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Jan 22, 2008
Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^



Simon: Aniki, calm down... >.>

Viral: *glares at everyone, and tries to look mean*

*fails, and just manages to look like a grumpy kitty-man*

Naruto: *enters*




Both: I MISSED YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*epic man-hugs worthy of Gai and Lee ensue*

Everyone else: O_O

Me: lolwut? *pets Viral, who starts purring*




Lol. Missed me?

Here's a little something for you guys:

~Of Brothers and Pride, Part 1~


That... felt weird...

Where am I?

"Hey, wake up!"

That voice... it kinda sounds familiar...

"Kid? Kid?"

Ven opened his eyes. Someone was looking at him... He looked familiar. Then it hit him.


The man winced.

"Yeesh... Try turning down the volume, will ya? And the name's Zack, not Terra."

Ven blinked a couple of times. It was a few seconds before he realized that the guy who was trying to wake him up wasn't Terra, but some guy around Ven's age who looked too much like his friend.

“Er... Sorry 'bout that..."

Upon closer inspection, Zack had black hair and his eyes were an intense shade of sky-blue that put Ven's and his brother's to shame. His clothes also looked like Terra's, and he he had a big sword strapped on his back.

Zack grinned and helped Ven up.

"First thing first, welcome to the Lifestream! Second, mind telling me how you know my favorite cousin?"

"Oh, well, he's a friend of mine an- WAIT A MINUTE, THE LIFESTREAM?!"

Then he remembered what had happened before he blacked out.

His heart sank when he realized his little brother was still waiting for him at home, eagerly awaiting stories about his adventures.

Zack pulled a face. "Nice set of lungs, by the way..." he commented as he shook his head to clear it of the annoying ringing noise that followed Ven's outburst.

Ven grinned sheepishly. Zack just shrugged and said, "Hey, no worries. I was like that too when I got here. Now, what has my cousin been up to?"

TBC tomorrow, I need to get off now, guys >XD

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Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
Missed you very much, Cef!^^ Your posts are always amusing. Looks like the start of a wonderful story, I'm looking forward to the rest! By the way, who is Zack? Some FF character, I guess, but do I need to know more about him to enjoy the story?


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Jan 22, 2008
Doodling on Vanitas' face while he's sleeping^^

I might have to re-read all of Coldy's fillers first before I continue, though. I just realized that I may have skipped some stuff, I just don't know what. If you spot some continuity errors, feel free to bash- er, correct me^^

Viral: ...


*is being petted by Aerith*

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~ <3

*rubs against Aerith's leg*

Zack: LOL. *takes pictures for blackmail material*

Ven: Zack? I'm not sure if that's a good idea >.>

Zack: SHHHHH!!

Sora: LMFAO.




OMFG BIG BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*tries to glomp, but fails because Ven is a ghost*

Ven: >.>


I guess we should have warned him first >.<

Simon: Yeah... *drills a hole in space-time and banishes a Heartless there*

Urahara: I can make you temporary bodies, y'know...

Ven: o_O


Kamina: Yeah, that's how I'm here right now! THE GREAT KAMINA-SAMA WILL NEVER GO DOWN JUST LIKE THAT!

*Naruto and Simon nod in agreement*

*Sora is still trying to hug Ven*

Sora: DAMMIT. Why can't I hug you >.< *sniff*

Ven: Sora? We're ghosts.

Sora: Oh. Wanna play poker?

Ven: Sure.

Naruto: *hears Ven's comment* G-G-G-GHOSTS?! *faints*

Me: LOLOLOL!!!!!1

Lectori Salutem

secretly sadistic
Jun 15, 2007
Not where you are, obviously...
I might have an idea for a oneshot, too. I think I'll write this one, I just don't know when. It's somewhere on the list of things I want/have to do. And that list is long right now^^ And very messed up, because I keep changing the order in which I want to do stuff!^^

Coldy, if you need help you can always ask!

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!!! (And it's frikin' cold outside) But it's snowing! Two years in a row! THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED! It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing! (and it's still really frikin' cold outside)


My god, my campus looks so beautiful......

Snow on palm trees! ^0^

Anywho, first part of finals are done, now for portfolio's, and then chappie time! Be thar! I added a butt load of info to the chappie then what was initially in there to cover more ground on some characters that have been wrapped in mystery for some time, *ahem* we're gonna learn a l o t about the winged group and Macevoy ^_^

And just how ****ed up the Lady is, in case that wasn't already bashed in y'all's heads :)

OMG, when I close my eyes, I SEE SNOW FALLING!!!!!



