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Give Me Your Soul

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Oct 18, 2007
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Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
This is my second shot at an original story. All critisism is helpful, even if you're gonna tell me you hate the story. If no one posts even if you like the story I probably won't continue it, I'll just feel like you don't like it.

Chapter 1​

Rain came beating down on the hard, still warm pavement of the city. In the back allies and underbelly it did little but slightly increase the putrid smell of garbage and other things best left undiscovered. Rats picking their way through the wet trash quickly ran and hid as a lone person walked through one of the allyways, rain pouring down on him. In the darkness it was only distinquishable to see he was wearing a black raincoat. He stopped infront of a door in the allyway, it was set back into the wall aways and in the shelter was a very muscular man with his arms crossed. As the figure walked up tot he door he looked over at the boucer, prepared for if he was denied entry. He grabbed the door handle and opened it up, he strolled inside when the bouncer didnt' move.

As he stepped inside he was overtaken by the smell of smoke, alcohol, dried blood, and other bodily fluids. The bar was dimmly lit and only the hanging lights over the pool tables provided decent lighting. The crowd in the bar was deffinently a rough crowd, almost everyone had a hidden weapon on them. But luckily few looked his way as he crossed the floor and took a seat in a booth by himself.

"What can I get you?" asked a waitress who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else.

"Whatever." the firgure answered leaving the waitress to go back and order something at random for him.

When she left he looked over at another booth a few booths away where a gang sat drinking. There were seven in total, five guys and two girls. The one sittin in the middle of the booth wore a leather jacket over a black shirt and his long blonde hair was messy and unwashed, obviously the leader. As the waitress came back and dropped off a drink they caught each others attention. The gang leader jumped over his booth and quickly moved to where the figure was sitting and took a seat opposite of him in the booth.

"You got a problem wit us?" he asked gruffly.

"No, I was just listening in on your conversation." the figure replied taking a drink."You wouldn't happen to have been talking about that old lady that was beaten to death a few days ago, would you?"

"Yeah, cause it was us who done the old bag in."

"What was in her purse that you wanted so badly?"

"Eh?" the gang leader looked confused then started laughing "It wudn't her purse we was after, we just wanted to beat soemone."

"Well job well done." the figure said as the other gang members began crowding around the table "You're all so tough. After all it always takes five unwashed retards and two sluts to beat up an old lady already on her death bed."

"What was that!?" one of the girls yelled pulling out a knife and bringing it down at his hand. The figure parted his fingers in time so the blade only struck the table.

Suddenly there was a crash as one of the pool players knocked their hanging light and it shined in the direction of the figure and the gang that surrounded him. In one second it was clear to see him, he had jet black hair, slightly spiked up, and wore a faded blue shirt and jeans, but what kept the gang from doing anything more was his eyes. They were a deep, piercing crimson that almost looked like they were glowing, those eye's were enought to stop the gang as the figure stood up before them and reached in his pocket.

The gangs all reached into their own pockets and grabbed the weapons they had until the figure pulled out a single, folded bill of money. He reached past the gang and placed it on the platter of the waitress who brought him his driink as she passed by.

"Keep the change." he said pushing past the gang and leaving. As he stepped back out into the rain he noticed the bouncer had not moved from before.

He began walking back through the dank allyways and eventually came to a dead end. Trash bags where piled against the walls all around and the rats weren't even afraid enough to run and hide. He heard several loud crashed behind him and turned to see the gang from before blocking the exit. The leader was holding a metal bat in one hand and the others held either a knife or a chain.

"You shoudn't have fucked with us." the leader called out walking up to him "We actually try to pace ourselves to one kill a week but we decided we could make an exeption for you."

"I'm so flattered." the figure said sarcastically

"Hope you're happy with how your life turned out." the leader said raising his bat over his head as he got within range of the figure and brought it down.

Cshck! Clak clak! The bat fell to the ground, cut in half. The gang members looked in shock as their leader fell tothe ground with a blade through his head. At the end of the blade was a hiilt with a medium sized red stone in it. The figure held the sword as he slowly lowered the gang leaders body down, then kicked it away and pulled his sword out.

"You . . . You bastard!" one of the members yelled then charged at the figure, swinging his chain around.

The member swung it at the figure but the chain was cut too. Befire he could react he was run through with the sword. To the other gang members despite being shocked from the death of two of their own, the thought of the fact that blood didn't seem to drip from the sword crossed their minds. Rather, the sword seemed to absorb any blood that it touched. The figure pulled his sword out of the second body and suddenly disappeared.

"GAH!!" the two girls screamed as they were cut in two at the waist from behind.

The three left tried to get away but the figure was now blocking their exit. He raised his sword and rushed at one. He stabed him through the heart and pushed him onto t apile of garbage bags then pointed his blade behind him and backed into another one. As he pulled his sword out he looked over at the last one, lying on a pile of garbage that he had tripped into.

"Wh-what do ya what!?" the member asked paniced trying to back away as far as he could "Money? I'll het ya some money."

"I don't want money." the figure said raising his sword in the air "You all killed, and stole, and took fun in tormenting the innocent. Indeed you souls are rife with darkness and sin." his voice became deeper, more malicious, and began to double "Souls stained with sin like your's are perfect for us." Dark aura's began forming on the dead bodies and then moved onto the blade. The red jewel in the hilt began glowing red, as did the figures eyes " All we want from you, is your tainted soul." and stabbed the last member with his sword.

