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  • Yeah, it's just ... the human race tends to think many times that they're above all the other lifeforms. And that we do not need to learn anything anymore, we know everything we need to know.
    You've had three wolves? :eek: That is amazing, wow. I can only imagine.
    Haha, IF I slay that boar to be more exact, lol. I'm a quite casual gamer but I was so fascinated about the concept of Dark Souls and I actually want to challenge myself, to see how poorly I do in the game, that I wanted to try it.
    Yeah, wolves are interesting in that sense. And I guess people could learn greatly from them and some other animals as well. Though, wolves are kind of a problem here because they eat dogs and other household animals and thus people think that we should get rid of wolves. I'm not one of those people but anyway. :|
    I guess they hold some truth. I mean, I can usually recognize myself from the descriptions of my signs but on the other hand, I've been told that they're made to be a bit vague so they apply to pretty much whoever person.
    Haha, thanks for the advice! I won't probably remember it though when the time comes for me to actually play the game.
    Haha, yeah, I remember seeing concept art of him and I was like "A big-ass wolf with a sword? I'm in love. *A*"
    I see~ well, I guess spirit animals aren't such a clich? than for example werewolf thingies so I like your choice. :3 That's so cool! That's true though and I love how intelligent animals they are. They don't kill other wolves that are within their pack etc.
    I'm interested in astrology to be honest, so I tried to search for my Native American totem animal through Google and it was woodpecker. :3 Though I also got salmon and sturgeon in other similar tests, so I don't know, haha.
    Oh, I've heard that advice a lot, haha. XD Especially that last one.
    That sounds intriguing~ *u*
    Well, wolves are awesome. They've been one of my favorite animals basically... always. But your family guardian even? That's pretty cool. Mm, yeah, I guess this game is Dark Souls? Haha, because yeah, that wolf spirit reminded me of Sif to be honest. Though I must admit that I haven't played Dark Souls yet although I own it.
    Yeah, I think I managed to watch one episode of Bleach but because the series is already quite massive in length, like over 200 episodes and probably more already, I wasn't very enthusiastic about starting to watch it. But yes, that explains. Ah, I see. To be honest, I was thinking that why a wolf but yeah. :D
    Yeah, it's good to think from a reader's point of view while creating a character. You already know what kind of a person he is, was it appearance or personality or whatever but others don't. c: So think it like you have to get a point across to someone. So those things are probably good to explain. That wolf-thing would be a good additional information to someone, although not probably essential unless you have to explain it to state reasons for his special abilities or whatever. :D
    Got like a huge feeling of nostalgia while reading it.
    That was your first character ever? Wow, that's pretty good for the first character. I mean, when I basically made my first characters, the descriptions were like 1/3 of your first, haha. Though, I made my first character when I was 12 or something so I guess you couldn't even expect much in the first place. `3`

    Mm, yeah, too bad that I can't be much of a help character wise because I know basically nothing about Bleach. *~*; But yeah, you could try making it a bit more cleaner, like using bold for example.
    Name: Fenris Mortaneus
    Age: 23
    ... and so on. Makes it clearer (and also a bit more professional ;)). You could also make the appearance a bit more detailed. Like, I mean you know how your character looks like but others can't go in your head so it helps your fellow roleplayers immensely if you're a bit more specific. :3 And yeah, like Superbia said to you, it's always good (and also logical) to explain why your character is like that, how he became to be like that etc.
    You don't have to overly detailed, like saying exact heights or overly detailed character traits (it's usually better to leave a character a bit open anyway, because that way you can "grow" and develop your character while you play, of course that isn't applicable if you use him only once but anyway).

    Anyway, if there is anything that you'd like to have help with, ask and I'll try to help. n_n~
    I'm getting intrigued you know. ;3 Haha. If you want, I could check it out. But of course, I should know the qualifications as well. *~*
    Mm, if you're talking about forum-based rpgs (like what they do here on the last section of the page) and not mmorpgs then I could probably help you. :'D I used to roleplay on forums like ... few years ago.
    RP as in roleplay? o~o Are you making a character or... did I interpret wrong? :'D
    Think you can check up on my updated product? I didn't think it'd turn out to be this long. But I think it looks a little better... if you hven't already.
    simple concept then add detail... That's the basis of all my templates... make sure the details compliment each other though
    I'm glad they are, I decided I was done with both until they finished because I started to feel like they were just getting a tad ridiculous
    Sounds interesting enough :) I really enjoyed Soul Eater, just didn't like how the anime kind of ended out of nowhere. I need to read the manga when I finish catching up on these long ones I'm on. I'm also reading the Walking Dead XD
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