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Apr 22, 2006
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I was feeling cold before reading this (feel asleep with my hair wet - don't do that, it sucks, expecially with long hair), and now I'm all warm and snuggly >W<

I liked it, it was cute :3

Ah ha, I see Bleach in there! XD And you went all out with pairings One hit, two hit, three hit, and then you cap it off with Riku x Namine >W< And I know it was just a tiny moment, but Goku and Chichi dancing together hit me square through the heart XD Also Ragiel hovering near Kairi ;-;

Okay now this is just freaky since I saw several instances in here that I'm going to write in the future, dude, I think we're mentally linked somehow O_O

Not to mention feeling guilty for what I'm gonna do to half of these characters, er all of them actually~

Thantos: Oh yesh, we have plans in the works >:D

Doom and gloom on the horizon aside *coughendofNarutoworldcough* I haz me a mun-question: Do y'all think Sephiroth is a good guy or a bad guy? Er, in the context of this story I mean. :)
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That was such a sweet story, and I should've known you'd add Bleach, it is your favorite anime. But I like the Naruto x Hinata, when will he wake up and realize how she feels about him, that idiot. And the rest was good too.


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Oct 18, 2007
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Yeah I included Bleach, I'm a fan of Ichigo x Orohime. So sue me. I also liked Naruto x Hinata, and I agree with you man. It's just something I felt on the spur of the moment and decided 'What the hell, I'll do it.'. I also think Riku x Namine makes more sense than Roxas x Namine as some people think.

All in all I think I did really well on it, it is supposed to be a Christmas story after all. So Merry Christmas to everyone in advance.

Silent Avera

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Apr 22, 2006
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You can do it! And when you get back, the chappie should be up! ^0^

Shonen Bat: No backsies?

SA: No backsies! :)

Shonen Bat: Crap.


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Jan 22, 2008
Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^


Aw, heck. You guys'll have to wait until my Finals week is done before I post anything worthwhile.

Anyways, in my story, originally Terra and Zack were supposed to be brothers, but Coldy sez that Terra don't got no brother, so yeah, I went with cousins instead. That little idea of mine was spawned from too much KH and Crisis Core in the brain, and when I saw the similarities between the two, I though, 'Heck, this'll make a hilarious story!'


BRB Projects >.>

NARUHINA FTW!!!!!!!!!!1


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Did someone give Cef and energy drink or something? But Zack and Terra do look a lot alike, you should've kept them as brothers. He could've been the fun uncle Riku only slightly remembers who disappeared one day and he never got and answer why. Double emotional hit for Riku.

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Jun 15, 2007
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Nah, that's what happens when you let a fangirl read something with pairings... It's really normal, you know. It's the cuteness, it affects our brains... I can get like that too! *grins* I just don't show it^^

Very nice fic, Coldy, I love it! Very cute! It's a bit early for a christmas fic in my opinion, but who cares! Well done!

And now I have to get back to studying as well... It's quite depressing... Good luck everyone!


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Y'know this just sucks. We get Avera back only to have Coldman leave us, even if it's only for a few days. And now Lectori is off studying too and probably won't be in contact for a while.

On a better note, Yay! We get the long awaited Holloween chapters this week.


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Jan 22, 2008
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Did someone give Cef and energy drink or something? But Zack and Terra do look a lot alike, you should've kept them as brothers. He could've been the fun uncle Riku only slightly remembers who disappeared one day and he never got and answer why. Double emotional hit for Riku.

He could still be... I mean my mom and her cousins are so practically close they're brothers and sisters! And that would explain why Riku hangs out with Sora so much, Sora's practically Zack V2!

*gets buried under a ton of paper*

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Apr 22, 2006
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Everyone's got stuff to do, but, we always come back :3

D:< You stupid graphic paper! GET OFF MY FRIEND! Take me instead you fabulous demons!