"Who are you?" the last member asked as his own soul was also absobed into the red jewel.

"I am known as Taruke." the figure answered in one voice "I am known as Murai." in another voice "And this boy whose body we inhabit." the voices combined into one "His name is Shou, and we gather your soul for the sake of our master, who will soon walk this world once more."

Shou sat up in bed quickly, cold sweat all over his body. He looked around his room in the bright morning sunshine then laid back in his bed. The digital clock on his beside table began beeping and he knew it was 7:30 in the morning. He balled up a fist and slammed it onto the clock, promptly shutting it off. He sat up again and looked into the mirror on his dresser. His eyes were now a deep blue, practically opposite of the crimson they had been before.

Last night was pretty good.- came Taruke's voice

Indeed, five souls all at once. And black as night too.- Murai's voice chimed in.

"Shut up." Shou said gathering up some clothes and walking out of his room into the bathroom.


So what'd ya think? Please post if ya liked it cause otherwise I won't put up more chapters. Any critism is welcome.


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Sep 19, 2009
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In the deep Darkness
Hahahaha! Okay, it was good she guesses. But seriously, not bad man. I know Coldman, trust me, it'll get better as he goes on with the story.


Filthy SJW
Jan 20, 2004
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Aurora, IL
I'm working on a slow critique for this one. (keep getting distracted)

I'll edit this post later when I get it done. Just know that I'm reading it and it seems okay. Regardless, don't give up because some kids tell you to.

When I'm done I'll send you a VM or something to let you know since edits aren't notified.

Silent Avera

Night Pirate Graphic Lemonade Maker
Apr 22, 2006
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Somewhere only we know~

Very nice Coldman, really really good!!

I saw some spelling mistakes, watch out for those, and at first I thought this was something similar to Blood Plus with Vampires or something, but the appeal with demons is certainly there, especially with two demons in one body, I don't think I've seen that before, except for maybe something in Fullmetal Alchemist with the people in the stone, but I'm not sure it's on the exact same wavelength as this.

I hope you do continue this ^_^ I can tell some super effort went into this, seriously dude :cool:


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Oct 18, 2007
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Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
Okay, sorry for the long wait. Computer and Internet problems abound but I bring you all the next chapter.

Chapter 2​

"Five bodies were found in the back alley behind a known criminal bar. What's puzzling investigators is that the weapon seems to have been a sharp, bladed instrament. Two of the victims, females, were cut completely in half. The police have stated they have no suspects as of yet." A female reporter annouced from the TV, standing in the mouth of the alley as the police behind her in a cordoned off area went about their work.

Hahaha, you're famous Shou.- Taruke said as he passed the large TV screen that a large crowd had grown around.

"Whoa, brutal."

"They were killed with a bladed weapon? What, like a sword? Lame."

"They were gangster's, you gotta be prepared to suffere extreme consiquences if you live that life."

"I heard they were the ones that killed that old lady a while back."

Shou heard all the people talking as he passed by. Even though it had seemed like a dream, he knew what happened last night had been real. It had all been real for the past six monthes.

Humans are such idiotic creatures.- Murai said-You appal murder but when it comes to criminals you can't get enough of it. But unfortunately these souls aren't dark enough.

"You wanna start a killing spree this early in the morning!?" Shou asked quietly picking up his pace to get to school before they would seriously consider it.

Hahahaha! Damn, I love this kid- Taruke laughed-But we wouldn't do that to you Shou, you'd probably wind up getting killed by the police. And we couldn't forgive ourselves if anything happened to you.- the last sentence was drenched in sarcasm.

"Psh. You're demons, I doubt you're even capable of forgiveness."

Aww, that hurts kid. Why do ya gotta be so mean?- suddenly Shou felt a pain in his chest, like an icey hand gripping and squeezing his heart, and it felt as if someone was standing against his back-Just cause we're demons doesn't mean we don't have feelings.

Shou's breathing became labored as the icey grip stayed with him the rest of the way to school. Once he reached the campus the feeling stopped and he was able to relax a little. As he got to his classroom and sat as his desk he could feel Taruke and Murai scanning the room and students. Several of them had darkened souls from one thing or another, theft, beating up people, who knows what. The two were always scanning to find a soul ready to be taken.

"Okay class, continuing from yesterday we'll be going over ratio's and probabilities. Please open your books to page 273." the teacher said walking in and writing on the board. And luckily the day went by eventlessly. Until lunchtime came around.

"Hey hey, I found him!" came a boys voice as Shou ate lunch at his desk.

Two people walked into his classroom and sat down with him. One of them was a boy his age with short blonde hair, and green eyes. The other was a girl with long red hair and blue eye's like Shou's. They wore the same uniform as him, all black exept for the school crest on the front right pocket. They pulled out their lunches and began to eat too.

"Hey Tatsumi, Sakura. How've ya been?" Shou asked.

"Wow, you're actually concerned about our wellbeing, even after ignoring us for the past week." Sakura said not looking at Shou.

"I've . . . had a lot to deal with lately."

Oh my. You wouldn't happen to be talking about us, would you Shou?- Taruke said

"Geez, can't you just celebrate your birthday like normal people?" Tatsumi said "You don't need to think about it the week before, even if it is your seventeenth birthday."

"It's not about my birthday. Some stuff's just come up." Suddenly the icey hand feeling came back to Shou, and it took everything he had to keep from keeling over in pain "I . . . I gotta go." he said quickly running out of the room.

