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  • I also think she said she wrestled a bear once, but I can't remember. Is it common for Biology teachers to be crazy?
    There you go Derrick lol
    Definitely man, and anytime your looking for a new set drop us a request.
    I'm alot older than most members, I just stop using an old account I had.
    I actually remember you from group chats on msn we had with eric and naomi.
    Yes! That would be great! But it has to be:

    Literate. You have to be able to write good.
    You have to right why, and when you started listening to Daft Punk.

    And I think this title is best.

    Do your Homework, go on a Discovery, and learn your Human After All. A Book About Daft Punk.
    Okay official title.

    Do your Homework, go on a Discovery, become ALIVE in 1997, join a Daft Club, learn your Human After All, become ALIVE again in 2007, find some Leftovers, and go into the digital world of TRON! A book about Daft Punk.
    ooh daft punk signature do like

    so i might write a book about dp one day

    title: "Do your Homework, go on a Discovery, and find out your Human After All! With some other Daft Punk album names. A book about Daft Punk."
    Hrm.. on my end, I'd have to say:

    Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, Attack Attack!, In Fear and Faith, Sea Of Treachery, Our Last Night, Dead & Divine, Sky Eats Airplane, I See Stars, For The Fallen Dreams, The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, blessthefall, Miss May I, Of Machines, Four Letter Lie....

    That's about all of my most favorite ones X)
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