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  • nope nope i left but i have a work-study thing set up on campus for this fall. ill be washin dishes. oh yes cant wait
    no i absolutely have to finish it its imperative anime is my only priority no joke

    oh ive never watched buffy. but yeah same thats why i hate august
    NO I GOT DISTRACTED JUST BEFORE I MET ASUKA AHAHAHA im planning on finishing it though. soon. maybe. <_< u arent the only person on my back about it!!!!

    whats up :3
    can yet, had to reboot because adobe reader wasnt working and i needed to see the bus schedule so i can get to work tomorrow morninggg.
    Not really, no. I've been focused on making films and such, so I never really do anything with photoshop. I would like to get into it again though, but I lost all my resources ;_;
    I've always been the infamous Salty. At one point I was Disaster. I was mostly popular around the graphics section back in 08-09. Not sure if you were apart of that, but you sent me a friend request, so I figured you knew me somehow, haha.

    Same for the most part. I start college this fall, fuck.
    I just noticed that embedding is disabled on the second clip -- so never mind. Apologies, friend!
    I need the opinion of another Dark Souls player -- and since you're the only one online right now, I hope you don't mind if I take yours.

    My signature and avatar have "followed" Solaire's journey through the game, and now I'm at journey's end. For the Kiln of the First Flame, should I use this clip in my signature, or this one? Ideally, I'd like the first without the sound editing, but that obviously isn't going to happen any time soon.
    Atlus is having a half off sale ughgjlfghjx

    Atlus USA July Sale | Operation Rainfall
    So funny, I was just on Operation Rainfall's site last night and read an article about how Atelier Ayesha had a great chance of being localized... then BAM. xD
    I should be on around 7 or 7:30 my time tomorrow for Black Swan~ I'm not too sure when because I have to bus home. xD
    i hate californians ಠ_ಠ
    no i'm kidding i know a few people there. that sounds terrible. i would stay inside all day too. lol
    well I have a part-time job at a department store here so I spend most of my days ringing up overpriced clothes made in urbanized asia to middle aged women, its a good time. i'm being facetious about it being a good time, never mind. hopefully when I do work-study at college this fall it'll be something more interesting. what class are you taking? and the heat is not so bad for me cause I live farther north in the US, but where are you?
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