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  • ;O; I heard there's a hurricane Megi going to strike the Philippines *HUGGLES*

    I pray you and your family will be alright ;~;
    That's what I told myself when KHA started and look what happened XD

    You handle criticism better than I do XD but it depends on the crit, with art I usually cry, but writing I take it much better, it's weird o_O;;

    Good thinking XD Take the fourth wall and smash it hard! >:D

    *returns hugs* I have learned from the past ._. never trust the comp to store forever because everything breaks. :C as we both, as artists have come to find, grr.

    Nefero: Don't read this Ashy, seriously, I don't think you know who Samara is, or Scissor Mouth Lady, and I don't think you want to find out.....

    Ah the cosplay~ One day, I want to go as a Chucocobo! 83
    *HUGGLES* Life has been giving everyone a really good shoeing lately, you're not alone in this friend :3

    >:D Ha! That's the spirit, keep the imagination boiling! ^0^

    o_O....As long as ya'll don't break the universe while you're at it XD This Unholy Tinity of Badasses has me quite intrigued~ Who is it composed of? :D

    I'm feeling that ache too friend in wanting to get the show on the road and kill off 38-5 once and for all! But anywho, how long are the first two books of Black Light? :3 *is looking forward to Malachi style screwing XD*

    A big FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU - indeed ._. but everything is backed up, the story is fine it's totally safe~

    *Rubs hands evilly* Oh you have no idea my dear friend....It's time to introduce the Anime System's equivalent of the Disney System's Halloween Town :O
    Grawwwwr...braaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnsssss.......graawwwwwwwrrrrr.............need...sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~p XD

    Halloween chappie is getting written :D Ever. So. Slowly. At least I an still type on the desktop and school comps :3
    I was a sad panda as well ;-; Gin....

    At least Butterflaizen is now up against Pimp Ichigo~ TALK TO DAH HAND AIZEN!!! And yes, I did count that hand action as a bitch slap XD

    EDIT: My laptop is dead ;~; I was able to back everything up at least, but yeah....I am not a happy camper right now :C
    *Performs magic ju-ju to help get that writing funk back*.

    Watcha coloring? :3 All the pretty colors =w= It can be a soothing thing no?

    I'm on ep9~ The madness will continue~!

    DUCKY! ;A;
    Anime: Princess Tutu.......I. Can't. Stop. Watching. It. X.X...Too....Cute....Beware friend......Beware......
    Whoops, youtube playing will result in a ban, eep ;A; so I'll stop doing that...Anywho, links are still okay I think...*waddles away*

    Anywho, the new semester begins - this is ARRRRRT SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!! >:O
    Eva: *hugs back*

    I wuv yu toooooooooooooooooooooooooo~! :D

    Today was Friday the 13th O_O I blame that for my absence from the interwebs, today was weird as expected XD
    Yes! ;O; Get 'em Ashy! Get 'em good! (I'm gonna be okay, good medicine is working)

    omgoodness I'm know - you never would think those tiny little scratches could hurt that much but they do! They're cut ninjas! ;O;

    stupid cuts ;~;
    ;A; To the cold?! Why are we plagued by such health issues? ;~;

    *hugs friends knuckles* Bad hives! Go away! >:O Get off her!

    But guess what? When the redness went down a little more, it was revealed that those beauty people had actually tore two patches of my facial skin off.....I was pissed, one because it hurt, and two - they TORE SOME OF MY FACE OFF! Long story short, they're paying for me to go see the doctor :) Bad people....

    *HUG* Okay, aside from getting thought our art courses together, we'll also get through our health conditions together too XD

    No idea ;A; but I'll ask the skin doctor tomorrow, I know I'm allergic to the medicine Codine though, and I know my skin is sensitive, but damn, I was not prepared for that mess ;O;
    ;A; my friend, *sends many well wishes* Hopefully one day your back will get better *HUG* but damn that does suck :'C *rubs back*

    I think I'll get a Kaoru pillow >X3

    I can share even more with the health pain today :C I've been having a really sucky allergic reaction for like 7 hours from this "beauty" treatment my mom wanted me to try ;A;

    My face has been burning like non-stop I want to cry but I can't 'cause if anything touches my face it burns even more ;O;

    Happy thought, happy thoughts! DX
    ;~; Hey let's get cool anime pillows for our backs :D Hmmmm, what should I get....decisions, decisions...

    What happened during those 2 months that hurt your back? :C
    XDDDDDD Pheonix Wright X Evangelion = insanity awesome sauce! XD

    *ooooh* feeling under the weather again ;A; gat dangit now it's my back that's having a fit DX

    The ending joke to this one is pretty funny too XD the zombeh~
    I think Riku's parent's were only implied that they "exist" he said "We may never see our parents again" in KH1 so I guess Nomura wanted them out of the way ;A;

    ;O; Lonely Riku! No - *cuddles*

    Wha - oh - YAY! Make Riku happy >X3

    XD Chillax Riku - be glad you're not the Riku in my story XD.... ;A;

    The Training Arc~? Nya may I have a synopsis pwease? :D
    Ah, that's also what's holdin' me back with the next khafm chappie....I totally forgot to write the parents in :X *MAJOR FACEPALM* DX

    I'd love to see how that goes down though, I mean anyone would be worried when thier kid dissapears during a OMDADAKDJSJDKJKGJHK storm ;A;
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