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  • It shoooulldd be fixed. I had my buddy put it back on tonight. He's just super lazy c:
    Well, you're just bustling with new tech!
    I'll try to find just as good a stock image...
    I'm just going to cancel that tag request; it doesn't look like the artist is going to respond.
    You can expect another request (for whomever) fairly soon, though.
    okay, thanx anyway tho :D i know where i can get it done but just figured i'd ask why you were messaging xD
    haha just think of it like this the best things take longest xD

    i was wondering something, can you make this image to have the same background as this one?
    cause i was wanting to use it for an avie but whenever i upload it it has a white background despite that when i post it it doesnt.


    Cool. I think having a larger raster will help generate more activity in the shop.
    I think it's time to update the active list again.

    I'd say this time have anyone who still considers themselves active post in the thread so they make themselves available.
    just letting you know that you still need to make one more vote in sotw :)
    No not really.

    It's whatever works for them really. All I can do is state my opinion.
    hmm whatever

    this is exactly why I think we just need one shop, so people don't have to be so desperate to get requests.
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