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  • Thanks. I don't want it to be popular because it's a Fairy Tail story, but to break the cliches FT writers write, then I will do my best.
    I'm writing it by hand then if I'm finish, typing it tomarrow. It's a rewrite of Fairy Tail, with Lisanna alive and a member of Team Natsu, not replacing Lucy as every story does and not ruining both girls.
    I actually wrote about a man that was a student of Master Xehanort, before Ventus. His name was Master Sven and his classmates also Master Xehanort's students were Ventus' father and Master Xehanort's daughter. Sven and MX's daughter had a daughter of their own, Agua. MX hates Sven and Sven tries to outdue his teacher in every way, presumably still continuing on with the same plot of taking Agua's friend, Viento and Ventus' little brother to the future in order to complete the X-blade. Viento is comatosed, because of how much his Vanitas or darker half keeps taking away from him.
    I got out of my only class of the day and I'm not doing much now. Probably going to have dinner with friends in a couple hours.
    I'm also a fanfiction author. At least, they didn't leave Kingdom Hearts with a game that left more questions than answers and ended like that. Wouldn't that be bad?
    That wasn't the only thing, I was trying to get changed into a dress and for some reason, I was naked and walking in a large, opened mall. The dress was mainly purple and red, but there were some blues.

    Before that, there were several blonde-haired girls. They were wearing white dresses that could just blow up and show their private parts. I found that disturbing. And, they were surrounding me and their father, an elderly man with a long nose, hawaiian shirt and glasses just thought it was nothing.
    No, I've been better. I woke up from a nightmare. What does it mean to have a swollen, lavender-purple eye? You try picking at it, but when the eye is partially opened, it is the same color as the swollen eye, dull lavendar and feels like stone. You pick at it more, but this time it is covered with blood, your blood. You clean it up along with the bloody eyeball while still inside and you put on glasses and clean up the other bloody wound, which isn't severe as the swollen eye and put your hair up in a ponytail, hoping that you look appropriate.
    Call me Dream; that's what my friends call me. I'm glad you like it so far; can't wait to RP with you, because that's when the fun really starts.
    Aw, thanks for giving me a peak. It makes me feel like I'd be copying though. :-;
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