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  • Oh I don't know about manual labor... I aren't very strong you know... lol

    All I know is that I haven't gone to the movies since July... When I saw the Last Airbender and Toy Story. xD
    Yeah I been meaning to at least make an attempt to look for a job. I been feeling kind of out of it though so I'm just waiting for a little while... Heh while I'm usually on there more than here, so I'll give you my email so you can find me on there anyways. In case you ever want to play a video game right away you can just tell me!~ lol

    Really?? I was gonna go see that too. Though time kind of flew right away... I don't think they are showing it no mores in our theaters...

    I see you as a very generous and kind person, alway loyal to his friends and creative, commited to everything you aply for. Outgoing, and never afraid to voice his opinion (in a good way) Proud but not cocky. Excellent thinker, and owns an awesome car :p
    Aww how old's your little brother!? I have a little sister... but she's really no that little because she's 18 haha we're irish twins ^_^ but she might as well be five because I always end up taking care of her.

    How was your weekend?
    Not much really, well I guess you could count getting ready for Thanksgiving as well as getting ready for final exams at school as something.
    They're usually pretty good.

    And ugh, I wish I could do that, but because this company is so strict about who it hires I had to sign a contract saying that I wouldn't just stick the kids in front of the TV. I have to be active and creative with them, so I event a lot of arts and crafty type things to do with them. I bring crayons and coloring books or paint for them. It's a bit messy but they have fun lol
    Sure, and I'm sorry about not getting back sooner and disappearing. Would it be too hard to ask if I could get a quick summary of what's been going on?
    Hey man, I been cool. Just coming in and out of here. I really haven't had the time to do anything productive, or nothing... Lol spend all my time on like Facebook and crap...

    Anyways how about you??
    Understandable. xD I had intended to wait for 2.0 to get dubbed but I got super impatient. It's better to wait though, the streaming site I found had some random parts missing subtitles. D: (I can't torrent anything on the computer I'm using either.)
    Funi's been having licensing problems for 2.0 getting released on DVD because apparently the company that owns it in Japan has been pushing heavily for more theatrical releases over here which just won't turn a good profit. :/ I'm not sure how that fight has turned out yet.
    Blue Gender, yes I have that on my list to watch. I found it on Funi's channel and it looked interesting.
    Well as long as you like it :) My brother used to work in a warehouse for a moving company so he did a lot of heavy lifting and moving furniture into big ole trucks. He liked it a lot but now he's a car saleman's so he can more money for his fiance and their son.

    hahahaha a lot of people as me that. I say independent contractor because professional babysitter sounds so stupid. But basically, wealthier families in the city pay 5 grand to this company to find a reliable and responsible babysitter for them. Then that company contacts me and I go to the client's site and essentially care for their kids. lol

    If you're talking about the singer, unfortunately I've never heard her music so I can't say if I am or if I'm not haha. I'm sorry. I picked the name "Sade" because it means 'ray of light'. So I thought that was cool :)
    Ya, I know how you feel. I just got hired for a job but I have to do a lot of things before I can actually start getting paid so no shopping for me on Black Friday :(
    but I'm sure I'll live lol I work for the university I attend but I just got hired for as independent contractor for a another company so hopefully money will start flowing back into my pockets :D
    Unfortunately no! I really would like to though. Maybe that'll be the next series I play.
    My favorite game series is probably The Legend of the Zelda. I'm a big fan.
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