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Oct 18, 2007
Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
Well someone's happy. Although it's a little overboard for snow, even if it is in Texas. But congradulations, all I got is just unbelieveablely cold weather. Glad to know something's coming out soon, but I probably won't be able to check it out, gotta study for my final's too.

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Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
@Cef: Omakes~ Omakes~, goes good with sake~ XD

@Lecty: >X3

@ Coldman: I just love snow~ XD And then I froze my tail off and remembered why to take in things in small amounts XD

It's okay, believe me I totally understand, drop by when you can, and I'm sorry, something new is coming out when you're under pressure, I hope everything goes well :)

@Shadow Love: Yep, and then comes the ice on the roads >_< crap, tis no fun to drive in that DX

@JCMS: :O You live near zeh Houston? Howdy there partner! XD


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Oct 18, 2007
Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
It's always nice to hear from Eva, isn't it. And now since I'm bored I'm gonna put up my other short story thing. I thought of making it a one-shot but it makes more sense here than anywhere else. And it's Christmasy.

Under the Mistletoe

'Rockin around, the Christmas tree
At the Christmas party hop,
Mistltoe hung where you can see
Every couple tries to stop.'

Festive Christmas music played from a juke box back in a corner of a festively decorated cafe. The sign outside over the door said 'Poupou Cafe' and the large windows showed the party going on inside. A Christmas tree was sitting in another corner near the windows glittering with it's many colored lights and beautiful decorations, presents stacked under and around it. The people in the party were distracted with each other and the festivities but the younger patrons werer always hanging around the tree, guessing at what was in the packages with their names on them.

"Ed, Ash, Yugi, Shippo, Naruto!" Serena yelled at the five youngsters cautiosly reached out to grab some presents "Would you knock it off!? Enjoy the party, you'll get to open your presents tomorrow." she shooed them away and into the crowd.

"Party pooper!" Ed yelled back as she, Ash, and Yugi ran off to the large screen TV where a movie of the season was playing.

Shippo, on the other hand, spotted the snack table and ran over. After jumping up and holding onto the edge he was level with the assortment of holiday treats. His eye's quickly found the last ginger bread man on a plate and he eagerly reached out for it. Wack! A fist ployed into his head as the owners other hand reached over and grabbed the gingerbread man for it's owner.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled as he was about to stuff the cookie in his mouth.

"What?" he replied with some annoyance

"It's Christmas." she snapped at him then they looked down at Shippo who's eye's were watering as he watched the cookie in Inuyasha's hand.

"Oh fine!" he growled and handed to cookie to Shippo who immediately stuffed it in his mouth

"Don't be like that Inuyasha." Chichi said placing another plateful of fresh gingerbread men in the place where old plate had been "There's plenty for everyone. Besides, this is a time to give instead of recieve."

"Yeah." Shippo said smuggly. Wack, another fist met with his head.

"Shut up." Inuyasha said very annoyed

"Sit boy!"

Whumph! Inuyasha fell face down on the floor. Meanwhile Songo and Miroku were sighing at the sight. Miroku perked up at the sight of the Scouts and quickly moved over to them. Just as Songo was about to hit him he became encased in a layer of frost that stopped him in his tracks.

"Now Miroku." Dendjue said stepping in front of him "You weren't planning on doing anything lecherous with my girls, were you?" he asked with an air of someone about to kill.

"Me? No. Why would you ever think that?" Miroku said with a smile and shivering as he backed away.

"Dendjue." Serena said as she spotted Miroku "What did you do?"

"Just a little joke." Dendjue smiled then gave Miroku a glare that told him to keep his mouth shut.

A few people looked over as the bell at the door rang and four more people joined the party.

"Ichigo, Chad, Orohime, Uryuu." Dendjue called out waving at them, "Hey, you're here. I didn't think you'd come."

The four waved back then spread out to the thing in the room that caught their attention most. Chad and Uryuu headed for the snack table as Ichigo and Orohime headed for Dendjue. They stopped for a moment to watch Ragiel slow dancing with Lorenia to the music. Farther to the wall adorned with lots of picutres Spike, Faye, Jet, Sora, and Riku sat around a table playing poker, cookies and other treats in place of money.

"Full house!" Spike and Faye declared proudly putting down their matching hands.

"No way." Faye said right after, "You're cheating, someone check up his sleeves."

"Me!?" Spike asked surprised "Why don't we check you, you're the one with the slick hands."

