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  • Well, if it's design somewhat differed from the original and had a decent story behind it, maybe a unique ability....By all means.
    Haha, one day, one day. c; Oh, what's that? Sounds intriguing though I've never heard of it before. :D Boringly entertaining? Haha.
    Well, I'm active but I don't post, haha. It'll take me a bit over a year to reach Premium, I mean, in March it's been six months that I've been here. o~o I need to find myself threads where I could post. *A* But on the other hand, I don't really care if my name is blue, red or grey, I just want a bigger avatar. X3
    Haha, yeah, big dogs are pretty nice. They just need a lot of space.
    Well, to be honest, if that had been my friend, I would have laughed too.
    And then 2000 posts and you reach the platinum. *3* I've got a long way to both Premium and Platinum, but oh well.
    Cairo isn't as damaged as LA but so far no, Rome just had the area where the Olympic stadium is ruined

    Just have fun with it, I'm itching for some fun in this.COLOR]
    Just a little tip on how you posted. The whole *insert random action here* thing is shunned upon in the rp section. It makes things hard to read, and well, very unorganized. I can help you get better at it so that people don't flame, or bash on you for it. ;) PM me if you're interested.
    Hahaha, lol. A coyote dog. That'd be something. Oh, I see. XD Well, puppies do have quite big paws, I think they kind of indicate how big it will grow or so I've been told.
    Haha, indeed. lol, alright. Well, I'm glad that nothing happened to the controller. It would suck even more that you throw it out because you're angry and then you break it and have to buy a new one and be even angrier.
    Congrats for becoming a premium member by the way! c:
    Just read it over, everything seems to work, looks like you got most of it down. Just always be sure to go over everything you type a couple of times, always double-checking makes for safe posting so you don't have to edit as much ^^;;

    Don't need to worry, as the RP goes along, everyone's powers evolve and adapt, so you will be able to do some cool stuff with his wolf theme down the road. Just to start, stick with basics.
    First step is to just relax and remember we are all doing this for fun. It's ok to make mistakes so long as you are willing to learn and better yourself ^^;;

    If you are confused about anything specific, I will gladly help you to understand it. If it's certain rules, characters, temps, or plot points you don't get, just ask and I will do my best to make it clear for you.

    As for writer's block, it's best to just take a step back and do something else to rest your mind. Come back whenever you are ready to write.
    Hey, just wanted to give you some advice for typing your posts (and temp I noticed). When you are trying to type someone's conversation, don't use the quote tags or anything like that. just use the " key. Like:

    "Hey, I like sandwiches." He said in a humbled tone.

    Hope this helps ^^;;
    Dude you can show up wherever you want to. I just hope you actually understand the rules of rp and so on. The flash means Egypt; I'll assume you're prepared.
    Oh, okeydokey. c:
    Oh, the digging, yeah, I don't know about that to be honest, haha. I have a dog but he has never done any digging which I find really funny. Well, he's a really small dog anyway and more like a cat if anything, haha.
    Developers are trolling. >:c lol, that's so hilarious! But that's just pretty much how I do it as well. Or if I happen to die, it's immediately "Quit the game." nowadays, haha. Haha, I see. But wouldn't it get wet? :c I can only imagine how that controller has looked like when it flew out of the window, LOL.
    That's a quite inspiring quite to be honest, although I have to confess that I had never heard it before.
    Haha. Well, one dog keeper told me that they're not so time consuming, like exercise wise because nowadays they're kept more as company and not so much sledge pulling, so they don't need as much exercise because they're developing to that direction so to say. The brushing and such is another thing, haha.
    Haha, so it seems. I mean, many times they seem to be made on purpose but what would I know. :D Oh my. XD He must have been really angry. Three stories? I'm amazed that he didn't break that controller.
    Length is great and description is great too. I like the idea but just in case you might want to add just a Tad more force to your bankai. Shikai too if you feel you need it. It's like this rp has beastly characters.
    You have hope. :D Well, that's good. It's good to have hope.

    Aww, that sounds awfully cute. ;w; I want to have a wolf as well. I guess a Siberian husky is the closest that I could ever have though, lol.

    Oh yeah, there seems to be those "gimmicks" that you have to figure out to give you a fairly easy victory, like with that dragon and now with that boar. Hahaha, I see. I'm probably going to throw my TV and PS3 out of the window once I die at least dozen times in the same spot. I get frustrated really easily. But that definitely sounds encouraging. Yes, that's what I thought as well. I might start out poorly but I eventually make progress as it kind of is what the game is demanding from me.
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