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  • Hehe either way thanks :3
    And I think Zen is taken, last time I checked but I could be wrong.

    I have a list actually:

    * Xenotime
    *Somber Sorrows
    *Solemn Nights
    *Black Ballad
    *Ultramarine (or Electric Blues lol)
    I barely have any myself, but I do have a drive, a very weak one that keeps me going XD
    It was a last minute name, the anagram was based off of the Org, but it's a bit gay IMO

    At least you like it =D
    I'm a bit shy myself, and with that said I was actually asked out, not the other way around.
    Thank you self esteem D:

    Oh and yes that's the origin of my name, kind of corny though ._.
    Been thinking about changing it actually.
    I see, I know what you mean too <_<

    So do you know the one you're talking to well?
    Well some are attracted to me, I don't have them in the palm of my hands or anything >;D

    But it's alright, a little confidence doesn't hurt :3
    Eh I'm just looking right now, and you can always do that XD
    *shoots cat*


    It's fine , I know what you mean.
    Meeting new people, or at least associating yourself with them, is nice and refreshing.

    Glad to finally be talking to you, Neo.
    And yes I am a ladies man >;3
    Oh my XD~

    And thank you for the friend request btw.
    But I have to ask, why did you send me one exactly?
    Oh I kid of course, never meant any harm ^_^
    If anything I was the one being annoying posting it everywhere :p

    But thanks :3
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