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  • I haven't seen much Pokemon activity since Relliks Ban went inactive, he was one of the core writers much like you that kept those RPs flourishing. Also let me extend my congrats, and wish you well on the road ahead.

    On a final note, The Nanny has been redone yet AGAIN. (I know xD)
    Doing great. I just opened my graphics shop yesterday, and its turning out great. I gotta say, I really missed RPing with you as well as just your writing in general.

    How have you been?
    Hey what's new? I haven't talked to you forever. I think I was in your fan club when I first joined KHI.
    I think I remember you from ages ago. Weren't we in several RPs at the same time together? How've you been since then? It'd be great to see you again. I just started a new RP called The Dynasty Array. You're always welcome if you like Steampunk.
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