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Fanfiction ► ~*Holding Out For A Hero*~(Sequel to AiL)

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May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
GuardianOfHearts said:
Well, I was surprised to see them there. How'd you manage to incorporate your two enigmas into HOFAH? ._.

Ah well. We'll find out. =D *twitches* I really need an update. *buries self in books*

*idly rereads paragraph and spews out soda* :-Q========>



Narusuke ... took my Keyblade. And my keychain. T_T *shakes fist at him* Vengeance shall be mine ... as soon as I'm allowed to have my weapon. <3

My Keyblade of Hearts will still pwns yer's, Naruto/Sasuke-boy. <.<;

Bet Sora likes that name. `=D

Eep! I'll be sure to give Naru-kun a good smack, Amme. :D *throws Dawning Darkness at Sora's head*

Meh, close enuff. >.>;

NARUSUKE! My Naruto/Sasuke-loving friend would appreciate that. Only she calls it Sasunaru. Narusuke > Sasunaru


I'll update when my Internet with WordPad attached at its hip stops spazzing.

Edit: *holds phone*
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Mar 19, 2005
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Hello, Silver. =D

Yeah, I’ve been sick. Really sick. We don’t know what I've got ... the doctors took a shot at post-viral vertigo, and I’m on anti-vert for it {The non-drowsy form that knocks me out for half a day! o.<}. So yeah. I went to the ER last week, I almost went over the weekend, and I’ve been out of school for two weeks, and it’s likely to be more. I’m being home-schooled now, two hours a day.

So ... updart, poptart. ^-^


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return; to obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivilent Exchange.

For all that I've lost, I haven't gained a single thing back; for in less than 24 hours, I had gained love, and lost it. After that, nothing could ever be the same again.

There's just too much that time cannot erase.​


The distant shrill of someone's desperate cry out to us caught my attention. I weakly turned my head to where the shouting was originating from, trying to see through my blurred vision. A rescue boat! It took longer than I had wanted for this to sink into my brain. Salvation! But I needed to get their attention...

"Megan?" I choked out, turning back to the unmoving brunette.

I poked her still form several times, wondering how she could possibly fall asleep at a time like this. Satisfied when she let out a small groan from my constant poking, I craned my neck in the opposite direction, searching for the crewman with the whistle frozen in his mouth. Seeing him about ten feet away gave me some hope. Some. I looked back at Megan. If I got off the big door, her side would tip over from the lack of equal weight on my side. And I would need their attention! But... how?

I blinked, an idea dawning on me suddenly. I could make an Alchemy flare! Hah! Beat that, Edward! Carefully shifting my weight and position on the big door, I brought up my hands and clasped them together. The brilliant blue light that followed was clearly enough to get the boat's attention, as they dutifully changed direction to come back to me. I clapped several more times, sending a burst of bright cobalt light out each time.


"Mom!" Rachael cried, seeing a woman leave her home at the sight of the three of us.

I let the girl down from my arms - I had been carrying her - and she sprinted across the street to the woman, apparently her mom. Rachael leaped up into her mom's arms and they hugged for a long time. While the hugged, Rachael's mom mouthed a 'thank you' to Sora and I, so I just nodded before turning and walking away, Sora falling in step next to me.

"...Now what?" He asked once we were out of hearing range of Rachael and her mother.

"We should find a way to get off this world, "I said, not entirely sure myself.

"Well, maybe that train goes here, "Sora shrugged uncertainly.

"...What train?" I pryed, genuinely confused.

"I dunno... the one... with the... stars 'n... blue... 'n... it, like, goes through the worlds... 'n stuff, "Sora shrugged again, trying to find a way to explain the train in question.

"...That was so descriptive, Sora, "I commented sarcastically after a brief silence.


Before our argument could continue further, a bright flash of deep purple light occured, and a teenage boy with ebony hair covering one of his eyes was suddenly in front of us. My eyes briefly widened in surprise before they narrowed dangerously at the dark-haired teen.

He smiled in mock-happiness to see the two of us, "Hello, Ketso." He nodded at Sora, "Narusuke."

"Who?" Sora questioned immediately.

We both ignored him, "Hello, Kanynt." I ground out, fist slowly clenching and unclenching. Kanynt. My half-brother. He hates me for no reason! Well, I guess he has a reason... but he doesn't have to hate ME! Go hate on Gerd! Or... Yuna. Or both! But not me. >.>;

"So... have fun here?" Kanynt asked, a malicious grin growing on his features.

"Fun-filled beyond belief, "I growled lowly, folding my arms over my chest and effectively death-glaring Kanynt.

He frowned in mock-hurt, "Aw, come on, Ketso! I was just gonna tell you where Riku was so you can go off and find him. And get shot by midget aliens."

"Where's Riku?" Sora asked with concern lacing his voice, and, for the infinate time, I wondered about his sexuality.

"On Halo..." Kanynt said innocently. Only not so innocently.

