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  • Z
    fuck yeah you will and I'm going to cum on you with my rep
    I noticed that, thanks. Now I demand you to go read my fanfic and review so I can rep you!
    So it's been bugging me for a while... Just who or what is it in your avvy?

    Is it a Sackboy Master Chief or something, because that's what it looks like to me.
    I suppose Xoje is smart, but now good at math, in relation to me. Aheh. Honors classes my ass, algebra's a bitch.
    Ah, I'm fine. I'd hardly regard myself as famous of all things, though. XD

    It's my villains that are so regarded. Heheh.
    So, you're a cool person and I decided it was time to add you as a friend. :3 What's up?
    oh hey, sorry about forgetting the avatar

    har you go
    your signature request is done!
    stop by the 3 ? Star Signature Shop thread to check it out
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