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  • I got mine back on PSN and I sure hope they put up suikoden 2 as well so I can transfer Tir over
    yeah... the basic one is called kobold attack but with Fu su lu it's called the Kobold+ attack if I remember right and it's the strongest one target limit because it's the only unite attack that combines three allies on one opponent... next to say the Blacksmith attack between Maas, Meese, Mose, and Moose.
    yeah... I just get them... the ones I touch are Tir, Pahn, Kai, Flik, Viktor, Valeria, Kirkis, Cleo, and Fu Su Lu most times
    Well, the demo gives you a pretty good picture how's it going to be. I won't spoil it for you but I like characters of Serah and Noel quite a lot and I also like the gameplay. I don't know what to say about the story yet because I don't even know how much of the actual story I've played. But if you liked FFXIII, you'll most likely like this as well and even if you didn't enjoy FFXIII, you still probably like this better, haha.
    Haha, it's alright. c: I haven't finished FFXIII-2 yet. I've played around 12 hours only but I enjoy it immensely, much better than FFXIII. I like the monsters a lot. C:
    I can't ever miss leon, I never use him but I like him XD, yeah Clive I also take him to the grave right after I get him each time.
    interesting... I almost got all the recruits but I always forget to get one before the battle at shazarazade and I don't get Gremio back as a result
    It's been going alright. I had surgery on Valentine's Day. >>;; How about you?
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