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  • Actually the 2000 movie was derived from the Light Novel, but in comparison, the LN delves more unto the dragon clans with lots of world building. I really recommend it, it was quite a good read.
    Ooooh! Escaflowne, now that's a classic, that was my first mecha titles. I remember that anime got a manga and LN reboot where they emphasized its fantasy elements. You now had more dragons and other races; and Dragon Slayers that actually slay dragons. What's interesting was the Dragons themselves were so overpowered that it would take a squad of Guymelefs (their mecha) to take one down.

    And also Dilandau actually getting a better character development, and toning down his (or her) psycho tendencies.
    Hmm... well it is an obscure title and an old one to boot, so I wouldn't expect much to its English dub version. So aside from this, what else is there on your line-up of anime/manga to read?
    Okay then...

    Wow that sounds like some Haruhi Suzumiya or visual novel type of stuff right there, kinda reminds me of Nyaruko-chan, (which btw blew me away with its awesome manga counterpart, its like Tenchi Muyo but with a Lovecraftian theme).

    Same thing with me with the Tower of God web comic, I've reading lots of great stuff about it. But... I gotta say its hard to concentrate on the story if you have quite the distracting art style. And with Gun x Clover (the one I mentioned in the thread), one minute its military-related scenario then it just blows up in your face with convoluted magic battles and such.
    Truly? Oh, and I have been reading R+V manga for quite some time as well. I could very much see the difference from the anime. Also worthy of note that Inner Moka is wearing cycling shorts instead of bright pink-looking panties lmao. No fanservice for miiiiles...
    Go and find out! What could happen other than just not finding a new phone?
    Ah, gotcha. Ever considered getting a used model that's higher quality? Like maybe a used J7? That's what I have and it works pretty well for what it does, which is a lot.
    Fuuuuck, that's not a lot! You can get a 32 gig for like twenty bucks if you do a little hunting.
    actually, where I am, it's really good! I'm heading off to NYC at the moment for a week of conferences for my major.

    How's your housing situation going?
    Hmm, I'll watch that when I can. Thanks for the interesting view!

    Also, I think your art's starting to come a long way!

    And no, never heard of the show haha
    Sorry I haven't responded in a while. I've been pretty sidetracked this week.

    I actually like the thought of Belle struggling with indecision between what she wants (not marrying Gaston) and what she needs (way to support her family). Like you said, French society wasn't kind so that would be a legitimate problem. Some families probably pressured or forced their daughters to marry for financial security regardless of if she was happy.

    Yeah Disney seems to temper down real, actual problems that their characters would have faced back then. I think they've started to do it better with these new films, but it's still subtle and not really addressed. I haven't seen the live action films, but I figure they don't go deep as well. I understand that they're following the animated movies, but a serious live action movie with time period issues would be interesting.
    Ahh yeah, that's always the trouble with these things. They've gotta get the right push and have the proper backing, and even then usually only one or two of the many will capture an audience. It's a lot of luck and good timing at the end of the day. Seems like Robot Jones has garnered kind of a cult following though, like a lot of older shows that get rediscovered.
    Hehe yeah, I watched the episode. Like I said, I had never heard of the show, so it was an interesting experience. Too bad it didn't last too long, I know there were a lot of shows across the animation networks that struggled to take off and pick up the kind of viewers to keep them going in perpetuity.
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