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  • lol Mods would argue about that and some other stuff back in those days, and I would always win about letting us have more freedom, thats why I was called The Mod Killer. Good times.
    Something wrong with the search feature, when i was trying to read my old threads and posts it only shows two which I did back in 2005. But when I google it, I find the thread/posts there. I like the old layout, is there a way to revert back?
    A lot of stuff has happened since you've been away. Originally there was no cursing, then cursing came back, and there was even a censor on it.

    In any case if you're looking for rps there are a few ones that might interest you, but you'd have to look.
    Yeh so?? Its like riding a bike really.

    Of course I do. Where I used to be is nothing. People fear me these days xD
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