"Hey wait! Damn, what's his problem?" Tatsumi asked as he and Sakura followed but lost him in the halls "I guess you just have that kind of effect on guys Sakura." and suddenly everything went black for Tatsumi.

Meanwhile Shou had ran out onto the roof. He looked around and was releived to see no one around.

"What . . . what is it!?" Shou asked as the icey grip intensified.

We've got a live one. School can wait, we gotta collect this one while it's still hot.- Taruke said.

You can make up the work later.- Murai chimed in.

Shou locked up in pain as the icey feeling expanded to the rest of his body. He fell back against the wall of the doorway as the pain intensified. Suddenly he went limp and a dark mist sprouted out the ground at his feet then floated up and completely consumed him. As the mist disappated Shou opened his eyes, the pain disappearing, and they had changed to the crimson red along. Along with the eyes he was wearing the same black raincoat from the night before.

*Sigh*"Alright, where is it?" Shou asked annoyed jumping onto the fence that surrounded the roof and looking around.

Five miles to the East. Police Headquarters.- Murai said.

Shou looked to his left and his eye's focused on the tallest building in the distance. He crouched down and jumped into the air, landing on another building in that direction half a mile away. As he landed he kept his eyes trained on the building, especially the window on the right corner on the top floor. Shou started jumping and running from building top to building top as he made his way to the police headquarters.

Hey, you're getting pretty good at this. You can't say demons never did anything good for humans.-Taruke said-Increased five senses, faster, stronger, and a six sense for knowing when dangerous people are around.

Shou kept quiet, he didn't like what he was doing. Even if the people he was killing were bad people, killing them wasn't gonna do anything about it. But Taruke and Murai were always hunting them down, and he had learned early on if he didn't do it willingly, they took over by force and still did it. As he reached the last building infront of the police headquarters he looked down at the street pull of people and police officers. None of them noticed a boy in a black raincoat looking at them. Shou took a deep breath, walked all the way back, ran, and jumped of the edge and up to the room he was focusing on.

As he reached the window he was four people. One sitting behind a desk with his feet on it, and three other guys, one to each side of him and one behind him. They all had on suites, but he man sitting at the desk's was nicer than the other three's. As he reached the window Shou's eye's began to glow and he passed through it and landed inside, passing through the guy on the right on his way. Once he landed he quickly went to the shadows being cast from the odd angle the sun was hitting the room.

"Eh, what's wrong." one of the men behind the desk asked the man Shou had passed through as he began to look around worriedly.

"I . . . I swear I just felt something go right through me." he said.

All the men stood at attention as the door opened and another man walked in. At first he didn't notice the four men behind the desk but when he did he backed up a few steps and stood straight.

"Wh-what are you doing here!?" He asked impatiently "I told you we meet outside, it's too risky for me in this building."

"Calm down, calm down Head Detective." the man sitting at the desk said calmly. As he sat properly Shou got a good look at him. His hair was brown and stayed close to his head and he had a beard and mustouche too, but his eyes were a piercing amber "I just got word the police raided another drug dealer and took his entire stock, I'm here to pre-emptively put my bid on it." and placed a thick envelope onto the desk. Once he was done he stood up and left the room, followed by his three bodyguards.

Shou followed the four as they went through the office and reached an elevator. As they got in Shou followed and stood facing all four as the doors closed and the elevator started going down. All he wanted to do was take their souls and get back to class.

I know what you're thinking Shou, but don't you think killing all four in the police headquarters is a little much?- Murai said

"I just want this over with, we'll disappear by the time they're found." Shou said reaching to his back and pulling out the sword. Once he did his eye's stopped glowing and he became visible to the four men in the elevator.

"What the hell!?" the bodyguards yelled reaching for their weapons once they saw Shou.

Shou quickly ran through two of the guards but the third was quick and had his gun pointed at Shou's head. Bang Bang Bang Bang! The guard looked down at his stomach as he fell over, blood pouring from four bullet holes in his stomach. The boss had backed into a corner and was looking at Shou in horror as he took a step over, the sword in his right hand and a black six shooter with evil etchings in his left hand.

"Wait wait! What do you wa-" but he didn't finish as Shou stabbed him through the head.

He quickly pulled it out and holstered the gun and sheathed the sword, it's gem glowing eerily red. His eye's began glowing and he jumped through the roof of the elevator and through one of the closed doors as it kept going down. He ran through another office and jumped out of the window, landing on the same building he had stood on earlier. He looked down and after several minutes a big comotion began in the building.

Looks like they've found his body.- Murai said

Hahaha, oh this is good. Greed is always a strong signal to pick up.- Taruke said gloating over the new soul-We did good today. Hey Murai, let's give Shou the night off.

Very well, he did a good job today.-Murai said calmly

"You're giving me a night off?" Shou asked surprised as he headed back to the school, diffinently late for class.

Sure, we've been with you, what, six monthes now. It's about time you got a break.- Taruke said as they landed on the roof of the school. Shou closed his eyes and the black coat turned into mist and faded away and when he opened his eyes, they were blue again- Hell, I remeber the night we first met. Man, you were so pathetic, do ya remember?

Shou kept quiet as he walked through the empty halls to his class. He remembered that night, how could he forget. That was first night, he had ever killed someone.


