’m edged out in the darkness between the starlight.

Sephiroth entered the inquired room, followed by the pike monster.

Avera and Isetzue were now both unconscious on the floor.

And the Anime Master’s bodies were standing as if held up by wires, as if on some kind of standby.

*Dammit, the Castle is in them.*

A nearby shelf in the room, a face could be formed out of those shelves – they were moving, subtly, shifting the light gave whites to their eyes, an added crinkle of a grin, they were all staring at him, glaring, jeering, wide-eyed, joyous, squinty-eyed – mouths contorted and torn, some with teeth flat or sharp –

“Th-th-e-re i-i-s o-o-nl-y th-e r-r-ea-so-n y-y-you m-ma-ake he-re.”

“*Hollow Castle is unbridled creation.*”

“Un-un-f-or-tun-ate-ly th-eir re-ea-so-n h-as hu-rt th-th-em. Th-ey c-c-can-not s-s-s-stay he-here. Th-th-ey w-w-ill g-g-g-go t-t-t-t-o b-b-b-b-buil-d u-u-p m-m-m-m-omma.”

The walls began to stretch….. The stretch of the walls sounded like cracking bone, for of what material they were made out of was still organic enough to twitch……

“*I understand what the Castle is now. Hollow Castle is made from people, and likewise it creates……Millions and millions, no billions and billions of bodies all broken down and torn apart and re-sculptured, remade into itself. Nothing ever dies in Hollow Castle, nothing ever will. For you become a part of it. A part of the whole.*”


“*The large diamond forms that holds together its inner structure is made from carbon extracted from humans. It’s iron workings is made from the iron found in blood, iron that doesn’t rust…..The glass is made from our windows. Curtains made from hair. Every single tiny detail of Hollow Castle’s strong sturdy structure and furnishings first came from people. A solid structure built through the fine fibers from living organisms.*”

You are the most abundant building resource.


You are all only brick and stone for playtime. That is the physical plain.

Lorenia’s foot twitched, and touched Isetzue, “Hamburger Lady, hamburger lady, she is at my feet,” came from her a voice with only wind to give it words from the throat. “Hamburger Lady~ Hamburger Lady, let’s burn off her coat and see what’s underneath, does she work right under there?”

“A-a-a-a-s y-y-y-you w-w-w-ish m-m-m-oth-th-e-e-er”-



“She’ll lose her tongue, and her eyes, and her ears, and her hair like before,” said Hollow Lorenia….then all the bodies of the anime masters looked at him……. “What did you say?”


“Wait,” said Sephiroth.






They are after me big brother. There is nothing you can do to protect me. We went to go find out what it was all about.

Young Avera and his brother watched Isabella get engulfed in fire as they ran for their freedom.

And we did.


Sephiroth was thrown off his feet by the pike monster and pinned up against the wall – stabbed into his arms.

“What is waiting? What is that? There is only doing. There is no waiting in creation, let me show you, let me show you~”

“Wait” –


Sephiroth felt the stab right through his heart.

“Get rid of this, get rid of that, you need to be decomposed right now and made anew, made anew into something new.”

Despite have sections of himself getting torn into by the pike monster, his feet twitching from the shocks of his muscles, Sephiroth calmly spoke with dribbles of red, “Why don’t you instead preserve them with love like those bodies there? I want you to take care of them. You need to take care of them.”

“What is this? Who are you? You are not him, you can’t possibly be him,” said Hollow Lorenia, “Look deeper, look deeper, look deeper, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!”


The pike monster tore into Sephiroth like a shredder to a tree limb – it came out of him like a faucet –

“No, this can’t be you, not him, you are supposed to be selfish, cruel, a tyrant - a monster born from the tampering, mutation of life! What is this?! LOOK DEEPER!” -

So it did. It had unbridled freedom for nothing ever dies in Hollow Castle; even the great one winged angel grimaced and flinched in pain as nerves were strung and severed and parts of himself torn, torn, torn -

What little attention the Castle spared from the Lady it now centered on Sephiroth, it thought process was split, but this would have to do – it wouldn’t dare leave the Lady! The walls that had stretched, stretched into faces all looking in their horrid forms at him as the pike monster tore and tore and tore and – tink-tink-tink – it had reached the wall.

“Not up to full speed are you? I don’t suppose you found anything you could work with in my flesh,” smiled Sephiroth with a dribble of red down the side of his mouth, nose and ears.

Isetzue moved…....she tapped her fingers in morse –

For my siblings, I am a cut above the rest

My name is Isabella.

My name is Macevoy.

My name is Avera.

My name is Isetzue.

“You couldn’t find anything, because it all comes from the heart.”

You think I'm a brick?

“My name is Sephiroth.”

Hollow Castle does not understand what it can’t see.

“No, wait – give me a memory!”

The pike monster bit the side of Sephiroth’s face.

“I can see this, I can see this! But how can you be the same person?!”

