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  • Okay, just lettin; you know 'cause you wanted the temps up today. :]
    Er, you closed the PW thread, how're we supposed to post everything?
    Same, school and work have pretty much consumed most of my free time.

    And haha yes, sort of, but I got another job, one that pays a lot more and allows me to live in Chicago rent free for the entire summer :D
    It has been a long time!
    Yeah, I was on here too much last semester. xD I was a posting fiend~~
    I'm not on as much this semester though

    5 years, jeeze, I can't believe you've stuck to this site that long. XD
    What's been up?
    Yep! My highschool had an anime club and now my college does. It's pretty cool.
    I don't think I've ever seen Gantz, is it good?
    Oh wow! That sounds intense!

    Aw! Ya, it's pretty fun! I hope you have fun playing it!

    Haha I suppose so :)

    You play this Gondorian soldier who is following the same path as the fellowship but only a few days behind, cleaning up a few messes they left behind. Eventually an elf, archer, and dwarf join your party. Plus various characters from the books and movies join your party at some point or another. You just kick some bad guy butt in it lol
    I haven't yet. I am disappoint. But, I'll find it... I always find old games... except Star Fox 64. xD
    That's awesome~ I have the aqua N64. Ugh Smash Bros. and Mario Kart were my entire childhood with my best friend. <3 I didn't have Goldeneye but I played that at a friend's all of the time. I never played Castlevania before.
    I love N64's<3 twelve years and mine is still kicking.
    So, what other animes do you like?
    Thanks! And yes I've heard of Blue Gender, we actually just watched an episode of it in anime club not too long ago. It was pretty good! What other animes do you like? And I'm so sorry for the late replies..both thanksgiving holiday and the end of the semester work load takes up a lot of my time haha.
    Wow I spaced out... Uh I don't know. I'm kind of lazy now. I'll play Mario kart though...
    I don't know if I can but maybe... I wanted the rest of my friends to play as well, but I don't think they want too. ='(
    That sounds awesome, since I have a ps2 and a Gamecube! I'll see if I can find it at the pawn shop/Gamestop.
    I've always been interested in picking it up but other games came out and I'd forget. xD I'ma write it down now so I won't forget.
    Lately I've been revisiting a lot of N64 games; I recently replayed and beat Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.
    Now I'm at the end of Zelda: Windwaker, it's so different from the other styles but it's actually fun.
    Hey do you want to race or brawl later?? I might want to, but first I need to find out if my friends want to as well. Whenever you get this...
    work.... school....
    been mad busy this week since last friday i've worked 42 hours and had to write 2 term papers for school. its been crazy.
    In between that i found a little time to finish call of duty: Black ops and almost finish Assassins Creed: brotherhood.
    I'm madd happy that i the next 3 days off from everything.

    what you been up to?
    I hope so too! Sadly, I haven't played any MGS but I have a friend who has them all and I've watched him play. When I got some spendable money I was thinking about picking up a copy of one of the games from the franchise. What would you suggest?
    Oh, I've never played that. What platform is it on? And I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts lol but I'm also playing Lord of the Rings: The Third Age with a friend. haha i'm a nerd >_<
    Aw that's so fun!! I get to see my friends from high school who I haven't seen since May over Thanksgiving break so I'm really excited!!
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