Okay now for some chappie info, just FYI, it's gonna get broken up into two parts, but only because it is insanely loooooooooooong - don't worry, it's still getting posted on the same day (at the worst the second part the next day), just about several hours apart from one another mainly due to editing.

1st part: Exposition mountain


Hopefully I'll be able to, covey a taste of Silent Hill on crack. Get yer teddy bears!

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Apr 22, 2006
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*EVIL WICKEDZ GRIN* Then open wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~de!!!!

OH GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD TO POST A CHAPPIE!!!! >X3 Er, at least part of one XD

Disclaimer: Okay, this chappie is, really pushing the, um, “graphic” details, like really pushing – never fear, I dance over the bad parts as I’ve always done, and leave you to fill in the blanks, but this only applies to the second part.

There’s also a pull from Dead Space because it just fits so damn well (1st part)

There’s a lot of audio clips (sorry Coldman ;-;) but you can do without those if you wish (especially if damn youtube goes douche) It’ll still be creepy regardless~ :3 or sad, there are some sad parts too.

And I dare you all to read the second part in the dark, at night, alone…….MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!......Hopefully it’ll be up by then, worst case scenario is that it goes up tomorrow night, which just may be the case, I’m sorry! I lost a very important note, and just found it >_<

Also, ‘member those riddles….? The answers are at the end of the chapter, er second part.

A few little bits that are tied up:

'Member Lorenia's brother? He was mentioned many moons ago by Coldman <3

And, remember what happened to Yuffie....? >>;


“Take my hands, go on – take them.”

The little boy set down his basket of candy and slowly removed his smiley mask, “I, I don’t think I should play with you……”

“Why not?” Her hand still held out.

“You….bit my sister. I saw you do it, I don’t like you – you’re a bad girl, just like how all the servants say you are! You” –

“Have a spine now do you? Your sissy and I were playing tigers, now come on” – the red haired girl took the hands of the boy by force, her skin feeling as if they were shavings of ice –

“You’re cold!”

“Look, we clasp our hands together like this, now, hold them up,” she yanked up their arms lifting the boy off his feet, whimpering as he felt his arms begin to slip out their sockets. “We make an arc see? A bridge, just out of you and me! Swing your arms like this up high, and this is what we sing – London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down,
London bridge is falling down, my fair lady.”

“Stop! My arms are hurting!”

“Build it up with wood and clay,
Wood and clay, wood and clay,
Build it up with wood and clay,
My fair lady.

Wood and clay will wash away,
Wash away, wash away,
Wood and clay will wash away,
My fair lady.
Sing with me and I’ll stop.”

“No! My arms hurt! Please!”

“Build it up with bricks and mortar,
Bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar,
Build it up with bricks and mortar,
My fair lady.”

The little girl began to sway with the boy; gravity stretching his tendons to pricks and needles of pain –

“Bricks and mortar will not stay,
Will not stay, will not stay,
Bricks and mortar will not stay,
My fair lady.”


“Momma can’t hear you~ Build it up with iron and steel,
Iron and steel, iron and steel,
Build it up with iron and steel,
My fair lady.”

The little boy began to cry.

“Iron and steel will bend and bow,
Bend and bow, bend and bow,
Iron and steel will bend and bow,
My fair lady”

“I’m going to tell on you! And then, THEY’LL KICK YOU OUT! You don’t belong here! You’re an evil *itch! I hope the Monster comes and takes you away!”

“Build it up with silver and gold,
Silver and gold, silver and gold,
Build it up with silver and gold,
My fair lady.”

“I hope you fall off the balcony! I hope you fall down the stairs! I’ll push you myself! I hate you! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! EVER SINCE MOMMY FOUND YOU – I HATE YOU!”

“Silver and gold will be stolen away,
Stolen away, stolen away,
Silver and gold will be stolen away,
My fair lady
…….Tee hee, but I love you.” And the little red haired girl finally dropped the boy, the poor thing only capable of making the ugliest sobbing face with no sound from the relief pain from his shoulder sockets.