"Thats it." Sora said grabbing his only cookie and laying his cards down "I'm out." then stood up and walked away.

"Me too." Riku said looking at his watch "I got something to do."

Sora walked over to a dispenser and fulled a cup with hot cocoa. As he turned to walke away he bumped into someone and nearly spilt it all over Kairi. Luckily she backed away quick enough for the hot liquid to miss her.

"Sorry!" Sora appologized quickly then set his cup down and grabbed some paper towels to clean up the mess "Didn't see you there."

"It's my fault." Kairi said bending down to help him clean it up "It's a good party huh? Everyone's here." she said happily as they stood up and looked around.

Goku and Chichi had joined Ragiel and Lorenia in dancing, Ed, Edward, Alphonse, Ash, and Yugi were watching the movie as Naruto talked with some girl with short blue hair he seemed to know, she wore his villages headband on the shoulder of her coat. Donald and Daisy were talking off in a corner as Mickey and Minnie talked with Avera and Sepheroth. Izetsue was talking with Inuyasha and Kagome as Miroku tried to recover from some nasty looking slaps and bumps on his head. The Scouts were talking with some guys wearing amazingly formal and elegant suites, two of which were twins and one had a bunny doll, and everyone else there had a smile on their faces, except for a bickering Spike and Faye.

"Yeah, it's nice to have everyone around." Sora said smiling himself. He looked over and saw Kairi looking enviously at the dancing pairs, "Hey, you wanna dance?" he asked suddenly surprising himself.

"Dance!?" Kairi asked surprised too.

"Oh sorry." Sora quickly grabbed his cup and began walking away "Forget I said anything, Merry Christmas."

And for the rest of the night the party went as planned, everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. Miroku recieved several more slaps and what felt like several broken bones. Ed, Yugi, Ash, Naruto, and Shippo tried unsuccessfully several more times to sneak a peak at their presents. Dendjue hung out with the Scouts and talked to Kairi, Ragiel stayed with Lorenia but was always barely a few feet away from Kairi. Sora stuffed his face until he felt sick and ended up having to have a little magic cast on him by Minnie. And strangely no one saw or even noticed that Riku had left. As the grandfather clock by the juke box chimed 11 o'clock everyone finished up the food and began to leave to their houses and rooms they had been given for their stay.

"Sorry." Songo said as she stood over Miroku who had fallen semi unconscious in the snow, "Well catch up to you in a little."

"Okay." Kagome said as she and Inuyasha walked off, Shippo having been dragged away by Ed for the night.

The two walked in silence for a little before they came to a fountain, the water moving blended beautifully with the forming ice in the pale moonlight.

"Wow, it's so pretty." Kagome said enchanted, taking a seat on a bench to watch it.

"Yeah, I guess so." Inuyasha grumbled as he took a seat beside her, "What is that?" he asked looking up above him to see a small piece of mistltoe above them.


"Mistletoe huh." Inuyasha looked back down at Kagome who had turned red, "What's wrong?"

"You do know what people are supposed to do under mistletoe, right?" Kagome said looking up at Inuyasha then got closer.

. . .

"Wow Hinata, I didn't know you were coming to the party too." Naruto said as he walked a quiet Hinata through the snow covered streets.

"I wasn't planning to . . . but when I stopped by it turned out to be fun." she said quietly then a shocked look came to her face as she remembered something "Oh no, my coat! I forgot it back at the cafe." and shivered a little in the cold.

"Here." Naruto said taking off his jacket and putting it around her "I'll get your coat in the morning."

"No, I can't take your jacket." Hinata protested.

"Don't worry about it, this kinda cold is nothing to a ninja like me." Naruto bragged but started shivering a little himself, "Oh geez!" he yelled as a cold gust blew.

"Here." Hinata opened up the jacket and offered what little cover there was to Naruto. He wrapped it around him as best he could and they walked side by side further down until Naruto looked up and saw something dangling above them.

"Mistletoe? What's mistletoe doing all the way out here?" he question looking back down at Hinata who had turned bright red and was looking right at him. Naruto turned bright red himself when he suddenly remembered what mistletoe ment.

"Y-y'know, we can just act like we didn't see it." Hinata said quickly looking away.

"Why, it is a tradition." Naruto said sheepishly looking every but at Hinata, "There's nothing to be embarassed about."

"W-well y-yeah, I guess so." Hinata said as she and Naruto looked at each other and got closer.

. . .

"Achoo!" Orohime sneezed as she and Ichigo walked the beachside road.

