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  • Hey, hey. I've been great, lots of big changes, of course, but I've been fine, you? And Yeah, I check this place everyone now and then. I don't post as much as I use to. I'm surf a few threads every now and then. I drop by maybe once or twice a week just to see what's being talked about as far as games or what not, since I don't use my time too much to go looking on my own.
    I lost track on whats going on about KH games after KH2. This place sure brings a lot of memories. Glad your doing well. Cant believe I was 14 when I registered and now Im in my 30s, life goes by fast.
    The Conquerer
    Ha, ha. Definitely. I'm in my 30s myself. When KH3 released several years back, I did buy it. I, honestly, had difficulties accepting part of the story, but the gameplay was cool I guess and the pacing of the story was fine. I also didn't keep up with the other KH games. I, when I was younger, I did play a couple games my sister bought, but I jumped into KH3 cold for the most part. Anyway, I'm glad you are doing well. Life has gone by so fast. I think I had an earlier account, but I had some technological issues and started this account in 2006. So yeah, we were kids back then!
    yo join soul eater. you dont need to know much about the anime and it is interesting. we need more ppl and if you want to rp this is a good rp to join. just click here and read if you like it join, the characters types are all very easy to understand and Lunarmaster posted what each is about and all.
    Oh, I'm fine. Dorming in college is actually pretty liberating. (Ignoring the fact that all of my roomates are sexy, LOL)

    Taking some English; Hoping to become a Journalist. Aside from that, not much.

    What about you? :D
    Hey i've been good, kinda busy. How about yourself?

    I'll have it soon, sorry, kinda disappeared for a bit after the forum got quiet.
    Afraid I don't. I have a Yahoomail and GMail, but no messengers. (Damn, I forgot the Round Table list....I'll get it soon...)
    I agree. I'll get back to it when I can. BTW, You never responded to the last PM I sent. We were discussing some ideas.....
    Thanks ^^ I'll have to PM the next part to you for approval though (being worked on, not complete) It may have some conflicts with backstories and what-not, but i'll send it when it's complete and we'll see :D
    Its a little hard to believe that i'll be a senior next year. it seems like just yesterday i was a freshmen walking into school for the first time..
    and thank you! i think it is too. your bryan character is pretty cool, not the usual kind of leader you would see in PR. he's unique and i like it
    that is good and we will we live in the same house, (cousins). So our posts are always tied together and fit like peanutbutter and jelly do between bread..
    Hi Trunks!
    nothing really, studying for exams. Last day of junior year high school tomorrow. What about you?
    you left me to die.. really? na ill be ok. Kingdom key isnt gonna press this on too long is he?
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