She knelt down and embraced the boy warmly (preventing him from trying to knock her), “I love you, I loooooove you~, I do, I really and truly do.” She kissed his forehead, “I won’t be here much longer, I’m gonna find me a home all my own, and then you’ll never see me again.”

Build it up upon their backs,
Upon their backs, upon their backs,
Build it up upon their backs,
My fair lady.

“I promise. Look,” she lifted his head, “There’s plenty of room up there.” She rested her head on the boy’s. “I’ll find a place.”

Silence them with wax and wire,
wax and wire, wax and wire,
Silence them with oil and fire
My FaIR L aD Y.

Ch. [Special – long-ass-scary-chappie: 2009]: Black and White and Red all Over: Part One is Up
“It ought to be burned down…and the ground sowed with salt” – Luke Sanderson, The Haunting (1963)


Song: New Life

How clear the night sky is tonight. Only when a strong front moves through to clear the air it gets like that, every star visible from your zenith. Millions of points of light across a soft black landscape, some twinkling, some just a hair bigger, or smaller….

It is cold and brisk tonight, and one light, glows on and off, on and off, the very tip top light of Spot Tower, above the hazy bright glow of Tokieo Town.

And at the very tip top of the Tower just under where the light came and receded, sat two children on a flat piece of the structure both in play clothes, both with platinum hair, tied back for the girl, and brushed [somewhat] for the boy; both gazing at the night sky.

“You know,” said the little boy, “I kinda took for granted that Astronomy class. I only took it for a science slot, but now, wow, I’ve never seen the sky so clear, seen all the stars so perfectly, so peacefully, and those things, those planets and stars that the teacher talked about are really out there, you can see them, we can see them right now! They’re little specks of course, but look! There’s a yellowish one, and a redish one, and a bluish one, those planets are really right there! And yet, super, super far away where all the other worlds are, and moons that have volcanoes that erupt ice!”

“Yeah,” said the little girl, “And the constellations tonight super clear too.”

“It’s just, wow, I mean, out there, we’re part of out there, we’re floating like those planets and stars too, and then I feel all disoriented, like you know, where is solid ground? Everything is out there floating around on an ecliptic plain held together by a mere force. Nothing physical, just a force, but what a force it is. Then again, what is suspending us in space? What’s keeping everything floating?”

“Well we are currently being suspended by a fifty story metal structure,” said the little girl, the wind blew sharp and crip, slightly swaying the top part of the tower from its loose height; the children just held themselves down tighter, it was no less a deterrent than a summer’s breeze. “Mom’s gonna get really mad if she finds out we were up here again.”

The little boy was ever entranced, “Out there, it’s really real, it’s really real Isabella, Out There is, right there.”

He held up his little hand to the night sky, touching several stars with curious finger tips, and though they were oh so many light years away, he still felt the pin-prick size of their excitement.

“Listen Isabella, I’m gonna declare my schooling in Astronomy, I want to become a Sovereign Geologist, and go out there. I want to see as much of Out There as I possibly can, and my space ship will be a two seater, you can come with me if you want.”

Isabella swayed her legs over the side of the tower, “I’ll think about it.” The wind blew again, poofing up her jump skirt; both platinum headed kids keeping a lock on the stars from the enlightenment of their universe with the wind swaying them, cradling them to the whimsical dream of the stars.

The red haired girl kept her gaze too, in-between where the creases of darkness lay……
Song: Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are,
Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky,
When the blazing sun is gone,
When the nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle all the night,

Then the traveler in the dark, thanks you for your little spark,
He could not see which way to go, if you did not twinkle so

When the blazing sun is gone, when the nothing shines upon….

Though I know not what you ‘are’…twinkle, twinkle little star…….

No one is certain where it came from.

Not the Geologists, not the Sovereigns, not the Stewards – the Deities, the Spirits….

Even the Natures are intrigued by its birth.

All that is certain is that it exists, for when the wealthy built their palaces, and the Royalties treated in theirs, Hollow Castle was said to be, truly a castle of the people.