"Halo?" I repeated. I knew where that was! And if I didn't, I'm sure one of my maps had that place on it! But... that place had guns. I clearly remembered the guns. And the aliens... and the... Flood... My eye twitched.

Without another word, Kanynt was gone, and his place was a train; most likely the one Sora had mentioned before. I blinked, as did Sora. The brunette beside me finally shrugged, stepping on the steps of the train with a last glance in my direction.

"That was convenient."

"What about the Covenant?" I asked immediately with another eye twitch.


The kids around the campsite had explained, rather excitedly, that we were on some place called "Halo". By the way they described the aliens and the "Flood" that lurked here, I figured there wasn't anything good to be said about Halo, the exception being its name. It had taken a few minutes for me to learn all their names; there was so many of them! Little midgets... everywhere... The only tall ones were the hair-stealers. >.>;

Don't be jealous, my everything.



The girl christened "Noelle" had tackled me several times in the same fashion Megan had Kaze. Piku had kicked me in the shins a lot already, stalking off and mumbling something about milk. And the pistol-wielding girl, Sabrina, kept giving me this "You're not supposed to be here" look, as was the silver-haired teen beside her, the one with the blindfold and the sniper rifle grasped tightly in his hands. Yami, er something. And then the Silver kid. Easy name, considering his hair. So, there were three kids with silver hair, now...

But silver is MY color...!

The taller, Piku-clone who had been drooling over the Gummi blueprints was Kat, and the redhead that had been looking over her shoulder was Amme. There was another redhead, too. She was always either looking over Amme's shoulder or talking to Yami. She kept asking questions, and I could tell he was constantly getting more annoyed. Rhea, er something like that. Rianne... Raine... R-something...

Sabrina got up from her place on a bench to study me minutely, "You're not supposed to be here..."

I raised an eyebrow, "I'm not?"

"Well, NO!" She exclaimed, waving her arms, and she turned briefly to death-glare Yami, who shrugged uncertainly, muttering something about paint and ice cubes under his breath.

Rhea was restlessly wringing her hands and caressing the silver bracelet about her arm lovingly, and I leaned towards Sabrina, "Is everyone here a lunatic?"

She took a step away from me, wary of our close proximity, "Yeah, pretty much."


We were aboard the Carpathia now, and Megan was still fast asleep beside me. I had convinced the crew of this ship she wasn't dead, but I had yet to confirm my affirmation. Impulsively, I shoved my hand in my pant pocket, bringing out Rose's necklace that had fallen from her coat when I flipped over the big door. Before it fell into the Atlantic's dark depths, I caught it and pocketed it for later. Now, I gazed at the complex diamond carefully, and the rain suddenly came down in a light drizzle. It was night, and we were almost to New York.

Seeing Lady Liberty in the distance, I nudged Megan lightly, and her mis-matched eyes fluttered open almost immediately, "Uh, wha...?" She grumbled out, but shot up at the sight of the gem in my hand.

"Where'd you get that?! Did 'joo steal it?!" She almost yelled, eyes wide.

"No!" I defended instantly, "I don't steal. I flip over big doors, but I don't stoop to the level of a thief. Unlike some people."

I'm looking at 'CHOO, Dark!

You know you love me. :D

Never! And you confuzzle meh with teh Sora issue.

Good. Because I don't get it, either.

Go back to sleep, DNAsshole. >.>;

You have chaffed my pride and broken my heart, Aozora. D:


Megan carefully reached out for the necklace, so I dropped it in her hand, and she fumbled with it before straightening, gazing at it in absolute amazement.


On a sudden impulse, Diamond Dust was in my hand, and I hoped no one else but Aozora was currently aboard the deck as we were. Unhooking the snowflake from my weapon, I suddenly clipped on the necklace, and it actually changed.

The first thing that caught my eye was the enormous diamond that served as the blade itself, that same deep blue color as the original gem. The shaft seemed a normal diamond color and material, at least until I saw the water sloshing noisily about inside of it. "Heart of the Ocean" flew across the true shaft beneath the dark waves in shimmering silver letters. The handle was similar to that of a pirate's sword, only the true necklace lay in it's diamond casing, serving as the Keyblade's Keychain.

"Well, "Aozora finally spoke up after a long, stupified silence, "someone was certainly bored."


Yes... yes they were...

<.< >.>;

Sorry it took so long. Spazzing... so much spazzing...

Whoever sees this first, get on MSN. I'm sick and lonely. ;-;

AMME! YOU BE SICK!...Er... Sicker. ;-;-;-;-;​
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Jan 1, 2005
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XDDD Great updart K_K!

What about the Covenant? XDD I dropped my toaster strudel! *hugs Dark* Your tamers hate you dont they?

Dark: Yes...they are very scornful....
Krad: Mine think I am a perverted possesive nutcase...
Me:...but you are...

P.S. I tackled Riku! Huzzah!!!! ^_^


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return; to obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivilent Exchange.

For all that I've lost, I haven't gained a single thing back; for in less than 24 hours, I had gained love, and lost it. After that, nothing could ever be the same again.

