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    Im great. IM A PREMIUM NOW :D
    And me and Key are reviveing the KR RP again. We really miss you SHadow. It hase been quite a while though.
    Again? Poor things... I think the goal is to keep up on posts so that more people see em'.
    why don't you take a read and review the fanfic
    I saw! Poor babies... I used to have problems with getting too many clicks, yours is the opposite. I clickied when I saw any of your posts, but they still died. :{
    I'm bored cause it's the holidays for me so I'm gonna ask.
    What you up to lately?
    Well, you'll get an idea at one time or another. Sometimes I'll be playing a videogame then feel the need to type.
    I've been writing a story lately, I've only got the first chapter up though. How's your writing going?
    thanks for letting me know about that, but I've been trying to stay out of the RP section, mostly because I'm already addicted to this site and if I get involved in one of the RP stories I think I'll become even more addicted, lol
    I dunno, I'm just going to work with what I have now, this is really fun. I don't think I've ever been this happy to type a page before. ^.^
    I think that's been done before and if you look at the sentence you just typed, you bypassed the 25 char. rule. Mods shut down petition threads every time...
    Like what? I'm busy keeping up with the conversation as is on the threads and on my portfolio thingy. If you have any ideas I'm all ears OwO
    Message? umm. which one? if it upsets them I'll fix it..... I'm having very bad memory today... >.<
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