So what'd you guys think? I think I did pretty good. And next chapter is a flashback so that'll be something to look forward to.
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Silent Avera

Night Pirate Graphic Lemonade Maker
Apr 22, 2006
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Somewhere only we know~

If this were a manga, I'd buy it. Good golly miss molly Coldman, such improvement, I feel proud just for knowing that your creative spark has matured this much.

A little bit of a crit, some of the descriptions felt a little stiff, work on making them flow a bit better :)


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Oct 18, 2007
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Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
Thanks guys, I put a lot of work into chapter 2. And SL's right, my work does get better as I go on. So now, without a wait. I present another chapter.

Please know that all italisized words in parenthasees are Shou's thoughts.

Chapter 3

(Now that I think back on it, I guess it really didn't start six months ago. Maybe it started that night, I won't forget that night either. I ccan't forget that night, it's shaped who I am now.)

"Oh man, oh man. I"m so late, Mom's gonna kill me." A ten year old Shou said as he ran down the road to his house. He had been helping a friend with homework and lost track of time, now he was running home with his backpack as thunder and lightning roared in the distance "Huh, that's wierd. It's not suppose to rain tonight."

When he reached his house he quickly made his way inside and dropped his backpack in the hall by the door.

"Mom! I think dinners burning!" He yelled out when he smelled something burnt from the kitchen. "Mom!?" he looked in the kitchen and saw nobody "Dad!?" he looked through the living room and the entire bottom floor of the house "Hey this isn't funny!" he went through the bottom floor again before heading up the stairs tothe second floor.

Right away something didnt' feel right. It wasn't just the atmosphere, the lights for the hallway didn't work. As he took several cautios steps a bolt of lightning peeled through the sky, illuminating the hallway for a brief few seconds. Shou stopped and stared as two bodies became appearant in the light. Suddenly there was a loud crash and a man ran out of a room, a handful of money and jewelry in his hand. He looked back at Shou, who was frozen still, and another bolt of lightning revealed shaggy, dirty black hair, amber eyes, and dirt, unwashed clothes. He ran to the end of the hall and broke through the window, leaving the cool night air and sound of thunder to flow in.

(I dont' exactly remember what happened next. It felt like I spent that time just staring at my dead parents, but eventually the police arrived and took me away. I remember quietly sitting in the back of a car and a ride somewhere, then I spent a long time staring at the floor of the police station. Everything that had happened seemed unreal, almost false. But it was real, I couldn't undo it and I couldn't look away. But . . . I made friends .)

"Hey kid, I'm talking to you." come a voice.

Shou looked up from the floor to see a detective looking down at him. He didn't know how long he had been sitting on a chair at the police station. The detective wore a suite with a long tan raincoat over it. He had short brown hair that was slightly grey and grey eyes. Since he had come in no one had talked to him, or questioned him, or even made any attempt to do anything with him, they just let him sit and stare.

"So? How bout it?" the detective asked

"Huh, did you say something to me?" Shou asked

*Sigh* "Nevermind." as Shou went back to staring the detective grabbed him and hauled him to his feet "C'mon, we're gonna be late." and led him outside to his car.

Shou got into the passengers seat, buckled up, and started staring down at the floorboard of the car. As they drove off Shou noticed light was shining down on the floorboard, he looked up and saw the sun rising, he had been there all night. Eventually they came to a rural neighborhood. The houses were all second story houses, but different from Shou's home. But it still made him feel uneasy. Eventually the detective pulled into one of the houses and led Shou inside. The instant they stepped inside they were greeted by the smell of food, freshly cooked.

"Honey, I'm home and I brought a guest." The detective called out as he led Shou into the kitchen.

"Daddy!" a boy and girl cried at the same time and ran to hug their father.

"Tatsumi! Sakura! Good morning." the detective said to his children then went over and kissed his wife.

"Oh my, who's this?" she asked looked down at Shou as she put the last of the food on the table.

"This is the boy I gave you a call about. He spent a rough night at the station." the detective said hanging his coat up and sitting down at the table.

"Oh, you poor thing." the wife gave Shou a hug then sat him down between Tatsumi and Sakura "Well the best thing for you now is to have a good breakfast, then it's off to bed."

"I'm not tired." Shou said digging into the food with everyone else

"So uh . . . why were you arrested?" Tatsumi asked

"Tatsumi!" the detective said harshly

"I wasn't arrested." Shou answered

"So why were you-" Sakura began to ask

"Sakura!" her father cut her off.

Sakura and Tatsumi kept quiet for the rest of the meal and Shou was queit too. He knew they were jsut curious, they didn't mean anything by their questions. But still, Shou didn't wanna talk about it.

(I did end up falling asleep after breakfast. I slept that whole day. The next day I was questioned about my parents murder. My godparents were out of town, and it was gonna take them a while to get back so until then the detective had agreed to take care of me. I didn't talk much at first but eventually Tatsumi and Sakura and I became friends. After my guardians came and got me I ended up going to the same school as them, and then the man who killed my parents was arrested and sent to jail. After that, I just lived my life as best I could.
Six and a half years later

"Shou! Hey Shou!" Tatsumi yelled as he chased Shou down a street.

"Yeah Tatsumi?" Shou asked stopping to let Tatsumi catch up.

"Check it out." Tatsumi flahed two tickets in Shous face.

"N-no way." Shou stammered as he grabbed the tickets and checked them out "Front row, center stage, and legitament. How did you get these concert tickets!?"

"That's my secret. But the great news is that it's for the concert in six months."

"Six months? You idiot! What good are tickets we can't use!?"

