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  • Why? You are an Adolt right? Im a teenager and I play them. (Hmmm..... seems like he is still a teenager)
    Yeah that's my point! I think the Tex in this will be the TRUE original, the human Alison, the one the Director loved.

    Bahhaha I'm surprised they had enough time to have that whole conversation. I would have expected one of the agents to attack them sooner XD
    Yeah true.

    Lmao poor Church. Hopefully he'll be able to explain himself in those 5 minutes.

    WOW! I just realized something. Could Alison (NOT Tex, the human Alison) have been in the Freelancer Project before Tex? Cuz think about it. In the RVB series, Tex seems to have no idea that the red and blue teams are just virtual simulations (this is shown in the third season when she dismisses any conspiracy theories developed by Tucker and others).

    Plus AIs are just made from humans' brains, so it's possible Alison could have been shot in the heart or something and her intact brain could have formed Tex.
    Wow that was intense. I wish it were Tex, but seems like she's not the only badass female.

    Some people say that the girl is Carolina (the cyan colored agent). To me that makes no sense though, because the Delta AI has said that she "didn't function well", yet this agent managed to take down 100+ troops with minimal help from the Dakotas.

    Huh, yeah seems like Church messed up somewhere along the line. And it's weird that Donut is still calling Sarge "sir" if he's giving orders.
    Hell yeah I like there. But Im a fan of beach.
    Hey look.... I find a baby bird that was dieing and I save him... AWWW he is so kawai...
    Its ok. WOW FLORIDA?????? WOW. One of my dreem places. Can I ask you why you go there like its for work? IN GAME PLACES????
    That might happen. I also think they'd pull something off where AI Church and the true Dr. Church are merged together.

    Wow he seems pretty calm for a villain. No evil smirk or laugh... just an apathetic gaze.
    Hmmm... wonder if he'll think of Tex during that time XD

    Yea very true. I am curious to see why he doesn't seem able to control his virtual world though.
    bahahaha poor Church.

    I have to say... I LOVE the direction of showing the freelancers in the past... but I feel like there's more to it. I feel like they're using it to build up to something. Like maybe the project is gonna return or something. I mean I doubt the director is just gonna let himself be arrested and stay inactive.
    YES I END BARTHENDULES. And summer has begin. Yeah And not one star not two but... FIVE STARS!
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