"You okay?" Ichigo asked looking at her "Are you cold?"

"No, I'm fine." Orohime said rubbing her nose "But I wonder where Chad and Uryuu are."

"I saw them leaving before us. Chad ate too many cookie's and Uryuu decided to make sure he got home fine."

The two walked in silence for a while. All of a sudden Orohime's feet flew out from under her and she fell back onto the ground, hitting a hard patch of ice.

"Owe!" She cried sitting up.

"Can you stand? Are you okay?" Ichigo asked reaching out a hand that Orohime took.

"Yeah, even if I hit my head I'd be totally fine cause it's so- Owe!" she cried again as pain shot through her right ankle as she put weight on it, "I think I sprained my ankle."

"Damn ice." Ichigo said helping to hold her up. After a second of thought he scooped her up in his arms and started carrying her.

"I-Ichigo!" She cried in surprise but holding onto him tightly

"Well you can't walk, right?" he asked

"Y-yeah." Orohime said quietly moving closer to him. She didn't catch it at first but she let out a loud gasp of surprise when she saw mistletoe hanging above them.

"What is it!?" Ichigo asked worried looking up and seeing the mistletoe. He turned bright red as he looked back down at Orohime and realized how close she was in his arms. When he didn't move for a while Orohime put her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer to him, so close she could feel his warmth on her face.

. . .

"See ya tomorrow!" Sora waved bye to Yugi, Ed, and Ash as he and Kairi walked away down the road to their houses "Hey, where'd Ragiel and Lorenia go?"

"Where do you think?" Kairi laughed "They probably found a nice quiet place to spend some Christmas time to themselves."

"Well they care about each other, it's normal." Sora said blushing at the thought and rubbing his nose.

"Hey Sora," Kairi asked "when you were journeying, did you do anything special for Christmas?"

"Not really. Donald and Goofy are good friend, but they weren't the one's I wanted to spend Christmas with."

"I guess not." the two kept walking until they heard soft music coming from somewhere.

"Music? At this time of night?" Sora asked as he and Kairi stopped.

"Y'know Sora," Kairi said shyly "I did want to dance. I still do." and put her arms behind her back.

"Oh." Sora stood still for a second then walked over and extended a hand "May I have this dance?" he asked.

Kairi smiled and took his hand. They started dancing to the music in the snow, their breath hanging in the air and swirling around them. As they danced the snow seemed to kick up and twist around them, adding to the mood as the two looked at each other. As the music reached it's end Sora twirled Kairi around and lowered her in a dip.

"Mistletoe?" Kairi said surprised as she looked up.

"Really?" Sora asked looking up then looked back down at Kairi.

The two stayed still for a few seconds, each turning bright red from the dance and from what thoughts were going through their heads. As the snow settled down Sora began to bring Kairi up to him, looking deep into her eyes as he got closer. As they stared at each other their lips came together in a moment neither wanted to let go of or forget.

. . .

Riku leaned againt the sloping roof of a tower. He looked down at all the couple under the mistletoe hanging from wires that started at the tower he was at. Riku smiled to himself as he looked over at Sora and Kairi. Other pairs were under other mistletoe spots he had planted but Sora and Kairi was the one he had most planned for.

"Don't you have someone to spend some time under mistletoe with?" Spike asked as he walked from around a corner and lit his cigarette.

"Not really." Riku said looking up at the stars "She's . . . gone."

"Sorry." Spike said thinking back through his own past. After taking a long drag he turned and left.

Riku looked sadly down at Kairi as he thought back to the one person he would have liked to have been with right then.

"I'm not really gone." came a female voice and Riku turned to see the long blonde hair, blue eyes, and simple white dress he had wanted to see for so long, "I'm right here, you just have to look to see me."

"Namine." Riku said walking up her and putting a hand on her cheek.

"Riku." she said back putting her hand on his, "Well, aren't you going to offer me your jacket? I'm freezing."

"Right." Riku said and quickly pulled off his jacket and put it around her, "How's that?"

"Better." Namine said and leaned up against Riku as he leaned back against the roof, "How long do you have?"

"I don't know." Namine said sadly looking up at him "Don't you have any mistletoe for us?"

"Why do we need it?" Riku asked wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close "Mistletoe is just an exuse to do what you know you should do and what should happen." then pulled her closer and kissed.


What'd you think everyone. Like I said I was bored but I thought this would be a nice holiday story. Also I'm a fan of RikuxNamine.
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