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  • So you study eh?? Any language learning is a drag in some aspects unless you get a really good one. Class is never that. What do about all the words they only touch on, or simply don't cover because there isn't apparent need??

    Its all about getting a really powerful translator or Rosetta Stone. How regularly do you have this class and how long is it??
    Watashi wa pawa o shite imasu. Watashi wa chikara o shite omasu. Watashi wa.
    I am power. I am force. I am.
    Noticed what, the Icelandic? That would be cool if people recognized it. I thought I was the only one with a strange affinity for it
    Silly me! Well now I get to incororate Icelandic into my post! I consider this a success regardless of my little slip up
    I never realized that till now lol but he's Kida(i forget his last name...or first name o_O) from this anime called Durarara
    hi stavvy just letting u know random queen told me to tell ya that she said hi an that she misses talkin to u

    The other 50% of my message is all about hard drives, but whenever I try to paste it, it won't let me. I could email it to you, I guess?
    Ugh, KHI is giving me so much shit. I can't PM you and it's not letting me paste more messages.
    Now, the Wii won't just play your burned DVDs. Well, it MIGHT, but typically, it might try another option: it will try to auto-update when you put the disc in. Auto-updating is NOT okay. It will usually erase all traces of homebrew. Not nice.

    So that's why they have channels you can get for your Wii's Homebrew Launcher. Personally, I used the Gamma Channel way back when, but it's probably been updated quite a bit. The Gamma Channel was pretty nice, though: it allowed me to break the region lock on PAL games, use Ocarina (basically an Action Replay for your Wii), and all that jazz. Got the job done.
    So back in 2008, when I first started out modding, I burned my own discs. If you're going this route, know that there are a number of problems: games can run slow (One Piece: Unlimited Cruise: Episode 2 wouldn't even let me play a certain part of it because it lagged so badly), but only on occasion; having so many discs can get messy; burning your own discs takes a lot more time and money.

    So the first problem I ran into is that I didn't buy the right DVD-Rs. Keep in mind: the Wii can only run certain DVD-Rs. Make sure you don't burn onto DVD+Rs or DVD-RWs. Now it gets even better: most Wiis can only run CERTAIN BRANDS of DVD-Rs. Your best bet is Verbatim DVD-Rs: should be able to find a pack of 50 at your local Best Buy for about $20. Not too shabby.

    Next up is the program you'll want to use after getting said discs. I would recommend using ImgBurn: free, effective, very customizable. When you're burning, you shouldn't burn an .iso file at more than 4x speed: game could skip.

    You might wonder where to get .isos for games. I would probably recommended wiiso, but if you're not against torrenting, you can pretty much check any major torrenting site. I prefer .rars personally, so Wiiso is your best bet. Just know that you need to sign up to be able to see links.
    First modded my Wii back in 2008, so I can enlighten you on this stuff, bro.

    Never actually backed up my NAND because...I dunno, I never wanted to. I've read about how it's important, but only if you don't know what you're doing or if you're just a worry wart about it all.

    Anyway, to play store-released games, you have a couple of options: burn them onto your own discs or store them on an external hdd. Certain games may even fit on a thumb drive, but it isn't recommended.
    Apparently my computer is just broken in general, so I can't even send you a PM in return to what you sent me. ;-;
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