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Fanfiction ► ~*Holding Out For A Hero*~(Sequel to AiL)

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Jun 23, 2005
Every Heart said:
I agree with SorasAngel. I would understand if you stoped writing the fanfic K_K

But don't "stope" the fic. >.>;

Anyway... ._. I was a jerk yesterday-


*kills mile and track*


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Mar 19, 2005
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*is rereading the chat just saved*

Such total and complete pwnage Krazy.

"Hollow thinks the chains are kinky."


I could ecks dee all night, but I'm trying not to get killed.

What is it with me and love/hate relationships? *pauses to listen to Allecto shout things in Latin*

Wait for the verb....

...o.< I will do no such thing with my socks.

I'd lurve an updart Krazy, but Hollow and Allecto are entertainment enough to hold me over. =D


May 1, 2005
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Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return; to obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivilent Exchange.

For all that I've lost, I haven't gained a single thing back; for in less than 24 hours, I had gained love, and lost it. After that, nothing could ever be the same again.

There's just too much that time cannot erase.​


The military personel "kindly" led us through the city of "Boston", and, as we traversed the streets, I caught sight of a Tripod leaning on one of the huge buildings, looking pretty effed up. Blinking up at it curiously, I wasn't particularly paying attention to anything around me, which eventually led me to unceremoniously slam into a brick wall. Since this was rather common, it didn't affect me much, so I woozily followed after Ketso and Rachael, gaining a quick headache; I want some... advil. >.>; Resuming my trudging down the street, people suddenly starting screaming in fright, and I saw what held everyone's attention.

Another Tripod poking curiously about among the skyscrapers.

Rachael whimpered silently at the sight of it, burying her head in Ketso's stomach, and he blinked down at her before awkwardly patting her head with a blank expression. The military ushered us through the streets with greater urgency than before, and we reached a tunnel, where many - but not all - of the people hid until the Tripod would pass. Since Ketso was frozen in place near the entrance of the tunnel, I gently pushed Rachael into the cover from the Tripod, giving Ketso a questioning look.


Gazing up at the lone Tripod, I could sense something was wrong... It was a regular one! Same as the others... So why does it feel like something's up...? I ignored the military personel trying to push me into the tunnel, and Rachael's cries of my name, blocking out all noise so I could just watch that Tripod and the birds pecking at it with deter-

Wait... Birds? How could they peck at the Tripod if its shield was still up...?

I whirled around, my eyes seeking out a soldier, and I finally spotted one; cupping my hands around my mouth, I shouted over the sounding horn of the Tripod, pointing at it, "The birds!! Look at the birds!"

Yeah, they're pecking at the non-existant shield.

"What?!" He yelled back, putting a hand around his ear, as if it would help him hear better.

"The shield's are down!" I shouted once more, as the horn of the Tripod stopped.

He tilted his head upwards to the mechanical monster, shielding his eyes with one hand from the sun, and he realized the extent of those birds; he relayed this information to the other soldiers around him, and I, triumphant, rushed into the tunnel where Sora and Rachael waited impatiently for my return.


Ok, I was officially freezing. At first, I thought I was only half-freezing. But I was actually almost-officially freezing. If that makes any sense at all to you. And when I saw the ice starting to form in my hair, and the fact I couldn't feel my body, my numb mind finally came to the conclusion I was freezing. I blinked slowly over at Aozora, whose hair was also frozen to the big door, and he was far too still; was he dead?

I reached a shaking hand out, poking him softly in the shoulder, "Aozora?" I choked out, and he lifted his head tiredly before softly saying, hardly above a whisper:

"You got any alchohal?"

What the hell?! "Aozora... what the hell?" I asked with a horrified expression.

"Alcohal doesn't freeze, so if we got hammered, we wouldn't freeze to death, "He explained, and I blinked at him, looking absolutely stupified.

He caught my look, then smiled, shivering a bit, "I-I was j-joking!" He said through chattering teeth.

"Oh... C-Curse my g-gullibility!" I choked out, curling up into a ball again, but then I remembered why I had originally poked Aozora in the first place, "So... me 'n Ketso, uhm...-"

"Whoa! I'd rather not discuss the disturbing sounds emitting from your guys' bedroom, ok?!" Aozora interjected hurriedly, a distant look on his face.


Trudging through the greenery behind Piku and Silver got me somewhat used to their constant bickering and violence. I was actually rather bored of it now; it was getting old. It'd start with a short joke from Silver, and end with Piku's assault rifle bashing against his head. We abruptly came to a clearing where there was some form of... camp-type thing.

Or at least a poor excuse for a camp.

There was another brunette girl, looking just like a tall version of Piku, and she was studying what seemed like Gummi Ship blueprint; it was covered in... drool? Another girl with curly red hair - an assualt rifle hanging off a strap across her back - was looking over the brunette's shoulder at the blueprints. Yet another girl with long black hair and dark skin was sitting on the ground and tending to her dual pistols with great care and precision. Where are all these girls coming from?! Oh, 'nother one. Short, with layered, thin brown hair that went to her shoulders and identical eyes. Reminded me of Megan somewhat. Only... shorter.


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Jan 1, 2005
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You updarted! *makrs on calender* THIS IS A NATIONAL HOLIDAY!

Awesome K_K! Aozo-kun...now of all times you want your first champagne?

And the short one is me! Because I am a leprachaun in American clothing >_<

Updart sooneth!


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Jul 14, 2005
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.... Okay, so I'm slightly out good phrases to say, so sue me. i feel dumb saying good chappy everytime, and asking for an update this soon would just probably ensure me multiple yellings from the rest of people on here. Not to mention I haven't been on a lot lately and just caught up.

So, It's definitely coming along better than any fanfic I've seen so far, or phantasmagoria for that matter. :)

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Feb 25, 2006
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OH YEAH!!! Hi everyone! This is my first ev-ar post:D ! I have been following AiL and this thread for ages and they are great!!! Krazy, if you do not update soon I will find out where you live and come and tie you to your computer chair until you update!!! This thread rocks!:D


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Sep 20, 2005
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All right, now I have time....


This is an awsome story. Now you guys are ending up in Live movies. I can see the posibilities now.....
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