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  • Team Daybreak!
    Actually, can you send me your player ID instead? There's an error that's been affecting party management so I won't be able to accept you into the party if you send a request.
    Kind of? xD

    Yeah, we're in Unicornis, but most of the people we play with are followers on Twitter rather than members on the forums. Still have space though if you want to join.
    I've been better, this is the most stable I've visited the site since I stepped down from DM mod due to dealing with grief related to the passing of my grandparents. I've been mostly thrusted into my studies, work, and gaming these days. I'm still pretty upset seeing Digital Media at a complete crawl now ): at about the time I resigned from the site, iDrops and Katie(CME) were easily our best and most prolific artists at the time.

    Btw, when did Nutari step down from modding? I think I remember seeing him as site staff back in the summer.
    Holy crap, is that you Guard? You're officially unofficially Jesus!
    I'm done. LMAO.

    That aside, how've you been brother?
    Yep! Meant to message you a few days ago but I've been busy. They got to me just fine. Thank you so much for donating them to us!
    I wouldn't ask you to ship them to me because I'm in Canada and dat shipping cost. If you could send them to Arielle (Spockanort) though, that would be amazing. Then if we have anyone who wins who is outside of the USA we can cover the shipping. :D I'M SO EXCITED THIS IS SO NICE~~
    Yes!!! C: They came in pretty good time.

    How did you want to do this? Ship them to one of us so we can handle them for a giveaway?
    Not like it's a big concern or anything, but just wanted to say that in your sigspace, you have it where you're repping Pablo for your current avvy. Like stated, not a big concern, but just thought I should point that out. :3
    Don't worry abouit, just enjoy him. :) He has pokerus btw, but he can't spread it anymore, forgot to put it in the pc...
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