The door to the room where Older Sister’s Dark Shepherd kept itself opened without a hinge. Enma walked out, tense, agitated with Reaper sitting comfortably sideways on her, his hands clasped as the bearer of something worth its weight.

Enma’s eyes were burning a fiery carmine, she stopped directly in front of Sephiroth, her breath as cold as ice. The skin over the side of her mouth that enclosed the rest of her jaw line showed movement of muscles grinding teeth, wanting to clasp and crunch –

The three suddenly turned to a small wrinkle in the Inbetwix Realm, a trace of blackish-red electrical ghost fabric was seeping in, crawling on what looked to be the tips of black hands–

Enma faked a charge – stomping her foot – the small opening of her mouth cut to the full length of her jaw allowing her to snarl a tight high pitched growl with a deep coating roar that cut through the realm (and Sephiroth) – and the Chrost-Weik trace, dispersed in smoke.

Her mouth closed back up to its normal look; she shook her head, snorting and hissing, pawing the ground furiously –

Reaper turned to Sephiroth and from under that dark hood, just a hint of his raw jaw line could be seen with eyes so covered for being black as ebony yet reflecting a soft violet light, “This will be your best chance. Good luck, or farewell.”

Sephiroth gave a slight nod of response; and looked to Avera who still lay asleep.

His walk over was brisk as would be his touch but Avera opened his eyes just as Sephiroth’s shadow grazed him, giving a morning smile only seen by your loved one.

“Get yourself ready, we’re going to be leaving soon.”

Avera inhaled deeply stretching on the bed, elongating his wings to their absolute fullest with a soft giggle, “Going where?” he yawned as Sephiroth walked towards a table with a newly sown Dark Cloak.

“To get the Anime Master’s bodies.”

Avera stopped stretching in place.

“You and Izzy will be accompanying me.” Sephiroth checked the cloak. “My siblings.”


Ah, out of the corner of Avera’s eye Enma stepped in place with Reaper presenting himself kindly and nodded, “Hello there, good morning to you dear Seraph.”

Hmmmmm, Avera blinked at the newcomer, “………Hello……”

The slow rhythms of a fan turning modestly captivated the dull senses of a young man. His tied back platinum hair was almost completely unraveled, as well as his mind. This room on the 30th floor of Spot Tower was pale colored and warm with the view gorgeous for a king, but all that held the attention of the young man was the turning fan, making a complete revolution every two seconds.

A nurse came in quietly through the lavender door, moving to hand him a cup of hot tea; he was unresponsive. She waved her hand in front of his face – causing the man to jump so violently in his seat he fell over – knocking the hot tea out of her hands and on himself – the sting of the searing burn knocked his senses upright, he could feel, he could feel, it was so burning hot, but he could feel, *I am breathing, I’m alive, I’m here, I’m here….I’m….*

“You’re safe now,” said the nurse, “Settle down, settle down.”

The nurse wiped him clean and prepped some gauge and burn cream. The young man felt very light headed, his eyes being unusually sensitive to light thus keeping them shut tight, at least for the moment –

The nurse gave a heavy sigh of relief, “You’re back with us now Macevoy,” she said in a shaken voice. Her rubbing reached his face in which she grabbed with both hands, “Look at me……”(he managed to squint)”……….You’re certain…….that, there are no others….? Absolutely certain? You know the policy for those that have been exposed to that? To the radiation from such a highly concentrated Aura?”

Macevoy looked to the side, and on the tray were a glass and an empty thin bottle –

“It was a poison anesthetic,” said the nurse, “Nurses are being trained tricks of assassins. But you came back,” the nurse hugged him, her medical hat falling off revealing platinum hair like Macevoy’s, “Oh big brother you came back.”

Mavecoy gave a breathless chuckle and wrapped his arms around her warmly, “I, can always count on you sissy, neh? By the way, you pass off as a great nurse.”