"Hey hey, chill out man. Did you see the date the for concert?"

Shou took the tickets and checked them "It's . . . the same date as my birthday."

"Yep, it's your birthday present." Tatsumi smiled "Sakura's already got hers so now we're all set."

"Thanks Tatsumi." Shou said handing a ticket back "Well I gotta head home, see ya later." and headed off back home.

He had already wasted most of the afternoon with Sakura and Tatsumi so it was getting dark outside. As he walked on Shou couldn't help feeling a not form in the pit of his stomach, something just felt off.

(But, no matter what I did, or how I lived, that moment was always there to haunt me. Maybe if I had known I would've acted differently. But the past can't be rewritten, no matter how badly you want it to be.)

"Hey! You!" came a gruff voice.

Shou stopped and looked around, he was only one on the street so whoever it was must be talking to him.

"What? Is someone there?" Shou asked looking around.

"Over here." came the voice and Shou looked over to see someone standing in the shadows.

"Look pal I don't have any money. You'll just be robbing a broke highschool student."

"I'm . . . not here to rob you."

Shou took a stop back and prepared for anything. The figure in the shadows moved and stepped out into the light. As his face became seeable Shou nearly dropped fell over from surprise. In one second he flashed back to the night his parents were killed and he was seeing the man all over again, except this time he was standing in front of him and not leaving through a window.

"Hi. I guess you probably remember me huh." the man said taking a step forward "And I guess it's really surprising to see me here." Shou stayed rooted in his spot "It took a while to find you, the police didn't want me to know where you were. But I didn't come here to hurt you or anything." He seemed to be struggling to find the right words "While I was in jail, I got a real perspective on things. I know what I did to you was wrong so I just came here to say, I'm sorry. And I was wondering if there's any way you could possibly forgive me for what I did?""

(I was so pissed off.)

"You want me . . . to forgive you?" Shou asked shaking a little

"I don't expect it, but I wanted you to know I was sorry."

(What right did he have to ask for forgiveness from me!)

"NO!" Shou ran forward and punched the man across the face, knocking him back against a wall "Never! Never! Never!" and dug his knee into his stomach with every word. Once he was done he started punching the guys face again. An indescribable anger was coursing through Shou, something that wanted to hurt this man. As blood began to cover the mans face Shou grabbed him and threw him to the ground. As he hit a knife fell out of his pocket and landed at Shou's feet.

"W-wait kid. Don't do this, you're not a killer like me!" the man said paniced as Shou picked up the knife.

"SHUT UP! You don't get to talk, you . . . shouldn't get to live." and pulled the blade out. He walked over to the man and grabbed him by his shirt collar and then started punching him again, the knife in hsi fist made the punches harder.

As it darkened a little Shou stopped his punches and stared at the man beneath him. His face was covered in blood that also stained Shou's hand. He was making sounds but didn't have the strength to try and get away. As Shou stared down at him he lifted the knife up over his head, the blade pointed down at the man. He held it still for a second as he took in the moment then brought it down. Cshck! Tears began running down Shou's face and fell onto the mans jacket.

"Damnit. DAMNIT!" Shou yelled as his hand shook, the knife stabbed into the cement ground by the mans head "I hate you . . . so much. Why can't I kill you?"

(Then I heard them.)

Ain't it obvious kid. You don't got what it takes.- came a voice out of nowhere.

Shou looked around for the source of the voice, tears still running down his cheeks. "Wh-what do you mean?"

Exactly what I said, you don't got what it takes. You're just too . . . nice. Too clean hearted.- the voice said the last few words with digust.

But you're still full of rage and hatred.- another voice said -But there's a way to fix that, we can help you to find the strength to kill him.


Offer your body to us.- the second voice said- We're dark souls, being within the same body as us wiill stain your heart and soul. The strength and cruelty you need to take a life, will be your's.

"Then take it." Shou said "Take my body, just let me kill him."

(I thought they'd just kill me and take my body.)

Very well then.

As the said those words Shou began to feel some sort of ominous presence impose itself upon him. It felt like something was making it's way into his back, stretching and twisting his insides so there'd be room. "Who are you?"

We are Taruke and Murai. Twin lords who rule all lands in the South of the Demon World.- the voices said together, then everything went black.

(I was wrong.)

When everything came to, Shou opened his eyes. He was standing over the mans body, covered in his blood. The man was cut open, his insides were splayed out in a fashion that made Shou wanna puke, but he was still a little groggy. He looked down at his right hand and saw a sword. As eh came to his senses he leaned back against the wall and stared up at the night sky, littered with stars.

"Alright, I've done it. You can have my body now." he said

We already do kid. Thanks.- Taruke said

"But . . . I'm still alive. You said you wanted my body."

Well yeah, but that doesn't mean we were gonna kill you. Possession only works so long as the body's original inhabitant is still alive in it. Looks like we're roomie's now!

Six Months Later

Shou sighed with relief as he stepped out of the hot bathroom and made his way into his room. It had been a good day, he hadn't hung out with Sakura and Tatsumi in a few weeks. True to their word Taruke and Murai had given him the night off. As he put on some pajamas for the night he looked over at his mirror and saw the ticket for his birthday conert next week.

"Hey, Taruke, Murai. Is there anyway I could get another day off next week?" he asked.

Well maybe. But you'll have to double time the souls you collect this week. At most I feel in a giving mood once every 50 years.- Taruke said

"Alright then." Shou said getting into his bed and letting sleep take him "All this trouble, for one guy." he mumbled as he drifted off.