There's just too much that time cannot erase.​


I just don't get what's up with her! Gah, she still loves him. Well, it was obvious, but still! I thought she was over him... Guess not. I was ranting like this because, back on the Carpathia, when that crewman had gone about the ship asking for survivor's names, Megan hadn't given her own name.

"Can I get your name, love?" The young crewmember asked Megan politely, holding a clipboard and pen in his grasp.

She hardly looked at him, but kept her gaze locked on the waves below the railing she currently looked over, "Elric. Breanne Elric."

"Thank you, "He said, scribbling down the name and walking off.

I gaped at Megan, and she had turned, regarding my shocked expression cooly, "I wanted to make my name sound like it was from this time."

"But you didn't have to use
his last name!" I had protested desperately.

She turned away from me, looking out over the waves once more, letting the easy breezes flow through her hair, and I frowned deeply.

I rubbed my throbbing temple, shutting my eyes tightly, trying to wear off the growing headache. As Megan stepped aboard the universal train, which was conveiniently(but spelled right) parked at our destination of New York, I heard her "shiznap!" loudly, so I ran in after her. The sight that met my eyes was rather... odd. Ketso was hugging Megan in a death-grip, and Sora held the same blank look I did.

"MYRA! YOU'RE NOT DEAD!" Ketso cried happily.

"MAH NAME AIN'T MYRA!" Megan shouted back at him, struggling in the taller blonde's grasp.

Ketso reluctantly pulled away from the brunette, sadness crossing his features, "It's not...?"

"No!" Megan declared, eye twitching.

"...Oh..." Ketso murmured, casting his gaze upon the floor.

By Megan's expression, I could tell she was feeling the guilt seep in, and she sighed, "I'm sorry, but I'm not Myra."

"Maybe she's with Kaze..." Ketso suggested slowly, his tone thoroughly saddened at this thought. I mentally kicked him.

The brunette girl stiffened at that, then her fist eventually clenched tightyly, "I- I highly doubt that, Ketso, "she managed to whisper, desperate not to make her voice crack but failing.

The emerald-eyed blonde raised his gaze to her's, "Why...?"

I made a motion for him to shut up, but he apparently chose to ignore me. Megan was clenching and unclenching her fist, and she dropped her head, dark bangs falling over her face and shadowing her eyes from Ketso's curious gaze. There was a long silence, and Megan finally answered Ketso.

"Because... he died." She choked out, shaking profusely with tears streaming down her face.

"What?!" Ketso exclaimed, and I couldn't tell if it was a happy 'what' or a sad one. Maybe surprised. Or mad that he wasn't the one who killed Kaze. "How? Who killed him?"

That was too much for Megan. With a rapid shake of her head, she abruptly turned and rushed through the hallway in the opposite direction, into the next car of the train and unintentionally slamming the door behind her. I cringed, and Ketso had the absolute most confused look he could muster plastered on his features.


I tried desperately to stop the onslaught of tears from flowing, failing miserably. Covering my face with my hands, I fell to my knees numbly. Ketso had no clue! And... I knew I would have to tell him sooner or later. With his seemingly-innocent inquiry had come flashes of that terrible day. The day... I had killed him.

I'm so, so sorry...

There's just too much that time cannot erase.


Wha-... What have I done?!

Blood poured out from Kaze's mouth relentlessly, and I caught his bloodied and tattered form as he fell forward. One-Winged Angel was stabbed through his stomach, and I willed it to disappear, laying the blonde down on the cold floor with a shocked expression. His eyes were clenched shut, and the blood flowing from his body pooled around us far too quickly. The blonde coughed out more of crimson liquid before opening his eyes and smiling sadly at me.

I tried to kill the pain
But only brought more
(So much more)
I lay dying
And I'm pouring
Crimson regret, and betrayal

"It must be a plague; Elrics are doomed to die, "Kaze commented softly.

"D- Don't say that!" I choked out. I wanted to tell him he would be ok, but my heart knew that was a lie.

I'm dying

"It's true..." He murmured, reaching up to stroke my hair one last time.

The last... time... All because of me, he would never breathe again. How... how could I let myself be tricked?! I let myself fall into darkness, and I don't think I can ever emerge from its clinging depths. Before he left... I had to know something. I couldn't keep going without knowing.

Am I too lost to be saved?
Am I too lost?

"Kaze...?" I finally said, dropping my gaze to the floor.

"Hmm?" He could hardly speak anymore.

My God, my Tourniquet
Return to me salvation
My God, my Tourniquet
Return to me salvation

Ho- ... How much do you love me?" I asked, lifting my head and locking mis-matched gazes with Kaze.

He blinked slowly, then his features broke into a genuine smile, "This much." The injured blonde weakly spread his arms out wide, and then he died.


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Sep 9, 2005
With my beloved Arima!!
ah man i can't believe i had to relieve that moment when kaze died.
*breaks out the tissues and starts to cry madly*
why oh why do the hot bishies have to die?!?!
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