Isetzue cracked her knuckles, the rhythm of her hands moving to rubbing themselves as she approached Ragiel and Lorenia from behind, both Ghosts watching the ocean waves off of this tropical world; holding hands; Isetzue clasped hers, her heart swelling with an inescapable smile, *No, no, calm down, calm down…* A giant wave crashed in front of the couple (none of the sight eclipsed from their transparent bodies) with the remnant of the waves rushing up shore, through their feet, and then receding with no obstacle.

They both had their eyes closed, even though the sensation of sight as a Ghost tends to be all encompassing….

The shoulder bag which Isetzue carried was dropped, “Hey.”

*Wow, that’s a lot of Wickens Thread,* said Ragiel looking at the overflow of black shiny fibers.

“Pfft, this island is prime growing grounds for the Iniquitous. Just because there are blue skies and breezy beaches doesn’t mean this place isn’t just totally soiled in the back spit of the physical plain.”

*How much is that?*

Isetzue popper her lips, “Not enough for another full cloak, but enough so for pure scarves, which, will have to do,” Isetzue looked up expectantly –

Ragiel took the bait, *Huh? Why?*

Isetzue’s smile nearly severed her bottom face off, “The lady has been incapacitated.”

Ragiel was stunned silent –

*How Istezue?*

“We don’t know, Enma was only able to sense the distress of the Lady through a bit of the Chrost-Weik that breached our Realm, she is wandering lost in her dreams, her being shaken to its core.” Isetzue suddenly crossed her arms simply, “But if I had to take a shot at who could deliver the Lady such a blow like that, I’d say it was the Wild Emotionless.”

*No way,* said Ragiel, *Emotionless? Are you ****ing kidding me?*

“They’ve become quite the power house while y’all have been gone. They’ve been doing some screwing around of their own.”

Lorenia squeezed Ragiel’s hand to calm him down, about as well as a Ghost could……He smirked and gave a dangerous smile, *Keh….to think that, Emotionless, almost brought that *itch down.*

“Yeah well, almost doesn’t count,” said Isetzue.

*So then –?*

“This is a chance we can’t afford to miss. With the Lady in such a state, Hollow Castle’s strongest aura radiation will be compressed to her sleeping quarters to aid her healing, so with the Castle’s main concentration centering over the Lady, this gives us a great advantage to sneak in with minor detection – there’s absolutely no way to enter it undetected.”

*Ah hah, doesn’t that pose a rather suicidish problem?*

Isetzue gave a smile, “Yes and no. We all know Lifeline*, but that’s beside the point. Hollow Castle has a rather inviting nature, so as long as we pose no threat to the Lady, we’re in. Then again, that’s the reason why we need the Cloaks, the Lady has trained the Castle to specifically keep certain people out, my brothers and I included.”

*Sooooooooo – how is this feat accomplished?*

“You know how people scramble radio waves to hide the signal? The same effect can be applied to your aura via Cloaks, you just have to know how to do it. A well developed Memory Link* is required and an abundant root of magic since your translation depends on your magical endurance; Cloaks can choke out a lot of feedback if you don’t know what you’re doing and damage your aura which can overall mess you over pretty badly, or, at its worst, kill you.”

*And pure Cloak material is even worse in feedback!* said Lorenia. *Honestly, if y’all are going to attempt this now, are you, are you seriously thinking of using pure Wicken’s thread?*

“You forget my brother and I are Spirit Children, and Avera was bioengineered with a body that is pretty much like rubber to Astral damage accompanied with quick recovery.”

Lorenia pursed her lips at the revelation; Ragiel crossed his arms in thick thought.

“Created just like a doll,” pulled Izzy, “It’s amazing what you can do once educated of the weavings of the physical plain, eh?”

*Except we all know there are things you should never play with.*



“Could you give this to Macevoy?”

“Yes, goodnight sir.”

The main lights at the Wayward Light Institute turned off leaving a large patchy dark hole in Tokieo Town’s glittering landscape.