So how was it guy's. It's pretty early but I felt really inspired to write this, in all honesty I couldn't wait to get it out.

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Somewhere only we know~

Very tragic, I felt Shou as a self-destructing character and now he's a trapped one. For him to want to overcome his kindness to kill has all kinds of literature curses, I wish him well~ ;-;

(And SQUEE! Demon TWINS! ^0^ )


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In the deep Darkness
Well Shou is a sympathetic character I guess. But he did invite them in and thus led to the life he currently has. But lets see what he makes of it.


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Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
Well ladies and gentlemen, after much patient waiting on your part, for which I greatly thank you, I present to you all, Another chapter. Let's see where Shou's soul hunting takes him this time.

Chapter 4
"No matter where you run, I'll chase you. No matter where you hide, I'll find you. No matter how hard you try, I can see your tears. Why? Because we're one and the same."-quote by IDK​

"Okay, and that finishes up the mythology surrounding gods. Now we'll start the section about their opposites, demons and devils." the teacher said writing the page number for the next secion on the board. Riiiiiiing "Oh, well class is over for today, we'll start the next section Monday. Have a nice weekend everyone." and the teacher quickly packed up his materials and left.

After he closed the door the students started doing the same, most went over to their friends and started talking about weekend plans. Shou just sighed and packed his things then left and headed to the roof. After asking about another day off he had decided he had to get a lot of souls, quickly. He had managed to grab six before school started, some guys who held knifes at peoples throats to take their wallets and purses. Luckily it had been in the back alleys and the victims just ran off when he gave them the opening to run, no witnesses no problems.

As he stepped out onto the roof he grabbed a pipe lying by the door and jammed it through the handle and against an old lock on the frame. He dropped his book bag and took off his jacket. The black mist sprouted from his feet and tranformed him. After he was done he spread out his sense and locked onto all the darkened souls throughout the entire city.

Oh, it's like an all I can eat buffet. Now, who to kill first?- Taruke said feeling the different souls.

You're certainly working hard Shou. You must really want that day off next week.- Murai said

“Will you two just shut up so I can hunt.” Shou said agitated and started jumping from building to building through the city.

As he stopped he looked down onto a crowded street. His eyes quickly found the ones whose souls were black, it wasn’t just his sense, when he was close enough the person or people became like walking shadows. As he focused on them their sins seemed to pop into his head, one beat his wife and child, another murdered his parents, rapist, thief, thief, blackmailer. He watched carefully as one went inside a building then quickly ran up to the abandoned third floor. Shou’s eyes began to glow red and he jumped into the building and stood in the shadows as a woman entered the room. It was large and open, pillars held up the roof above them and were spaced evenly on the wooden floor, dust had settled in everywhere but as she made her way through much of it was kicked up. She made her way over to a doorway with a brand new lock on it and unlocked it then stepped inside. Shou followed her and found three children all tied up and gagged. Their clothes where dirty and stained with food, they were bloody from mysterious cuts, and they smelled badly. As the woman entered the room the children looked up at her with a mix of fear and hatred.

“I'm sorry children.” The woman said in a mocking sympathetic tone “But it seems each of your parents can’t afford your ransoms.” She reached in her purse and pulled out a large knife “I don’t need you anymore. I guess it’s not your lucky day.”

The children stared yelling as best they could but the gags muffled a lot of it. They started moving but their hands and feet were bound, severely limiting their movement too. As the woman stepped into the room Shou quickly and quietly walked up behind her, his eyes stopped glowing, drew his gun, and held it to the back of her head.

“It’s not your lucky day.” He said before he pulled the trigger. Bang!

The woman fell face forward, dead. The wall in front of her was splattered with her blood, and some had gotten on the children as they watched, horror struck. Shou put away his gun and stepped over the womans body. He looked at the children then reached down and picked up the knife. The children began yelling and tried moving again as he walked over. Two watched as he reached for the one in between them and cut the rags binding her hands. He left her alone as she undid the one around her feet and took the gag out and cut the rags on the other two.

“Th-thank you mister.” One of the children said as they stood up and moved towards the door. They turned around as they heard someone rushing up the stairs then looked back and Shou was gone. A man came up and looked around the room then saw the open door, the dead woman, and the children.

“What the hell!” the man said rushing over to the children and dead woman.

Shou had jumped onto the roof of the building and was putting as much distance as he could between him and it. As he jumped to another building he shot down and killed a man holding a knife to another mans throat who was holding out his wallet and watch. The victim looked confused as his attacker fell to the ground but then quickly put his items in his pocket and ran out of the alley.

Well that sure was nice Shou, untying those kids and all.- Taruke said.

It wouldn’t have made a difference if you left them or not.- Murai said

“Then why are you bringing it up?” Shou asked

It’s just strange to see you acting so nice. Especially since you’re out tonight to kill people.- Taruke answered.

Shou kept quiet and moved on to another part of the city. He had a lot of hunting to do tonight.

“Hey Tatsumi.” Sakura asked as the two walked home “Doesn’t Shou seem really different to you?”

“Different?” Tatsumi shrugged “ I dunno, he seems like the usual stuck up Shou.”

“Shou isn’t stuck up! I’m being serious, he seems distant and cold.”

Tatsumi kept quiet and kept walking. He didn’t look it but he was thinking about his answer.


“Yeah, he does seem different.” He finally answered “But he’s probably dealing with something he wants to handle alone.”

