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  • Yeah, guy was a fucking genius.

    1984 really is a great book though. A lot of people I know don't like it because they don't get it. They don't understand why the book doesn't have a happy ending, etc.

    You have to actually analyze what's going on as a whole to appreciate the book.
    This is the internet, after all.

    Yeah, this book is pretty awesome. The whole set up of everything is just genius. And yes, George Orwell is a brilliant writer. I think he would have taken over the world, given the chance.

    Or at least, he would have been able to.
    Oh, you're not a whore (I think) ;D

    Yeah, procrastination suckss. I'm reading like 100 pages of 1984 right now because I put off the reading till tonight :/
    Haha. Self-promotion isn't that shameless.

    You had to reformat your hard drive? Ugh, what a pain. I've had to do it multiple times, and it's definitely not a fun thing to experience.

    I might actually end up checking out your DA. If I ever get around to it. I have a rather bad habit of just putting stuff off until "I have time", which I almost always have (when I'm on this site, at least. lol).

    But yeah, hopefully you can get back into Photoshop. It's a really interesting program, once you start getting accustomed to it.
    Don't worry, I don't think you're a paranoid ass.

    Why is your set sexy? Or why did I say it was sexy?

    It really appealed to me because of the way the stock is integrated. I like the overall flow. And, as a new photoshop user, the amount of effort/skill it must have taken to do that appeals to me.

    Why did I say it? I don't know, I just thought you should know :D
    Ack. I guess I can only see it as fun if someone else is involved too and maybe a camera crew or two. :D
    Amen xD

    I try to do crazy shit all the time. Like yelling out "This smells awesome!" when trying out some perfume at a store full of people. Then gain immediate attention only to say "OKAY. I LIED. IT SMELLS TERRIBLE.". Or sit on my porch with a paintball gun on Halloween and let the games begin. <3

    Getting arrested is not fun? D: Damn. I've been lied to... |:
    You more than likely don't remember me XD; I had you on my awaiting/pending friends list thingy, so... I clicked you. Ta-da, random : D
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