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  • Um... Was wondering if you would still continue your story Give me your soul..? I thought it was a really awesome story and couldn't stop reading it.
    I'm sick >.>

    Ah screw this, I posted my own story, link's on my sig. Beware, later chapters contain lulz.
    Heh, I'm done for now...

    Just beware that if I see anymore hints, I'll be all over you guys like flies on honey >=D
    Can't say I'm proud to admit that seeing, or rather, reading that you're embarrassed was my goal >.>

    Seeing my friends enjoy each other's company is one thing I liked most about this little discovery... and really, I'm sorry for making you embarrassed, but just think of me as the friend who loves to tease and see you guys blush every time I see you together >.>
    Yes, but it's so sweet to see you two get along so well, and I am a very sappy person >X3

    I was checking out her profile, then I saw your comment about her crappy school, then I got worried and curious and clicked the 'View Conversation' button to learn more... but I'm just glad to see someone supporting her like you did so I didn't talk to her about it. It was just a lapse of judgement of mine to start teasing you for it, and I'm sorry, all right? If you hate me for it, I understand and won't bother you anymore about it.
    *dances for anime club.*

    Cef can still be here >>; You don't have any right to make here leave here (at least on my side of the conversation :( you can regulate your side anyway you choose), Cef and I talk here too. :/ I mean this space down here is for anyone to communicate with anyone else, it's just public~ Plus I'm good good friends with her; you and I can take our conversations again in the realm of P.M's as you wish, but I'm still talkin' to Cef in these conversation boxes

    Not all mature manga are strictly pornographic :/ "Mature themes" deal with many many themes, and it just so happens that a boob slips here or there - or there is an insane amount of violence, I mean Dragonball got taken down, 'tah heck is up with that?! DX

    Freedom of speech. Even the most, down and dirty acts are protected under it, similar cases have been to the Supreme Court, but people are willing to give up many freedoms, and all it does is create a slipper slope DX

    Okay, all out P.M.s between you and me are now go~!
    F***ing censorship!!! Have you seen this sh!t yet?! -> Damn purity masochists

    ._. Why....? Why are responsible adults punished for the crap the stupid part of the population does? I've done a sh!t load of research over said subject AND IT MAKES NO *** DAMN SENSE!!! Self regulation is a forgotten thought in this country, we are nothing but stupid cattle to those [I do believe I shall censor myself here] ****ing ****s!!

    I do believe my monthly time is near~ I've been overloading on emotion the past week no? XD
    The anime club got aquitted~! YAY~!!!!!!! Vice president to the rescuuuuuuuue~! :D

    My big brother has a friend named Kevin who also has a kid O_O......*twilight zone*.......


    The Lady: Imma gonna site this one out >>;

    "I find your pessimism cute.".....Really? Personally I don't cherish too much my mental issues that drives me banana sandwich on a constant basis ._. That would be the only way someone would care for me since I'm such a bump on a log ;________________;

    "Plus if you were really an angel then you'd be way outta my leauge, you still are but at least you haven't figured that out."..........Nyeh? You're not calling me stupid are you? ;______; Dude.....I think about a l o t of things on virtually a constant basis to the point that I want to rip out my hair (but that would hurt) or vomit (which is easier to do and doesn't hurt as much) because of the hell it bring my nerves; to be blunt my family has a very crappy health history, so chances are I'm going to die at a relatively young age as two of my cousins already have and in their 20's no less - I'm thinking through my entire life nearly every day on what I want to do, and if I have the possibility of doing it.

