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  • D: !!!

    Age is just a number silly goose.

    How bout we just happened to partner up after escaping Mage-ification (i.e. before getting zombified) and we've been bffls ever since.


    So what's our history?

    I need some idea for me to pull it outta nowhere. lol.
    Say, I saw you giving Souji Seta his Pokemon avatar, by any chance, do you remember where you got it from and where other like it might be?
    Yup, I fixed it. It usually does that when it's bigger than the limited size. But thank you so much, I was trying to enlarge it without pixelating it. xD

    And yeah, I'm gonna try my best with the job. :3
    that is fine with the school. You can take a back seat with your character when checking out for a while. The point of that is to do just that back the character out a bit so that the others arent slowed. then a simple 'I was in the john, sorry bout that' could suffice. I hope you do join!
    Hi, I am co-owner for the rp. We appreciate that you like the rp. Please join. It would be a shame that you not join if you are truly interested. It takes people that feel a connection to a piece of work to make it come to life. Hope to see a temp or reply in the near future. :)
    Well if anyone has a problem with it then I'll be sure to take it off haha
    Thanks for showing it to me
    Haha no way. I wish I could make something that good homebro.
    If you aren't could I use it?
    It really is a wonderful game. Might be a bit hard to find now but I would definitely say it's worth the effort, it is genuinely one of the ps2's best games.
    Yeah man, Gungor is great. They've got a new album coming out this month that's supposed to be very interesting, trying to musically express the moment of creation and stuff like that. I'm excited.

    And Thanksgiving-ish time should be fine, I'll be here around that time likely. See you around :)

    Nah congrats man!

    Yeah I think it'd be great to meet up next time you're in town. I'm still at A&M. Maybe we could have coffee at Muldoons or a meal together or something. And that's great to hear about your summer man, mine's been a growing experience as well.

    I'd love to hear how it goes for you in Austin, so keep me posted if you'd like!

    Take care :)
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