“He doesn’t have to handle it alone.” Sakura sulked as she walked

“Maybe not, but if he needs help or wants to talk then he’ll come to us. He knows we’re his friends.”

“I hope so.”

“But I wouldn’t count on him coming to us. You keep scaring him off.”

Wack! Sakura hit Tatsumi upside the head with her bag, knocking him over into a set of trash cans. As he crawled out and followed Sakura threw an empty can and hit him in the head.

“Ow! That hurts you know!”

“Gah!” a gang member let out a cry as Shou ran him through with his sword. The gem in the sword was glowing brightly as the gang member fell and Shou looked around at the other nine bodies lying throughout the alley.

That makes fifteen tonight. You’re on a role.- Taruke commented as Shou sheathed his sword.

“Fifteen should be enough for one night.” Shou said as he looked up at the darkened sky “I gotta get home and sleep.”

Stop!- Murai said as Shou moved to leave.

“What is it now!?”

Can you sense it? The gathering.

“Gathering?” Shou stopped and let his sense reach out throughout the city again. In a second he felt it, a large gathering of people with dark souls “Well that’s unusual.”

Who cares, they’re gathering together in one place. This is a golden opportunity.- Taruke said

With a sigh Shou jumped up onto the building beside him and started heading over to the gathering. It wasn’t too far away luckily. After jumping across a few buildings he came to a large, elegant building. A large parking lot was set up in front of it where many different cars were parked and their occupants were heading inside. As he watched Shou found it strange that the people walking into the building were from different social groups and positions, and also had a variety of different sins.

“This doesn’t make much sense.” Shou said as he watched the last of them walk in

It doesn’t have to make sense, just kill them and take their souls!- Taruke yelled at him

“Okay, okay. Geez you get grouchy when you’re greedy.”

Shou jumped down to the parking lot and made his way through. No one was around so he had no need to use his powers. As he got to the door he saw the entire front of the building was glass and through it he could see all the people gathered there drinking and dancing. There was a good mix of men and women, some paired off and were spending time in dark corners.

“They got invited to a party?”

And a nice party at that.- Taruke said

Shou tried to open the door but found it was locked. With a sigh he stepped back and his eyes started to glow. He jumped up and went through the wall, landing at the end of a second story balcony overlooking the main hall of the building. Not too far to his left in a corner was a man and a woman getting to know each other very well. With one move Shou drew his sword and stabbed them both through the head. When he pulled out the sword they fell against the corner still standing then he made his way down the balcony to the staircase, passing by several other people.

“I'm telling you, little kids bleed more than you think.” one man said as Shou passed “You gotta be careful with them, make sure you don’t hit any important veins or arteries when your cutting them up.”

“You’re one sick bastard, all I do is rob people.” The other man with him said.

In one slash both men fell back to the ground, their heads rolling back against the wall. As he passed by more Shou quickly took them out with well placed stabs and slices, luckily they all went down quietly.

Hey Murai, what’s up? You’ve been way too quiet since we got here. Lighten up, it’s a party.- Taruke said as Shou finished up on the balcony.

Don’t you both think it’s strange that a party is being held filled with the very people we’re looking for? This is too good.- Murai said and Shou picked up on a suspicious vibe from him.

“AAAAGGGH!” a woman yelled from the ground floor.

Shou looked over and saw that one of the bodies had rolled over and was now dripping onto the crowd below. People rushed up and over to check out what was happening and reeled in horror from his mini massacre.

“They’re dead, they’re all dead!” a man yelled down to the crowd.

With a sigh Shou’s eyes stopped glowing and he ran forward and separated the man’s head from his body. As the head was still in the air he jumped over the railing and brought his sword down, cutting the first woman who had yelled in half. In no time the crowd began panicking and ran to doors, desperate to get out and away. As they ran Shou pulled out his gun and took out the few smart enough to bring guns themselves then slashed at those who passed by him and chased them out. A majority of the people had managed to escape and the doors quickly closed behind them. Shou’s eyes started to glow as he followed them and ran at the door.


The second he touched the doors he was engulfed in a painful force that sent him flying back, smoking a little. As he stood up he looked and saw symbols glowing on the door that spread out and covered all the walls and the ceiling.

Repelling runes!?[/I}- Taruke asked surprised

This was a trap. A well placed one too.- Murai said

“Repelling runes? Mind explaining some of this?” Shou asked annoyed, the effect of the symbols made it hard for him to move his body, although the effects were wearing off.

Oh c’mon kid, even you should know this.- Taruke said –Ancient human cultures knew about demons and what we do, so it’d make sense if they came up with a way to fight against us. You used spells and other various magic’s to do it. Runes are symbols you drew into buildings to either trap us or make sure we couldn’t enter, and we’re obviously trapped.

“Okay, so who’d want to trap us?” Shou asked looking around for an opening to get out of. He didn’t notice the figure walking up quietly behind him with a large knife. It raised the knife and brought it down, poised to stab Shou in the back. As the blade touched him Shou spun around and shot an entire round of bullets into the figure. “Damn.” He hissed as he looked over his shoulder to the small rip with a little blood pouring out of it.

He was taken by surprise as the figure once again came at him with the knife. Shou dodged around the attacks and put several more shots into him but he just kept coming. After he put some distance between them he saw the figure was the body of someone he’d already killed.

Didn’t we already kill that guy?- Taruke asked as he charged again.

