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    Dang tin giá r? ch? 500k / tháng
    Bet you were!!11!! ;o haha

    Hahaha yessss exactly like that. Yeah, kinda the same. And I'm such a lazy ass that I kinda need a schedule. If I don't have specific times, then I'm like "Weeelll, I'm so tired now. I'll do it tomorrow. :I " and then on the following day "lol nope" And I kinda would need to find a sport that I'd like. Golf is nice. But you need that ... green card or whatev and it's expensiiiveee. Haha well yeah... about that. I got the results. And I got in! So it means that this girl is moving to the capital city oh yeah. Haha felt pretty awesome when I got the acceptance letter earlier this week.

    Yeah, well, I can see that it's a hard series to get into now that it has so many games already. But now that they release(d?) the trilogy edition, it should be good. c: And well personally I don't care about the stealth aspect but I like history and yeah, the fact that it's an open world game. And yeah, the later games are MUCH better. o3o I haven't watching animu in a looong time properly. I check the latest episode of Sword Art Online every now and then but that's all really. I'm too busayh nowadays.
    Though I don't think I was ever really serious about it, lol. So yeah, I rather focus on something that is much more achievable for me as well, haha. That is business or politics or whatever it ever will be. /shrug

    All those campus parties~ lol It takes sometime to get used to, yeah. Especially when you can't suddenly rely on anyone else to do things for you haha. But then again, it's not so different. I mean I was kind of a subtenant already at my home lol, basically just living in my own room, stepped outside only to eat hahaha. Oh yes, I know the feel. My dog is living with my parents as well and I miss him so much when I don't see him in months. :c Well, I guess you get some exercise which is good but you kind of get fed up with riding a bike to school when it's raining or ... eeh. So I envy you haha. Haha, an entrance exam. Seriously it's a very official exam and there are so many taking it, like hundreds. But to be honest I don't know why it takes so long... I'd like to have the results much sooner, it's kinda messing up my motivation right now lol.

    Well I got it (now that I finished the main story in AC3) and I personally have to say that I enjoy it very much. At first I was pretty 'meh' about it, like it's okay and sorta fun I guess but then I got immersed haha and now I just feel like starting a quest after a quest and just play all the time. And well, I play on PS3 so the graphics and such aren't the greatest which is a shame but I guess you can't always win. And personally I love open-world games, kinda seems like a good way to sell a game to me xD "It's an open world game!" - Okay, gimme that! Yeah, well, if you're not a fan already then I don't think you're going to miss a lot by not getting it right now. I mean it's a cool game and fun and all that and even though it's probably my favorite AC it's not like a "buy-it-this-instant-because-it's-so-amazing" game.

    Ah. Well then you'd think the pacing would be better but... /shrug you never know.
    I see. That would probably work in a uni here. Or well, not the same way but kind of. I'm in a uas which is a different thing so it doesn't work there. And then again, I don't think there is anything in a uas that interests me other than business. And even that doesn't interest me as much as it should but I'm still doing pretty well, getting good grades and all, hah. Anyway, theater would be nice. I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid, lol but that career does not really have a future in this country. And it's very difficult to get into a theater school so.

    Was the campus huge? Haha, I always imagine the American campuses to be like small villages kind of, lol. That's understandable. I wouldn't want to live with my family anymore, now that I've lived around 10 months on my own. Visiting them was tiring enough, haha. Yeahh, I actually live in the school dorms but they're like 2 miles away from the campus so I have to walk or take a bus when the winter comes. Which sucks. If I lived in Helsinki, I could use trains or streetcars or something xD Haha, well, I think the exam went alright. Though I still suck at writing summaries. But now I have to wait a month for the results ;A;

    Pfft, school is overrated. Yeah, I have a huge backlog as well. ._. And keep buying new games all the time as well. I would really like to buy Skyrim at the moment but that game consumes so much time that argh. But I will probably buy it anyway when I'm done with Assassin's Creed III. Yeah, I didn't really play anything during the summer either which is weird. Or well, I played but I didn't finish anything.

    Ah, I see. Well, they tend to do that with every series. xD At least with the series that have like a 12 episode seasons so I wouldn't really mind, haha.
    Aah, right. Yeah, well, if you study art, you have quite many options for what you can do in the future. c: So I'm sure you will find something that is interesting. Two majors? That's interesting, although not so uncommon in the States? It's kind of frustrating that you can't do it here, you have to do one program at a time. Chemistry? I would think that it is a useful major.

    I guess it's campuses lol idk /shrug San Diego sounds like a nice place. I wanted to visit it when I was in Cali but at the end of the day, it's so far away from the central coast so I didn't really have an opportunity. Haha yeaahhh and I'm kind of fed up with living in a small town. And I need to travel and move around quite a lot so living in a small town that is about 30 miles from Helsinki is really inconvenient for me. I don't have a car so I always have to go by a bus and it takes an hour and sjsuuhfv. I guess it's just a question of organizing but I'm too lazy and I like to keep things comfortable, haha. Thanks! c: I think that it might go well as I pretty much know what they're asking and what I have to say in the interview but I don't want to be too confident. xD

    Thank you~ c: Mine is 3136-7792-6885. I don't think they're going to release it here... I guess it wouldn't sell here. /shrug Well, quality over quantity I guess! Haha yeah, well, if it's what you like to do, then I personally see no problem with it. xD Pokemahn is da best. Pokemon Gold was actually the first video game I ever bought. And it's fun fun funn and addicting. So you should try it although it is quite simple.

    Mm, sounds intriguing. Though I've got too much stuff that I need to watch that probably I won't watch it anytime soon. xD
    So you're studying biology. That's so cool. Do you study any specific field or is it still just, eerm, general? if that's the right word. Kinda always wanted to study it but I just don't understand cell biology at all so that dream died right there lol.

    8D Hey that's awesome! Hopefully you'll get there~ n_n I've kinda done a similar project as I've applied to a new school. It's actually the same school, same name and same program but just a different place. Nothing wrong with my current school per se but I just don't want to live in that town lol. I've got an entrance exam next Tuesday so kinda nervous about it but if everything goes well, I can start next January.

    Wait. 3DS. o3o Friend code puriisu~ Code of Princess... oh yeah, that game. I don't think they released it in Europe. ._. But how do you like it? c: I haven't had time to play vgs so much lately. I've been playing the new Pokemon game but I'm taking my time.

    Ringer... I think I've heard of it but never watched it. What's it about?
    O haiii~ c:
    Mm, nothing special I guess. I have my autumn break at the moment so I'm busy visiting my parents and friends before I have to go back to school and all that.
    What about you? *u*
    Yeah, kind of the same for me. Something about KHI makes it impossible to stop coming here.

    I get ALL the channels. But all the good shows have been cancelled.
    Only a couple people on... anywhere seem to be from Canada.

    I have more than enough time. The story's just convuluted enough that repeated playthroughs hurt my brain.
    I barely play video games anymore, and I can't remember the last time I watched TV. ^^
    So many people online seem to be from there...

    I'm not a huge KH fan anymore, but I still buy the new games. 3D's good, I guess.
    I'm into music. And pretty much only music. ^^
    I'm here on a trip, actually. My comment about it being typical was meant to be ironic. I live in Canada.
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