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  • well, i feel like my butt cheeks gonna fall off cos its cold on this seat...though u probs didnt need to know tht lol, outside is busy and irritating cos of christmas shopping, and my eye is pulsating cos im tired.
    ...all in all its pretty good lol.
    how are things for you? =D
    Haha, nice :D I watched it when I was around ten years old I think, but I still love to watch it - even now. x3

    Who is your favourite character if I may ask? :3
    Thank you for the rep, it will be returned soon. =)

    So you also like Sailor Moon? <3 You can still watch it on youtube, you know xD
    oh dear =(
    soz no suggestions there...apart from rip his 'grapes' off and stamp on them lol.
    hope things get better for ya ^_^
    lolz thanks =D
    ...europe is a whole group of countries lol. im in the UK ^_ ^
    where do you live then?
    and thanks for the rep btw ^_^
    Sick? Nooooooooooooooo.... lol I just got over this mean, mean, mean cold. >.> Not fun. I hope ya feel better soon :3

    SNOWSTORM?! *is very jealous*

    I've... I've never seen snow in real life before... eh heh XD

    I'm not too bad. Homework, meh, but I'll get over myself lol
    lol Maybe I'll send you a copy for christmas. xD I think thats cool, Europe, I love that country, never seen in but I plan on going there this summer.
    aww ur suffering with it too =( *hugs*
    lol, im waiting for 358/2 days aswell =D i hope this one definitly comes to europe, i was so angry Re:CoM didnt that i could've wrestled an action man lol.

    and i be good thank you ^_^
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