*Thank-you for my name Big brother!*

*What is this?!*

*Ewwww! I told you I don't eat that! Gross!*

*Eat it, you'll get better.*

*What is this protection?*

Avera's memory looked up. *You must be tired of taking care of me.....*

*I do it because I have to.*

*Why is it like that?! WHY WHY WHY?!*

“You’re a funny place,” said Sephiroth with a string of red coming down his eye, “You change things all the time, yet you don’t understand the change in people? How do you call yourself a factory of Creation if you don’t fully understand change? Has the Lady warped you that much?”

The bodies of the Anime Masters dropped – Hollow Castle had left them – its presence now fully integrated into the pike monster –


The pike monster swung three of its limbs back – TINK.

All three limbs went to dissect Sephiroth’s head, striking through his transparency.

Isetzue was fully upright, her arms outstretched cupping a blue glowing light – Avera, the Masters, herself and Sephiroth were all glowing transparent –

“Tell the ***** we wish her well."

Enma eyes glowed blue! – “NOW!”

WHIFF~! They were outta there!

The little face they had made to enter now spit them all out – Lorenia and Ragiel frozen in horror (especially at Sephiroth's poor plight) – Reaper waved his hand and set the created face ablaze but –


A huge terribly deformed face tried to push itself through the blue barrier – stretching it like elastic – Enma charged the face leaping dead center to it – Reaper gathering himself from her momentum and swung his scythe right center of grotesque face – SKCHEEEEN! – and tore it right in two! The two halves turned back - SKCHEEEEN! They were cut in fours, and that was that – The blue barrier burst into sparkling light, the connection with Hollow Castle destroyed; TOOM, Enma’s landing shaking the entire plain.

The Lady rolled in her bed, noticing a very, very sad face on her wall, “Ugh, what happened?”

*Oh my –,* Lorenia covered her mouth – Ragiel held her so tight, if they were solid he could’ve crushed her in half –

Reaper and Enma whipped around and swung his scythe overheard – “STABILITAS!”

A purple circle enclosed the mauled group, holding steady the current state of each body; no doubt "Death" could control death......somewhat.

“Ooof…” Isetzue sat up and ripped off her Wickens scarf and Sephiroth’s and yanked off Avera’s Dark Cloak and threw them out of the purple circle; each of their auras stabilizing back to their normal conditions. Owie, at the most, their feedback had burned their beings, but that could be dealt with, they are a cut above the rest after all.

As for thier bodies, thier magic can fix thier mangled selves quite easily~

Isetzue looked at her brother laying so placidly on the floor in his mangled state, and he looked back up at her (he couldn’t exactly rest his hand on his stomach). She wiped away the red on his face with part of her white dress, “Did you think I was about to let you give your life for us?” said Isetzue, “Pfft. Did you seriously think that we all wouldn’t come back home? You big baby. I know you.”

Avera opened his eyes to a blurry Isetzue form, “Isabella?”

“No, I’m the other one.” She wiped away drips of vomit and red from Avera’s face.

Avera held up his arms and Isetzue pulled him up in an embrace.

“Where’s Sephiroth?”

“I’m right here,” Sephiroth coughed.

"Mmmmh," Avera ducked his head in shame, "I wasn't much help was I?"

Isetzue held him close, "We all did our best. That Castle was rather annoying." She caught a glance at the gawking Ragiel and Lorenia, and Reaper shaking his head and wiping his brow in exaggeration (Enma had her lips pursed).

She smiled cradling Avera, “Piece of cake.”

"Pfft." Sephiroth laid his head to the side……so they couldn’t see it…….but up crept….just the smallest of smiles…….

"I know your bodies aren't in too much of a mint condition, but don't worry, we can fix that, super easily," smiled Isetzue (the ghosts looked at thier mangled physical selves, then looked at the angels that brought them back). "Speaking of which, I think it's your turn to take a bit of a rest, neh brother?" said Isetzue.

"......No" -

"I will tie you to the bed."

Oh, siblings were such trouble, but he didn’t really mind. Whatever they would have to go through for whatever reason, they were gonna be right there, a big mouth sister with more grit than a dragon, and a little whiny brother, a little whiny brother with too sensitive a heart, *sigh* there was no helping that apparently.

They were gonna be right there.

That’s how the physical plain works.

“You all need a bath,” said Reaper.


Whelp, this pretty much sums up what Hollow Castle is about. I’m off to write the Christmas chappie now! ^_^ Right after my final on Monday =.=

And I think it worked out having these chappie back to back with the story elements and themes, squee!


Milkshake me!....Err…not literally……..*barf*


What is the room you leave without entering?
What is the room you enter without leaving?

If you break me
I do not stop working,
If you touch me
I may be snared,
If you lose me
Nothing will matter.

I am always hungry,
I must always be fed,
The finger I touch,
Will soon turn red

I am the stone of lovers giving,
I am what keeps the fire fed,
I am the base of all things living,
I tell the age of all things dead, what am I?

