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    Is the person above you Pitcher, or Catcher?

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't deserve to be here. itt, we decide if the person above you 'pitches' or 'catches'. I've always been told I'd be a pitcher, and most of my friends would be catchers, so... I dunno what relevance that has, just thought I'd throw that out there. :D
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    Spongebob: Gay, or not?

    Yeah, I said it. I said it right here on KHI, I said it. Does Spongebob pimp his hoes, or does Patrick give 'im the from-the-behind delight? WHADDO YOU THINK, KHI?!
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    Goddammit, KHI, why the shit are you so distracting?

    I'm supposed to write a critique for Star Wars: A New Hope for my English class (i no wtf rite). I've been on this motherfucker for THREE GODDAMN hours trolling my own threads, 'cause all the other sections are for faggots and I really don't care what anyone else has to say about anything...
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    So, I've been playing guitar.

    I tried to start learning around sometime last summer, I think, but now's when I've really attacked my guitar. I've gotten pretty good over the course of the past few months, and I just felt like telling the world. We could make a discussion of this: any recommendations of fun songs to play...
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    umm hai

    So... Hi, I guess? Lmao, it's been a while since I've been on, so if anyone (see here: anyone IMPORTANT) has changed their names or anything, just... Lemme know, maybe? :D But, in the meantime, so I'm back (for a while, I guess), so... Enjoy it while it lasts. ^-^
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    i wanna dance like this guy

    YouTube - Bonney M - Daddy Cool also, wtf
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    The most important question ever.

    This is the big one. This is the poll to end all polls. Who's more epic pwnage? Randy Rhodes, or Tony Iommi? Don't get me wrong, they're both epic pwn, but who's more epic? [edit]Okay, I made a little error in the Poll. Technically, Randy Rhodes was with Ozzy after he was fired, while Tony...
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    How do you read your Manga?

    How do you read your manga books? Do you buy 'em every so often, or do you use an online reader? OR, do you just wait for the Anime episodes to come out? also, anyone who says "by reading the words lolololol" gets b&'d from this thread. i swaer to god. I use mangafox. User friendly, huge...
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    YouTube - David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling umm what the **** is this I actually love this song. itt other covers that totally kill and rape the original's dead body and no, it doesn't go in media, goddammit.
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    Need help downgrading my wireless security.

    I recently got the Wireless Network Adapter for my Xbox 360, because I'm dying to play Xbox LIVE (I know, I've been living all this time without Xbox LIVE. What a travesty, amirite?). However, to my chagrin, the Xbox 360 does not support WPA2 encryption, so essentially, I wanna downgrade my...
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    awesome radiohead n00z, d00d

    So, Radiohead is going on tour in Europe around June/July. Yeah, yeah, we know that. However, they ARE planning on hitting up the US at some point or another in the near future, either before or after the European leg. There are no venues or dates, just cities they've announced that they're...
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    broken shattered alive - Open Challenge

    Whoever wants a piece of me, come and get it. You've got first post. Name- Chaos Episkey Age- 17 years of age. His appearance often suggests an older age. Appearance- Chaos is about 5'11", some 164 pounds, and he always stands with a slouch. You could generally see a calm face and...
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    Greatest Band Ever?

    I was having this argument with my sister the other day. She kept insisting that System Of A Down was the greatest band ever, and I laughed in her face and said that Radiohead was far and away the best band ever, with Jane's Addiction and The Cure coming in at close second and third. So, KHI...
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    Classical music

    So, who else listens to Classical music? If so, who's your favorite composer? I, personally, like Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, and a bit of Beethoven. Yann Tiersen is good, too. It's a shame he isn't more popular. also itt share yur classical music sources plz
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    Possible solution?

    Well, I know that the Premium members can't get into chat. Granted, the new Usergroup still needs to fix some of the kinks. I know, like me, some of us thrive off of the chat. It's great. So, if we can't get in, what to do? Well... I was thinking of an IRC channel. Nothing permanent, just a...