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  • Yeah I heard Utada stopped singing songs. And as long as they have NEW songs (simple and clean, not to mention sanctuary, are getting old.) I'll have to look that guy up.

    I LOVE Red vs Blue! That series was amazing! I have to watch the new episodes though, I'm behind. Good to know they're still funny.
    No worries. I agree, it'd be wise to never say anything bad about him >.>
    Actually, I don't recall ever mentioning Gackt. To be honest, I've never heard any of his songs. He is popular though. I fear his fangirls.
    I've heard of it, if that counts. Haven't had much time lately to check it out ^^
    Good points. I agree that Maleficent and Braig were some of the seeds. And MX definitely gave Braig the power of darkness. However, I don't think MX gave Braig part of his heart or the ability to wield a Keyblade.
    Marluxia wasn't a good teacher okay!!

    *cough*...moving on...

    I think that the new boss is MX's body and soul, which were discarded when he gave his heart to Terra's body. I'm not sure if it's truly a NOBODY per say, but I'm dead sure it's alive and walking around. Besides, the organization hasn't existed yet, neither has Xemnas. It might be MX's Nobody, or even Eraqus's, because he died in a similar fashion.

    As for the seed, I think it was the plan for making the Heartless.
    yeah i REALLY don't want that. I honestly think this new system is the best.

    When I first played RECOM, I didn't know you could HOLD DOWN X for reloading, I thought you had to repeatedly HIT X to reload, so it was hard fighting bosses and stuff until i figured it out haha.
    No I haven't. Though I heard it was a really good game.

    Yea I really like how the deck system looks though. It's a lot better than the button mashing in KH2 haha.
    Yea as much criticism as he gets, Nomura is very creative. Besides, since it's a fantasy story, not EVERYTHING is gonna be revealed or explain. We'll NEVER understand or be told why Kairi was able to turn Sora back to normal when he was a heartless, for example.
    Thanks. Kingdom hears is my favorite game franchise. I love how Nomura has found some way to combine a Japanese RPG game system with Disney characters and worlds with Final fantasy characters. You have got to have guts and be very talented to come up with such a bold franchise that could easily have bellied-up as well as succeeded!
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