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  • Interviewing guests? That sounds cool! Shall definitely meet when you're free. Just text me when you aren't busy and we shall plan.

    On a side note, I see by your reviews that you have played quite a bit of Telltale Games line-up. What you think of them making Tales from the Borderlands? As a huge Borderlands fan, I am excited to see its lore expanded upon, but I am also nervous that an outside company is making it.
    I am 100% certain for Saturday and Sunday, still thinking on Friday. Working on convincing someone to split hotel costs so depends on who I can convince to go ^^;;
    YES IT DOES!! FINALLY WE MEET! KHI MEMBERS UNITE! This is going to be awesome.

    Megacon is always a great decision! :D What days are you going to be there?
    Nice! I go to MegaCon every year ^^;; We will have to meet up at some point! Aiming to have my Miroku done by then.

    fun fact i once bought a giant semi-expensive coffee table book solely because that was the cover (except not animated.............)

    Aww I am sorry :/ Can't really think of any other place that sells whips. Weird that Party City didn't have it with cat woman being popular.
    Just roll around outside and you will be all Drake'd up ^^;;

    Aww :< sure it will still be great. How come no whip? Thought everyone carried one of those...
    OH OH I LOOOOOOKED! You completely nailed that cosplay!!! Now all you need to do is go find lost treasure and kill some monsters GO!!

    Haha you must be so hyped for this con!! All you have left is to finish Catwoman yes?
    that's the major thing about legalization that's haunting me...that smell though
    Classrooms and libraries, for the most part.
    How have you been, Shannon? The new YouTube channel looks exciting!
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