I am found in your blood,
I am found in the sun,
I fall from the heavens,
I'm the core's number one,
I'm a maiden of torture,
I'm a shirt,
I'm a gun,
I'm Alpha and Omega ,
I am an age that is done, what am I?

What are things that never have to look to do their job, yet work in precision?
Your organs.
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Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^

Viral: You OK?

*the Castle suddenly roars*

Viral Hisses like a kitty*

Me: O_O

*hides behind the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann*



Simon: Err, I don't think even a massive amount of Spiral Energy is enough to 'kill' that... thing.


*throws giant shades at the castle and the big drill on the mech's arm starts spinning*

Me: *is still hiding behind the giant mech along with everyone else, who all have big 'WTF' looks in their faces*

Sephiroth: Is he really that brave or is he just stupid?

Me: Both, actually. *hugs Avera tight while petting Viral, who starts purring*





(If you don't get it, watch this)

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Hollow Castle: XDDDDDDDDDD All my eyes are on you now! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM -

As epic gurren lagann is, it's gonna take just a pinch more than that to take down Hollow Castle.

Okay! Now I'm gonna go back and read what was up when I was gone! Off to finish Coldy's filler, and some oneshots - reading awaaaaaaa~y!



SA - *throws a rock and hits the Lady* : RRRUUUUUUUUUUUN~!

*We all get the hell outta there as Hollow Castle swoons over the Lady*

EDIT: After reading the ending to Coldy's filler - WAH! ;-; Give yourself more credit man, that was very well written, the emotions at the end were subtle but telling, there's no need to go overboard when you can say it and just say it ya know?

Also continue to work on your fight scenes, they felt just a teeny tiny stiffy, but I like the coreography <- gosh darnet it's too early for this spell massacre....

Also, most epic line of the filler: "YOU'VE DEFEATED NOBODY!".....Just the story implications alone made me tingle with excitement >X3

And I admit, even though I'm not much of a Kairi liker (I'm more apathetic really) I like how you portrayed her character, and that kiss at the end was really sweet :36:

Now about the Days one, I haven't read it yet because I want to play Days first, I will get to it soon~!

EDIT the 2nd: YAY Omake Cef! My favorite one was when Sora was like a player XD I want to draw that >w< Also, it's okay having your story going on to, I hope you put up more of it soon, or whenever you can ^_^

At least Zack really is gonna be in Kingdom Hearts - YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!

Now for some Sprinkles from the Anime Masters:

On a warm sunny day we “died.”

Nefero looked upon our ruined forms, not with a smile or a frown; just looked.

“You know the Castle…..can preserve bodies pretty well….”
And thus our Ghosts were caught in-between life and death. Unwilling to crossover and unable to leave the home we’ve come to love so much, we wandered aloft; a part of everything and nothing.

Even the Great Grim Reaper felt it wrong to pull us away.

I remember our acknowledgement of existing being like, everything not being so big a deal. I knew of everything and it was okay – and then pang to live again, and forget what it was that living was.

When you’re ‘dead’ time isn’t such a big deal – that much was constant. Names didn’t matter, places, faces, distance, nothing did, because it was, just all okay. That was what it was, and that, and that, and that, but we – and then that emptiness would strike and memories from when we were ‘alive would toy with our state.

We could be anywhere we wanted. We’d float away from one another because with just a thought we’d be right back together again.

Our memories were the only things that kept us together as ghosts, and with time, that was slipping away little by little – even with Reaper looking in on us. It’s like being in outer space, if you live out there too long, you begin to adjust to that state, and your body forgets the gravity it grew up with on earth.

We were forgetting our gravity, our memories, everything about being alive because it was all okay; the state of purgatory was literally rotting us into nothing short of mindless ghouls.

That was not okay.

And about two years later from our deaths, our deepest wish that was long forgotten about came true with the fruition of a most terrible event, the Key Brawl, and the development of our Ghosts.

It felt wonderful despite the conditions it was performed under – a photograph no longer blurred but becoming clearer and clearer – and then lighting struck twice when we were told that we could be revived, only….Our bodies were perfectly preserved by the Lady.

That was a bit of a problem.

But even that got solved……

Sephiroth told us that the main reason we were getting called back was because of a shortage of Masters, that our services are greatly needed…..I don’t dare doubt his words.

And we don’t plan on dying twice, er at least not by “outside causes” you know.

We know our revival is going to change the threat-o-meter the Lady looks at us with.

This isn’t just by chance we’re coming back.

We’re deciding the fate of the sky with the mere turn of our Blades, something bigger than we ever imagined needs us.

And as Masters, we can only answer the call.

I know it's early to be lookin' at New Years but 2010 is gonna rock >X3 We're finally at the chapters I've been working on, I can literally say for years XD

._. XD
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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Squee! Thankies! >w< And yeah....that's about as gross as it's gonna get. Everything else that will relate to Hollow Castle will not be as detailed, I want some sleep too XD No more pike monster coming after me DX

The anime master last bit is more or less just a baby bit of a baby bit~

Huzzah for sleep! :3
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