Isabella’s platinum hair flowed elegantly through the moonlight as she walked, till the Great Northern Lights himself, Deity North, accompanied her, leaving little creases where darkness could hide.

Isabella held up the letter, “Scan it.”

Deity North shinned a beam comprised of the Northern Lights over it, “*It is clean. It’s a letter wondering if he wants to join a movement that criticizes the Spirits, mainly Seritouge.*”

“Criticize the Spirits?”

Deity North’s lights flicked cautiously. “*Izzy….*” A warm light bathed over her. “*You know what your brother found, is a place that sits close to where the First Fault was committed.*”

“Hmmmm, you mean the Foolishness of the Spirits of Light and Dark?” Isabella cooed holding herself.

“*Aye dear. And such an act has a memory that flames curiosity into madness. That place has no restrictions nor order for morals, something that Seritouge doesn’t favor so well.*”

“He thinks my brother is still affected? Regardless of what those tests depicted?”

“*He feels there is more to it.*”

“Deity North….” Isabella looked right into Northern Lights crowded above her, “Seritouge’s jumpiness wouldn’t be correlated to what happened with our Royalty, wouldn’t it?”

“*That is a base assumption Isabella, the murder of Royalty is a serious matter, not to mention even the great Sovereigns have even had an attempt on their life; Seritouge will not overlook any matter that may lead to the source of this commotion.*”

“I thought the Spirits work together,” said Isabella simply, “That implies he’s directly involved.”

Deity North gulped.

“And whatever Hollow Castle is linked to,” Isabella continued, “…has him afraid.” She smiled, “You must be careful with your words Deity North around Researchers if there is a secret to be kept –”

“*It is no secret,*” Deity North responded quickly, “*…..Everyone who will be ensnared to the future will learn in time….*”

Isabella rubbed the back of her hand. “Ensnared to the future?....” She hugged herself tightly, “No offense Deity North, but not even your light can shield me from that chill.”

She crumpled the letter in her hand and bit her lip, shutting her eyes tight, the throbs of tears too much to hold back with large sobs escaping her. Deity North dimmed its lights in a feeble attempt to comfort.

Isabella tried to blink her eyes clear, an action that doubled the number of stars in the sky, the black creases creating mazes and weavings of despair and dread, “Deity North,” she cried, “Guide me home now please, I can’t see.”

“*As you wish.*”

Isetzue with Ragiel and Lorenia made it back to their Inbetwixt Realm with little more than an extra bucket of Wicken’s Thread collected, bringing their total to one created Dark Cloak and two pure Wickens scarves.

Sephiroth was notably absent at the moment, and seeing Avera awoken and smiling, tying his black shoes cleanly, meant they were really going for it.

Enma’s temper of the situation was getting the better of her forcing Reaper to walk her around the Realm, holding her steady when she occasionally bucked and kicked out. “Sto…sto…sto,” Reaper said softly and sternly; Enma settled somewhat, still pawing the ground feverishly, her back legs making small bucking kicks under Reaper’s soft touch down her neck.

Isetzue brought a bucket of water to Reaper, “Touch* it.”

Reaper placed his hand over the water and uttered a sacred phrase in Latin. Isetzue promptly took the bucket over to the Wickens scarves and dropped them in – the water suddenly boiling furiously; she rubbed her hands together as if she had just touched something wrapped in ice.

*What is that gonna do?* asked Ragiel.

“Just enough,” said Isetzue, “So its burns won’t hurt as much.”

Lorenia bit her lip –

Enma reared up and pawed the air viciously howling her cry and coming back down hard, shaking the ground of the Inbetwixt Realm (Avera almost falling forward from sitting on the edge of the bed).

“Would she like some blue honey?” asked Avera, “It’s good for settling nerves.”

“Not in her case,” said Reaper kindly, patting Enma’s neck.

*Isetzue,* said Ragiel, *Is, Hollow Castle, where, we* –

“Yes,” she replied (Enma settled down and Avera kept his silence).

