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  • Hmmm... I guess it would make sense for Tex to be based off her. If that's the case though, she's gonna have to die off really soon, because the one scene in the trailer showed Tex with North and York fighting a bunch of soldiers. And those scenes are all supposed to happen in this single season.

    Honestly though, they're probably gonna have to make Project Freelancer a 3 season series at least, maybe even a 5 season series like the original BGC if we're lucky.

    Btw, do you think Tex's memories from the project are real? Like the flashbacks shown in out of mind. Or were those just fake?
    HEY THANKS I will saw it later on you-tube same as KH days thats Im watching now. So it most be cool.
    Oh so THAT's the deal with Nimoy. wtf thats strange.

    I saw it and LOVED it. I guess it makes sense that the Freelancer HQ is a huge ship.

    North Dakota looked awesome.

    I'm interested to see what TEX looks like.
    I havent saw any Trancformens (WOW look how I wroth it!!!)
    Chapter ten told you.
    ...okay. Sure would be more then happy to become friends with you. I always like making new friends here ^^ I see you like Alkaid. So it's an okay movie then, better then the second. It sounds good but I can see why it would have a three out of five stars. The first was the best out of the three.
    After the Whit hear guys death and Im not day 62 (now I 64) I watch on youtube and I day 297.
    No I just like too join the new rp and couse of my bad English I need help and I head to you. If thats alright with you would you please PLEASE help me in it I mean with bio and other things and I will REALLY pay back. Thank you.
    Hey you like to help or not? *Yawnn....* Hmph Im sleepy I will tell you tomarow bye.
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