Suddenly Shou was grabbed from behind and held in place. He looked over to see one of the headless bodies had grabbed him. He pulled free from it’s grasp as the first man reached him and stabbed, missing and stabbing the headless body. The second after it was stabbed Shou holstered his gun and slashed at them with his sword, cutting off their arms, legs, and their bodies in half. As he stepped back to take a breath all the other bodies he had killed sprung up and started moving. They all grabbed whatever they could hold in their hands and went at Shou.

“This is like some bad horror movie!” Shou yelled as he dodged and cut through the crowd of dead after him “What the hell is doing this!?”

“That’d be me.” Came a eerie voice from behind Shou just before something sharp was stabbed into his right shoulder.

“AGH!” Shou yelled in pain and dropped his sword then turned around, drew his gun, and fired. The person behind him dodged the shots and stepped back allowing Shou to see him clearly. He had long black, shaggy hair, empty brown eyes, and dirty raggedy clothes. But what caught Shou’s attention more than anything was the two holes in the palms of his hands and the six spider-like legs sprouting from his back, the end of each one like a blade.

“My my my, what do we have here now?” he asked as he watched Shou “A pathetic demon wanna be.”

A spider demon!? It makes sense now.- Murai said

“Oh does it now?” the man asked as Shou dodged the attacks of more bodies, getting farther and farther away from his sword.

“You . . . you can hear Murai!?” Shou asked surprised.

“Of course, demons can always hear one another. Even if their voices aren’t directly coming from the mouth of the human they possess.” The spider demon said.

“What’s going on? Who the hell are you!?”

“Hmhmhm, my name is Phoneutra. And I'm here to kill you Shou Ichijo.”

[I}Spider demons are the hit men of the demon world.
- Taruke said –For a price they kill anyone for their client, even if it’s someone higher up in power than them.

They’re adept at controlling dead bodies with their webs, like puppet masters. They also come with a variety of poisons if push comes to shove.- Murai added.

As he finished Shou noticed that as the bodies moved the demon was moving his fingers and hands around, not much but enough to be noticeable. As he dodged more and more he unloaded as many bullets as possible but it didn’t do much, to add to the problem his right arm was pretty much dead weight and bleeding badly. Suddenly he found himself back against a wall. As a body came to attack he jumped up and stepped on it’s head then jumped over to another’s, then another’s, and another’s heading straight for the spider demon.

What the hell are you doing?- Taruke asked

“The bodies are like arms, I can’t take them out with just the gun and taking them out is pointless. I gotta kill the head to stop them all.” Shou answered as he landed infront of the spider demon, his gun pointed right at him.

As Shou shot at him the demon moved back and dodged, sending out it’s six insect legs to strike at him. He managed to dodge the legs but the bodies quickly came up from behind and attacked again. He jumped back over them, away from the demon and spotted his sword lying on the ground. He holstered his gun, landed in the crowd, and grabbed his sword with his left hand. As the bodies began to converge on his he spun around, cutting the ones directly around him in half. As a space opened up he charged through the crowd, cutting and slicing at the bodies that got in his way as he headed for the demon. When he reached him the demon extended his insect legs and attacked, Shou blocked and dodged them as he tried to get closer. Suddenly he jumped into the air and over to the other side of the demon.

“What!?” the demon yelled just before Shou cut off it’s legs “Agh!” he yelled out in pain. As he spun around to hit Shou cut off his hands, the bodies fell to the ground, limp. As he fell back Shou put a foot on his chest and raised his blade up.

Wait Shou!- Murai said quickly –Spider demons don’t attack for no reason. If he’s after us then someone hired him. It’d be beneficial to know who.

“Hehehehehehe. You want to know who?” the demon asked looking up at Shou “Think very carefully now. What enemies could the demon lords of the South Region have? I wonder?” sarcasm dripping from his words.

You need to be more specific, we got a lot of enemies.- Taruke said –Shou, if he doesn’t tell us take off an ear.

“You’re forgetting the one important thing about the Spider Clan.” The demon said as Shou placed his sword on his ear “We take our clients identities to our graves, and our poison isn’t just for our targets.” He then brought up his arm and bit it.

“Hey, wait damnit!” Shou yelled as the demon began to convulse “I want my answers!” he grabbed the demons body and began to shake it.

Hey hey hey, stop it Shou. He’s dead now, besides we gotta go.- Taruke said and Shou heard police sirens in the distance

Regardless of what happened we now know something at least.- Murai said as they escaped, the runes had disappeared with the spider demon –It appears some old enemies of ours are after us.

“What was he talking about?” Shou asked suddenly as he jumped over some buildings on his way back home for the night “He called you two ‘The demon lords of the South Region.’”

Oh, didn’t we tell you kid.- Taruke said –Murai and I are two of the six Demon Lords that rule over the world of demons. We rule the South Region.”

“You gotta be kidding me!” Shou said surprised

You should consider yourself quite lucky Shou.- Murai said –We’re among the strongest of demons, and you’re using our powers.

“Hmm. Well I'm assuming we got a good haul tonight. Better than usual anyway,”

Shou decided to just let the subject drop. Apparently things just got much more complicated. Taruke and Murai had an old enemy that wanted them anything but alive. And that meant Shou’s life was on the line too. Demons were just troublesome creatures.


Oh, jsut a little fun fact. I chose the demons name because it's the first name of the Latin name for the Brazilian Wandering Spider, known to be the most poiisonous spider in the world.
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