*I don’t remember it,* he said as if in a dream.

*Me either,* said Lorenia, *I was hoping to at least remember where we were taken so y’all have an inkling of where to look; I don’t like the fact y’all are going in blind.*

“We’re not going in totally blind. A long time ago, my brother had Shonen Bat steal Macevoy’s notes that dealt with Hollow Castle. We have several spots in interest to pick from.”

“You’re splitting up?” asked Reaper, “To explore?”

“It can’t be helped,” said Isetzue.

*Macevoy never told us he went there,* muttered Ragiel.

“For good measure I’m sure,” said Reaper, “He was the only survivor of his group that stumbled into that place.” Reaper put his fist up to his mouth. “He only escaped, because the Castle’s heart palpitated, he fell through a ‘tear duct’ and was rescued by the Deities.”

Ragiel perked up, *The Deities –!*

“Can’t help us,” said Isetzue (Ragiel–> :< ), “I couldn’t reach them, and besides they’ve already redeemed themselves. We’ll be fine. Our method of escape will be similar with Reaper’s help, we have our own magic – which!” She raised her voice to drown out Reaper’s tut-tutting, “Will only be used once we have secured y’all’s bodies. And once you guys are revived all your memories will come back intact and stuff, all of them.”

*Can’t wait,* mocked Ragiel, Lorenia changed the subject,

*When are we going to notify Dendjue about all this? And, Avera, aren’t you supposed to fix the development of our Ghosts?*

“I can take care of all that once we get back,” he smiled, “It’ll be easier with your bodies nearby, it’ll double as prep for placing you all back within. Is that okay?” As much as Lorenia wanted to scream no, they are out of their minds – “You don’t mind being fixed by someone who’s a Fabrication do you?”

*What? No, that’s not it, not at all,* said Lorenia abruptly.

“Okay then,” he smiled and stood up and stretched some more.

Lorenia-> :mad:

“They know what they’re getting into,” said Reaper with a sigh, “Aside from two of you dealing with Wicken’s scarves, you’ll also be fighting off the compressed aura of the Castle. Even though it will be centered around the Lady, the aura of the entire realm that Hollow Castle resides in is still filtered through it, you all will risk your aura being terribly mutated from the mere radiation off of it.”


“Pfft,” blew Istezue, “Let’s just lay it all out shall we? Possession, madness, amnesia, suicide….a complete vegetable state, reduced I.Q.. Hell it only mutates you if it doesn’t completely cripple you first, but, Reaper, don’t underestimate us. My brothers and I have been tempered under harsh radiation before, since out here in pure Astral Territory, as I’m sure you’re all familiar with, the body becomes so susceptible to the many ramifications and twisting cruelty of the Natures, naturally to be exposed to the radiation from such an Aura can lead to mutation in many, many cases, mind you we’re just a cut above the rest.”

Wanting to track away from this talk a memory perked up from Lorenia, *Do you guys remember hearing anything about nurses trained to kill on Tokieo Town?”

“From my brother,” said Isetzue.

“Ditto,” said Avera.

“Like it was yesterday,” said Reaper.

“Those nurses were trained to do so because of an apparent pandemic of radiation exposure from one lean mean Aura,” said Isetzue, “There was a great surge of the Chrost-Weik entering the physical plain, touching people, ****ing them up. One of the first signs, of **** to come. The assignations were all hush-hush of course, orders from good ol’ Seritouge.”

“Speaking of the consequences of being touched by such an Aura,” said Reaper, “In my hunt for the Lady, I, ran across a group of young adults that ventured inside an area practically merged with the Chrost-Weik. The poor things had no idea what they were getting into.”

“Situation kind mirrored?” asked Isetzue flatly.

