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  • Beriiii! I knowww, HAVE YOU SEEN RIKU'S HAIR? ohgod<3
    I'm scared and super excited at the same time.

    I'm good. Pretty busy, working and stuff. :D How is you?
    Admirals XiMog and RiMog were wondering if (insert your name here) blackberi would be interested in enlisting in the Moogle Army :3
    Oh! Hello ^^ Nice to see you again ;W;
    I'm been good a little exhausted from college, but still pretty good now that half-term is coming up. How have you been these past few busy months?

    Yes of course! I'm there when it first airs (I have to love the BBC for having no adverts inbetween messing up the viewing) anyway I'm really liking it so far and I like Amy alot more the series than the last, not sure why maybe she seems more mature than last year (Ooo could be because she grew up with her parents this time around) and of course I still love The Doctor and Rory <3 River still annoys me but oh well. ;P What did you think of last weeks episode?
    Yeah, a lot of assignments coming ..I felt stress now xD
    Summer vacation :D I hope i can get my summer break soon...
    But during the summer, the weather was so hooooot.
    I hope i can go for a vacation :c

    Yeah.. Tsunami affects Japan a lots, but it's impressive when you watch the Japanese are actually seem to be very steady even there is a big disaster happen in their country. :c
    I hope to go Japan for vacation last time xD, but i think they can rebuild the country in a short time since their technology was great...
    E3 is just around the corner! I want DDD news there ;____; I'm afraid there won't be any... BUT I WANT IT

    bahhh I walked around the city and had cookies & cream icecream today :DDD
    I'm pretty excited, NEXT WEEKEND. Jeeze now that it's almost here... it's like it came so fast XD
    I meant to cosplay.... but I got lazy and broke. >____> so unless I find something to buy there I'm not going to. my friend is, and she's tryna make her boyfriend's costume too. She's planning on being Hinata from Naruto~
    what are you gonna go as?

    OMG. NEKU AND SHIKI. they're so cute. "Will you still like me when you see the real me?" ahhh Shiki ;~;<3 I really would like a sequel.. .but only in concept. Just because Neku/Shiki/Beat/Ryhme had wonderful ends to their story and they fought too hard to do that all again ;~;
    I could see Joshua maybe returning... or maybe Mr. H

    man it's like that so much here. ://// I have a friend who's a manager, and since she's 21 she's still new and understanding to her employees. She manages to give everyone 20+ hours a week.
    You coming back to forum ? :D But i'm off LOL! xD
    I also busy with assignments and there is a lot of journal i need to read and summarize it to make a report..

    Yeah, there is no news about KH. But i'm not sure there is KH news recently or not..that's why i'm asking my friends who are active in this forum.
    Well when I was a member there I criticized tv tropes. And the club makes constant tv w references. So when I left the thread title started changing. And some member informed the thread owner that any one could change the thread title. So he thought it was me. But I told him only mods, thread creators, and admins can change the title. So now he took me off the suspect list. He now suspects its Ulti who is the most likely offender due to her being a mod.
    Hey, it's been awhile.

    If the fan dumb club is to be believed I apparently am changing the thread title.

    Even though that's outside my power.
    KH is on a huge news drought since Jan. No surprise with SE's other projects and the tsunami/earthquake fucking shit up.
    THE WEATHER IS FINALLY NICE<333 I was out all day today walking around.

    I love the Black and White versions! They're the first I've really loved since the original. Despite some lackluster designs. xD
    I finally played through The World Ends With You. Omg, so good. <3 Good purchase.
    I'm looking for a job, it's slim pickings.
    I just hope I added them to the link in my sig o,o otherwise browse the threads I started, they're in there between the clubs. There was a SoRiNami I see, and I wonder if you read the Valentine's Rion '-'
    There were a couple of others prior. I really should update my KHI fic list in my signature xD;;;
    You need to read my fanfics. I've gotten a couple posted in your absence ;w; <3

    I'm just glad that we got the internet fixed at home. We transferred the lines over to the new place, and the internet came with it.
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