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  • Yeah Nichijou is a slice of life comedy anime. It's pretty good especially since I normally don't like just random stuff put together. It's pretty funny.
    Oh hi! Not a whole lot, just trying to wake up a bit, watching Nichijou. Tired~... u_u

    What about you?
    It's morning here, too. :D

    But good morning to you, too! I got up at 6 in the morning, but fell asleep, lol.. lazy me! But whatever..

    Did you eat your morning breakfast?!
    It's quite simple, actually. RPing is just like writing on your own, but instead you're coauthoring with the other participants. You can get a better explanation in here than you can ever hope to get from me; I love weaving a tale, but I don't do well trying to explain things. If you think it looks interesting, stop by Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War and tell Smoofy that Eternal Dream invited you.
    Welcome to KHI, Xblade. Come, join us in the Roleplays to hone your skills as a writer and gather critique from your fellow authors. That book idea of yours sounds interesting; you ever get it published, I'd love to read it. ;p
    Wow, so it's that long, huh? Well, I'm going to wait patiently on this story. :)

    Ah, just surfing around the Forums and watching NCIS.
    I'm doing well and that's good to hear you're doing okay. Thanks, you're avatar's pretty cool. Good luck with your mission.
    Who knows.. You may have to ask him that question if you ever meet him. :)

    So, how long is your story? Just give a guess.
    Lol, that's interesting to see that you work backward instead of forward.. But I'm looking forward to it! :)
    ... I don't want to think about it.. makes my head hurt.

    But I know Sora and the others will probably stop the plan either way.
    Yeah.. Boy, a lot of things were happening so fast and Master Xehornant was behind it all! He's truly evil in evil ever!
    You should be sleeping if it's school or not! XD You should do that but I won't be able to help, writing isn't really my thing. XD
    Lol, I laughed at that! xD That was Lea, all right for him to say that. But Lea's going to rule with that keyblade of his!

    There was this moment when Sora went to a Coma, it felt eerily similar to Ven's Coma.. But Sora woke up, thanks to Riku!
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