    And thinking and talking about and to the people who I love and cherish the most takes up a lot of that time since god forbid they aren't around tomorrow.
    Hold up a sec James - okay, I'm sensing some anger, but it shouldn't be directed at Cef, case in point, these conversations right here are for anyone to see actually >>; they're not P.M.'s

    And, ah, so things were posted that showed closeness, if you want to be angry at anyone, be angry at me, since I wear my emotions on my sleeves when typing and didn't keep them to a more private outlet ;_;

    I'm so sorry :'(
    It would give me great pleasure to see the higher ups of my college squirm as the news hammers them with questions about the treatment of their staff and students, it's happened before, but I don't exactly remember the situation, but I do remember the college sent out an email to everyone saying that "they had everything under control" and other bullsh!t - it just made me have more faith in the newscasters~

    I dunno if we could sue, the club itself is property of the school in a way since we are affiliated with it, the least we could do is defend ourselves, but as individuals, I don't see why a lawsuit couldn't be pursued, but that costs money college students don't have :(

    I'm happy things are better for you ^_^ but yeah, I'm with ya about that one roommate >>; I mean cheese and rice.....Ney, whatever happened to Kevin? That roommate who would always play pranks on you and whatnot?

    :) gah, I'm tryin' to put it out of my head, but it irks me greatly that I can't be as helpful >>; This semester fell flat for me changing myself, so hopefully this summer, things will go a lot smoother....

    Shonen Bat: This pain is nothing, I'm used to being beaten. Mom, when do you think my punishment will stop?

    *smiles weakly* I fear I'm an angel in the same weight South Light is, wow, no wonder my mother yells at me with my pessimism, how do I not drive you insane? ^^;; ._.
    I know right?! But they are. At least if this goes to the courts then the stupid school has to have evidence - they can't just use word of mouth as evidence - the courts would laugh them right out of the building.

    The security issue is another thing. We have like 1 cop per 1,000 students, and with the Texas state government forcing the colleges to but back, it's likely to get worse before it gets better, I mean they're forcing the staff to take a day off without pay.....It's just messed up, messed up on sooo many levels, I just want to get my degree and run, I hate this place, I hate it ;_; It's stabbed me in the back and shown me what it truely is.....

    My college is going to save it's own hide rather than defend some anime club, we're not a sorority, or a math club, or some academic league; that's probably why they hate us.

    It's okay :) You're helping me at least with me able to vent to you, I vented to my mother, but she just yelled at me in the end >>;

    Shonen Bat: *sticks out tongue again - fades into the shadows*

    *blushes in my sleep* S-s....some..one....watching, over....me....?....ZZZzzzZZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz
    I was so mad yesterday I could barely see straight.

    The college that I go to, that I won't name currently because of the issues going on, has seemed to have a thing against our club because I guess we're just not "thier cup of tea" or whatever. Our club hangs out in a large group in a main area of the school and we shifted around a bit, and then were staying in a lounge.

    And then, some people who are not affiliated with the club trashed the place apparently.

    And because the club has been known to hang around there alot, they're blaming it on us.

    They're using a very stupid principle - use something frequent to explain something rare - IT DOESN'T F*****G WORK LIKE THAT.

    I didn't know how dumb the heads of my college were, but oh my god, I thought they were at least a step above being completely retarded - just exactly how many people are in one place at one time in a college of over 30,000 f*****g students? AND A COMMUTER COLLEGE NO LESS!!!!

    Blaming the club just because - JUST BECAUSE! GOD ALMIGHTY -

    Shonen Bat: Tranquiler time - *shoots*

    SA: Ow!...ZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZZZZzzz

    Having classes like that is awesome, my WCL is really fun, the professor is awesome and my classmates are wonderful too, we have great discussions, but I rarely talk....>>;

    I wish her well then~ :3 - Aww~! Alrighty then :) But ah... have you seen my recent post on K.h.a? XDDD She can't be escaped~!

    Oh good....I'd never forgive myself if...well, you still have access to the internet the, so, yay~!

    Shonen Bat: Oh really? *sticks tongue out and turns shadow* Na-na-na-na-na~! *slips into shadow portal*
    Oof, I've had enough english teachers and professors cram grammar into my brain, it's like I'm brainwashed but with knowledge 83 Scary.....

    On a banjo?! That's frickin' awesome!!! - D: You've NEVER seen Lady Gaga? Oh, it's time to initiate you my James~

    Poker Face

    Just Dance

    And of course -> Bad Romance (it tackles a pretty big issue, human trafficking)

    O_O - I just remembered - will you still be able to get online?!

    Shonen Bat: Good luck with that! She's about several miles in the air and ain't comin' down till the 17th! I hope.....
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