“A little, anywho, it was one of the most severe cases of a Nature’s Crossing [(poor Ragiel and Lorenia are just squirming at this point)], no doubt because the Lady’s consciousness had merged with it. A young woman who practiced the way of the ninja had a portion of her soul ripped, and practically fused with radiation from the Chrost-Weik. I was going to put her down since, I knew, knew she was ruined, but with a mere shift of my wrist, I crippled her to point where she wouldn’t, understand anything anymore, and she could live out the rest of her life in a state of forever bliss. I didn’t want to follow Seritouge’s intent, because I know to take a life without consent of the person is wrong – even with consent, no one should have to be pushed to such limits. To him those people were being killed out of mercy, his mercy. I remember having to guide a few their Ghosts to the Other Side, they were so torn up by the exposure. Did your brother tell you where the source of the Chrost-Weik leak was centered?”

“Hollow Castle.”


“Why’d ya ask Lorenia?”

Hm. *You already answered it, was just an old memory that needed some closure.* Ragiel wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“About what?” pried Isetzue.

*My sibling, my little brother. He, succumbed to the Dark Atone disease, and he was taken in, around the time that whole fiasco was going on, and, he died, in his hospital bed.* Lorenia slowly nodded her head. *I knew they killed him. I knew it……Yep……..* She gave a quick inappropriate smile, *Funny, I was on the Other Side for the longest time, and I don’t think I ever ran into him, or if I did, my Ghost’s development would’ve erased that memory, right?*

“Correct,” said Reaper, his demeanor changing to sooth, “But, I will tell you Master Lorenia, he is at peace. I escorted him personally.”

Lorenia gave a deep nod of thanks, letting Ragiel hold her steady.

“Now,” Reaper took a stance of authority, “I don’t want to be escorting any of you anytime soon. Once Sephiroth returns, and he will very soon, you will be prepped to leave and enter the Castle. There can be no room for error, in order to help you three hide your true selves you must leave your weapons behind, you also MUST remember not use ANY magic to help you – since that will give away traces of what you truly are – UNTIL you are ready to make your escape. You will only have the temperament of your unique bodies to protect yourselves under the fine Wicken’s fiber. You’ll be as bare as a brick wall while the Castle will be armed with jackhammers and steel wrecking balls.”

****ing comfort……

“Where did he run off to anyway?” said Isetzue, lalalalalala~!

Reaper gave a deep inhale, “The most I got out of him was he’s making a few arrangements………” He stroked Enma’s neck. *I know where he went. How unfortunate I cannot assist you.*


Sephiroth’s reflection appeared in a cool pool that looked more like clear liquid mercury than water. Trees of glowing pale-pearl bioluminescence surrounding the pool illuminated a black landscape. In the middle of the pool was a rectangular wall of all stained glass creation and illustration. A design of a woman (with a great crack cutting her diagonally), very much resembling Sephiroth and Isetzue stood with her head nodding down as if to sleep, surrounded by caricatures of stars, growth growing into decay, and swirls of cool toned colors; the glass and liquid complimenting one another’s glitters of light, particularly honing in on the crack – chip, the crack grew an inch.

“Please…..do not fear for her.”

The light shifted slightly on the stained glass, it was faint, juxtapositioned over the sleeping illustrated face was the woman’s ghostly face, eyes opened just under a fear pitch filled with black; the rest of her ghostly body over her glass counterpart moved like a plant situated in water.

“I can promise their return, but I cannot guarantee mine; Mother, please forgive me if I don’t return home.”

A ghostly hand reached out from the stained glass, quivering as if the air threatened to break it into ashes.

“I promised you to keep them safe, they will fall into Reaper’s care if I should die. When the Anime Masters are revived, please count them as Children.”

With that Sephiroth turned to leave, feeling a weight and pressure on his chest as if something was trying to push him back; his head lain low like the illustration.

I know, nothing really scary in part one a.k.a. Exposition Mountain, but that’s gonna change tonight, hopefully~

And Isabella….! Her part get resolved in the next bit too~ >_< I bet you could guess it…..She hasn’t been mentioned till now….with all this….flesh twisting.

EDIT: Scroll down for second part plox~
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